Shocking proof that crisis actors, green screens, CGI, and paid propagandist are being used to fake worldwide events in order to scare people into giving up liberties, go to war, and create a one world government!!

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  • Those big, bad ISIS people - do they do this just to LAUGH IN OUR FACE?!  Are the other guys midgets?  What is going ON?! This has gotten to the point of being RIDICULOUS!

    • They stick to the same receipt over and over worked till recently, but now we opened our eyes...


  • HP......You are a real asset for the truth movement and I salute your forum, with it's many highly revealing facts surrounding what I have long thought.....Namely, that ISIS so-called, is a Hollywood-CIA produced drama show, for global public consumption, enabling the dark cabal to finance and justify their police-state programmes and wars....PROFIT being the corporate motive, control being the political....And they might even get inspiration from the Seer and Prophet Nostradamus and his Asiatic "3rd antichrist" data.....Profit, using a prophet.....


    P.S. Love your vid on the seven foot Darth Vader types...LOL These stunts just make the CIA look STUPID and CLUMSY....

    • DrekX have you seen the latest Iron Man movie? Where Tony Stark is getting to "The Mandarin" It's exactly the same as with ISIS, and it was being exposed in a movie while it happened in the real world.

      Go check that out or google some connections to that, I know David Wilcock has been talking about that on his site for some time.

      • Yes Ogdoo, a good movie.....and maybe something of a Freudian slip by Hollywood...LOL


        That was the actor Ben Kingsley I believe, as Iron Man 3 (released 2013.)

        Ben Kingsley, The Boxtrolls, 2014 Comic-Con 1 (crop).jpg

        • Yes that's correct :) a lot of big Hollywood movies tend to slip almost identical metaphores to the Cabal..

          Captain America: The winter soldier is also one that is full of metaphores, the largest being the group Hydra wich is very similar to the cabal, and they really bring up operation paperclip in that movie xD it was hilarious to watch when you make all those connections

    • Thank you Drekx, but....

      Slikovni rezultat za blushing picture

  • Thanks Happy!  CNN and BBC have been doing it for years!  It's now caught up to them as in the last minute of the video, it said CNN lost half of it's viewership last year alone!  More people trust the other means of media.  That's why Obama failed to start a war with Syria.  And as more videos like this gets out, they are less and less to be trusted.  Love this post!!

    • Thanks Darrul, I love it too. I too am fed up with lies....but it seems that we are not alone, so many people now watch closely and connect dots, so it is really hard for them to fool us anymore

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