Failed Ascension Mission?

My synchronicities had led me to a person, who actually I wasn't led to, but joined in as an intern where I worked. All kinds of synchronicities, from the 11:11 co-incidences, to her aligning entirely with my life,and all that I had experienced so far. However, it was a disaster from the word 'go', 5 months later, I've lost the same job, She finds me an imposition in her life, and there are more synchronous events, like the discovery of this page : which aligns perfectly to my life.

The strange part is that I find myself sandwiched, and kind of.. squeezed in between my synchronicities, my will to resolve this conflict with this person, and her having nothing but absolute disdain for me, in this moment.

I've lost the very job, I've lost my friends, I've lost the time in this golden year that could've been utilized in meditation, and helping others, because I blindly followed the signs and forgot about everything else. 

I feel that my ego-mind is so active that even when I try to meditate for extended periods of time, the ego reacts, and disallows me from connecting with my higher self, because as far as I could THINK it, I have, and I've also had my cousin, who's an indigo child tell me that I've had some brain damage from this 'exercise'. 

I possess a calm frame of mind, because ultimately what I've come to realize is that NOTHING is paramount, however, I feel like I've failed my mission, and I don't fear anything really, just disappointed. 


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  • all you have to do to ascend is be. growth is assured. we are beings of light and if you desire to ascend then you will.

  • You are traversing the maze of synchronicities, if you have failed then why would any of it happen? There is relief in knowing that all things happen for a purpose, no coincidence. Unfortunately you have reached a dead end, and now you will have to navigate back and find the next path to explore. Keep searching, and keep growing. In life there is no stillness, all things either grow or decay. It's not about reaching the top of the mountain, its about constantly moving forward, in which case you will ascend well beyond the top of the mountain. If we withdraw the light of our attention, we become rusty and out of practice. All things either grow or decay. Or as Jesus said in a veiled way "He that has will be given more, he that has not will lose even what he has." You "have" therefore you will gain more, unless you fail this test and forsake your ascension.

  • u wrote this life path for your soul to grow and evolve and learn , so beautiful soul go and grow evolve and learn ,acknowledge your lesson thank the person who is helping you learn it and work through it with love and lite ,forgiveness is the key , forgive your self and the other person and make changes so u dont have to learn it again


    love & lite

  • i agree with this statement entirely,take the complications out , leave the ego home and take a trip on the creators bus,let your instincts guide you but always know  god is behind the wheel,.....

  • hey there 1111 numbers are driving me crazy

  • trails and tests.......thresholds to cross over and through......I sometimes feel like I have failed in my mission and feel disappointed, but then you have to change the thinking around it.......failure only exists in 3d thinking. failure I would guess is not coming to the expected outcome as you internally set it up for yourself or producing the desired outcome. but I also believe that spirit can be plucking strings behind the scenes in a way that you might not be awaire of.......also the most successful people "fail" and "fail" again.and again...... what is that proverb....fall down seven times get up eight.....

  • I feel the same way and I think everyone eyes does. I think we have all been let down by false promises and that this year was meant to be full of great change and transformation. so far I have not seen anything new.

    • DRACO, I couldn't agree with you more.  I haven't seen any changes, no arrests, that were promised, no difference in the people around me.  Salusa's messages have become so repetitive that they are hardly worth wasting time over.  If nothing happens by 21 Dec 2012 then I will know that we have all been duped and I am giving all this up. 

  • Mistakes are necessary and you learn through them. Take it as it is, as anything is, a learning experience. Don't be so hard on yourself. Find joy in little things. And know that you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment for whatever you're supposed to be doing. Be thankful for feeling the way you do, because eventually it'll lead you to where you want to be.

    Find something that'll help with stress relief. You don't have any brain damage, but I feel you were meant to hear it as such to get you to stop what you are currently doing, and try a different approach.

    You are going through a transition and even though it may seem bleak for the moment, there are greater things that await you around the corner. Your attitude towards this change will determine how soon you'll see the sunshine. Try looking at it from a different perspective... your next job may put you in a position to meet exactly the type of people you would love to surround yourself with. Sometimes we outgrow our current situation and it no longer suits us... so the universe hears our inner-self's cries and sets up the events to unfold for the next chapter of our lives.

    As far as this woman and this conflict, do what you have to do and let it go. If anything, ask her what you need to do to resolve the conflict between you and her and if she has nothing to say but 'leave me alone', do just that, and move on.

    There's always time to meditate. The year isn't over.

    I find a way to turn off ego, is to practice all encompassing forgiveness for yourself and others... and make decisions based on integrity with love.

    And don't forget to live in the physical world. And as hard as it is, try not to over-analyze everything, it'll drive one mad. Just remember we're all living in this gigantic, collective learning experience and it's easier to try and find ways to enjoy it, than obsess over details.

    That conspiracy website would drive me nuts too.

  • I dont think anybody can *fail* a mission, source doesnt recognise failure... its more at an attempt to try something; if it doesnt work out; it happens for a reason... also i feel its a great opportunity to connect further to the higherself; propels you faster towards your goal.

    Its ok to feel disappointed but know it worked out for your best interests at the end of the day; subconciously you created this for yourself for a purpose...


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