This began 7 years ago
8110518860?profile=original after I discovered what is called binaural tones, or binary beats. For those of you who do not know of them i'll give you a quick explanation, they are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain for specific physical stimuli, or in other words frequencies that the brain will sync to while you listen to it, each frequency representing different feelings and states of consciousness.

The dreams were random at first. Maybe once a year, maybe 3 times. It would be as if i just woke up where I fell asleep. I could walk around, but everything seemed hazy, or blurry just around the edges. At some point a crazy faceless creature would come at me. This would usually coincide with a terrible even afterwards, and I would only make the connection after the fact.

Now, though, it's the same scenario, I wake up where I fell asleep, but there's two kinds of creatures, or beings I see or talk to. Sometimes it's still the scary creatures, but now there are these other ones, like tall blue light people. They're almost always just behind me, right in my peripherals. They have no faces just as the other creatures, but the other creatures were made of flesh, the beings seems more like of gas and light. Most of what the beings and I talk about is how the universe works and how I should not be afraid of anything and to be aware of everything. It's crazy, They talk a lot more and I ask a lot of question yet it's hard to remember all of it by the time I wake up. These experiences are separate from my regular REM state dreaming, they occur during the lucid state, so at times it's like having 2 separate dreams in one night.

There is no one I know in person that has experiences like this, so I never get to discuss it, let alone share info on with people who know what I'm talking about. I would love feedback on personal experiences, not just youtube videos of what other people have said, but your own account.

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  • aaand this one, it has a nifty codon chart that goes along with it

  • this is the one that really did it for me and this one is good as well

  • Can you share what binaural you're listening?  I'd like to explore...

  • And holy cow what kind of binural beats are u listening to?? Maybe listen to regular music for awhile.:)
  • I have dreams where parts are lucid and other parts in the same dream are a projection of my mind and I can tell the difference between the two. Your being visited now by what i dont know.

    I had a dream where i was looking through a square and this small (wanna say kid) was showing me something but i and the other where not physical but airy and transparent.

    In regards to the scary faceless beings I would (I hope it is ok to pass on advice) raise your vibrations, energetic hygeine clear and clean your space, call in the archangels. Also stones, crystals. I think that the higher our vibrations and the more we are tending to ourselves the easier dealing with stuff like this becomes. We can be more proactive. The more grounded we are the better. sometimes being sensitive we get all kinds of information, and sometimes it can be unnerving, so the better we care for ourselves as sensitives the better.

    I am not sure about the blue beings it makes me think of Sirius because they have blue beings.
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