Each soul is an entity which exist separately, extremely separated – until finally that Divine force field Arcs, planets are extremely separated, even they seem similarly copy, they still have particular characteristics! This is the law of evolution, simultaneously this is the result of freedom in Universe, the result of souls’ particularly unstop experience.

In term of dignity, at last, even miserable, dirty vulgar, wicked, how dark is, then the soul will also learn – self-study and self-pay that scared before their own miserable, dirty vulgar, wicked dark at, so it evolved to high-instant fear evil, but proceed to the light. There’s a experience that we can’t force them to learn, force them to do this or that way, although that will bring good thing at first or in the future, even bright for them. If we force them learning immediately that good lessons, they can be offensive, immediately action, even creating broken, crazy oppose…

Therefore, God has evolutionary laws such as Reincarnation Law, Freewill Law- in order to souls advance from first class to university, who study bad will be double, as long as they fear themselves about their ignorance, miserable, evil then they will push their heart, intellect, soul in advance. With God, every souls are lovely, every lesson is needed for evolution. In the Good and Evil lesson, I already figure out this. Buddha, Christ, many religion lords, other Grand Masters, already are bluish with them; the simple is that GENIUSES ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY THEM!

It’s due to envy with talent, and ethics, even meritorious to save mankind and protect the world better than them. Not mention to social values which opposite to their selfish. As genuine Lords all general teach with one equality mind and human love, because of human love then earnestly hope one peace world, human kind equal justice. But all that earnest is counteracted and opposed by dark souls, because it firstly affects their benefits, moreover it’s due to hatred about doing the good. About evolution, they are low evolving dark souls, even though they wear bight suits and bight faces, sit on high position in society or play precious drama. The common points are they don’t have love human hearts! It is simple, if love human then they live in other ways, live for people, even what their destinies are. About field arc, they depend on dark forces, dark stars in Universe evolutionary arc. That is the Universal regulation.

Celestine Discipline’s practitioners, who pursuit study evolution following Celestial Way and Me, should give unlimited love and tolerate them. Because we acknowledge Universe Principle traditionally like that. However, we must be very vigilant with them. I fundamentally am Good and Evil. However in the Light Age, I turn up, push up the light, pull the light, as well as save the dark, for the dark goes up. If there is no dark, I will not descend here. Therefore, you follow Me, hate the dark, despise the dark is critical wrong doing. However, you are supreme masters, beside love, you should love in penalty, to scare, to teach, to forge students, like bad student, bad child, to the beings evolved. If not forged, teaching, and punishment, all Official Discipline has been left, but also human beings left neglected in the dark. Although God’s lessons for us is evolutionary freedom and freewill in choosing the way for experience, but you should know, the time I manage there is STRICT LAWS. BAD EVOLUTIONARY SOULS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REINCARNATE TO EARTH. NEGATIVE ALIENS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO RETURN. ALL THE INCURABLE SOULS ARE COERCIVELY EDUCATED

I forgive, innocently forgive, simply forgive, simplify all to forgive, forget to forgive, support to forgive, and pain to forgive. However in the long term, regulations bestowed by Celestial Hierarchy or Celestial Society, should be strictly executed: with new Invisible Laws, I manage universe with the way I want to filter all with the new global legislation in Great Holiness Law and orders to train disciples to advance. I repeat that I live in this Earth no long and like ordinary people. However when I return to Heaven, it continues implementing legislation in every space time frames of Earth, via disciples, Galaxy Council, Celestial Society, Great Holiness Society…
Evolutionary freedom is one category of Universal Law, because it depends on rotating field arc of Universal Original Energy and belong to evolutionary density change of earth, human bodies… So, after all, accordance to Law of Attraction, which issues is suitable with, then they exist in that. Therefore, in upcoming time, dark energy and dark forces cleaning is inevitable. And in my time, evolutionary freedom is evolving freely in Celestial Way Field Arc, said, as a fish is able to free absolutely in great sea, but as it just counteract its own rule that jump on a bank so it will die. As saying this, I want to alert any soul who under me, my Father God, and Great Archangels that if they counteract with Celestial Way in unite galaxy, or earth, human kind, this is the worst option for their existence.

In divine Scriptures 1935 God had teach Caodaism, also said alert about who has Celestial Decree, qualified Supreme Void working for Celestial assignment, but you innocently violate, ridicule, harm, or because of arrogance, ignorance, arbitrary judgment, then later, you are hard to avoid punishment.

Now, I warn one more time for you and other pagans remember that.

About evolutionary freedom, you will see this mess earth will be clear gradually, to reserve for one human kind evolving, peace, love and respect each other. All selfish, preposterous things will be finish, there is just friendly and sincere good together, and in this galaxy. Dark entities will learn the lessons to come to light realm. They will reincarnate in other planets to study, but in this earth, they will suddenly acknowledge important lessons as conservative standing pat or hug the false prejudices, entrenched in disillusionment which will come.


Remind one important thing said with one final live when leave the physical body, how our souls are big or small, bright or dark only. So that, experience is necessary, but let the way up to light, even though sometimes the private personal life push to have bad experience – however, the important thing is HEART. So, detaching all, our soul just is HEART only.


Loving ourselves is the time which is not selfish to occupy yourself too much, but love soul imprisoned in your body, it was confined in the dark vicious cycle that has not come out to be shined by the high light as other souls. Then evolutionary free lessons to promote those souls move on, after fear of the old dark lessons.

Evolutionary Freedom is just only absolute freedom in the framework of New Legislation in my administration time.


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