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Extraterrestrial Contact Restricted?★ HELP ★Youtube FRIENDZ ! 4Ze Peace on Earth NOW★We're READY

Starchilds welcome back.

Watch the Sky my Friends wherever you are we want another morality world in peace & harmony 4all.

We work 4 this here.
Keep the Faith 4 a better world

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Nice message, but nothing happened on June 21 of 2012 or 2013. 

There is a galactic law that states there will be no nuclear, bio or chemical attack that will destroy humanity (no WW3, sorry cabal). 

They also don't know that there is a galactic law that states our star families and the Galactic Federation cannot come down directly and free us.  The people has to do that.  But there is no law that prevents them to help us INDIRECTLY.  Like shutting down nuclear power plants and missiles, dispersing chemtrails, neutralizing vaccines and more too many to mention.

Oh, yeah, I'm pretty sure they still see them asking for help.  They are.  

ARASINRA: THERE IS DEFINITLY "something" TRYING TO BLOCK OR INTERFERE WITH EBE COMMUNICATION ON THE ASTRAL PLANE, AND I THINK IT INVOLVES EBE'S FRIENDLY WITH THE U.S. MILITARY AND C.I.A. (a.k.a. EBE scumbags who either don't like the potential of human beings or who are jealous of us and are seeking powerful U.S. government  men and women who will sell their souls for technology glass beads and mirrors ).

You get a thumbs up Arasinra; I'm agree with this posting because I have suddenly noticed (and I notice  it's happened recently) that every time I try to enter a higher plane something "comes in" and "breaks it up," and I don't think it is human based on what I am seeing and feeling.

My message to the high IQ U.S. government personnel reading this (with the money addiction and the non-spiritual / phony power issues (and their associates with no souls)):  F*CK YOU

You will never stop or control the power of the human spirit. Your abilities and capabilities (technology-wise and psychic-wise) have limitations in this dimension, and you can either acknowledge this and change or have a few years of bliss followed by a possible eternity in a cold and lonely environment after you leave the body.  

This continuing world crisis for you (and your soul-less entities) will have no end no matter how many alternative crisis situations you throw at us (to sway our attention away from you) on this planet and in this time-frame.  You have intelligence, but you can't transcend to other dimensions or higher planes.  And you will not prevent or convert those who seek to make this transition; myself included.  

The retirement package and entertainment perks simply aren't worth it.

Well, all this video is really telling me is that you know how to use Powerpoint but you're not an advanced user yet. ;)

As for the information inside it.. None of it came to fruition. I don't know why you chose to post this Now, months and years after it has already been disproven by time itself.

wtf your eyes look reptilian to me. Happy to hear a second opinion but at first glance, those were my immediate thoughts.



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