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Has anyone dreamed of visiting the Faery's realm?I once had a dream of visiting this rock in the sky. It had roots coming our of the bottom and green grass on it with a village of some sort. The next thing I remembered was seeing myself very tiny with wings flying around this rocky land. There were little houses in each crease of the rocks. The rocks were the surrounding area with some kind of space in the middle, something magical but I can't remember what that would of been. Any way I was flying around and then got to my little house. I had a little bed and the floor was rock and I was just sweeping with a broom but was having so much fun. It was the most magical dream.Has anyone else experienced anything like this or in relation?

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  • is fairies really exist ? or just our imagination/fantasy ?

  • The trouble with dreams like that one is that you must return to this world.  I had a friend who would retell a dream of being inside the earth and seeing the roots of trees, vegetation, etc.  He died from emphysema, I tried to comfort him as much as I knew how.  His dream always stays with me, I wonder what it represented.  Sounds like you may have gone to another world that really exists, sure would be nice.

  • We might be in one already .

  • I had a very vivid dream some months back where I was in one of the dimensions of the Faerie realms. I didn't record the dream, but I can remember a lot of it like I just had the dream. There was a massive wall that stretched as far as the eye could see. It had to be ten stories high. It looked like one of those old Aztec walls and it had a lot of mossy vines coming down off of it. The side of the wall I was on overlooked a very expansive grassy field.

    In one part of the dream I either shrunk down to the size of the Faeries or they shrunk me. We were swinging from vine to vine (as a type of playtime). There were both female and male Faeries, although I was being led around by a female and the females seemed to be much friendlier than the males. There was one male Faerie who I met that had a disposition to me of not wanting me there. After talking with him and my Faerie guide talking with him he seemed to lighten his mood almost immediately and it felt genuine.

    The end of the dream came when I and my Faerie guide jumped off the wall (from near the top) and floated down to the grassy field below. I believe the floating down to the ground was me becoming denser again and returning to our 3D realm (as my guide vanished part way down).

    The Faeries are from another dimension, but they do come here and frequent gardens and various other natural settings. A few people claim that they have a Faerie or two that actually comes into their home to visit. They do things like pulling on their ears to let them know they are there.

  • Glitter dust to all
  • Thank You for the Help! I was a Female Fairy and it was me. I wonder if FairyLand is on a different planet or realm?
  • Well I had the fairy was female and I had a sense the fairy was me
  • May I ask you first if the fairy you sighted is a male or female? I need to know because there are some info claiming fairies are predominantly female while others claimed there are male fairies? I am still looking for info about fairies. May u assist? Thank you.

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