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  • Hi!

    I look up and see you (I'm in Texas)

  • hi :)

  • Hi-I apologize for answering so late-haven't checked my mail here

  • Thank you for adding me, I am honored to be your friend!  :)

  • Thanks for the friendship Amanda Faye Vaughan,

    It's nice to be your friend!


    Love, light and laughter,


    your friend Meindert.

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Tulsa, OK


April 22

About Yourself

supports html lolol i bet this section gets all fancy with some people. i'm into everything that is, all that is, is, so to specify my actual spiritual interested would just be a vast list of all that is possible. idk which would be harder, trying to list all of them, or a sentient being trying to fathom what it would even look like, the end result being either a black hole forming or some one's head imploding. which now that i think about it, would something imploding be the same effect as a black hole? i could probably look that up on the internet right now, but i'm just going to let you ponder on that one.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

for inspiration and sources, my mother. and i read a lot of books, talk to a lot of people, i'm skilled in many forms of divination, tho i prefer to just let God guide me instead of mulling over probable futures, and that's my true source.

Amanda Faye Vaughan left a comment for Wuluan Sen
"WuluanNatalCHart.rtf it was too many words to send in the website email, i hope it works as an upload, it's in WordPad format :p"
Jan 17, 2013
Amanda Faye Vaughan replied to tvgame's discussion Dream about ufos
"just two nights ago, when i had this reoccurring dream of some sort of invasion by men in light blue uniforms, there was a new part of the dream. my group and i were running bc our town had become flooded and it was pandemonium everywhere we went,…"
Jan 17, 2013
Amanda Faye Vaughan replied to Shazi's discussion Happiness is a reflection of one’s own self
"i also suggest people take up music or art, it's a good way to spend time NOT watching tv."
Jan 17, 2013
Amanda Faye Vaughan replied to Amanda Faye Vaughan's discussion Everynight: Dreams of Talking to Faceless Beings
"aaand this one, it has a nifty codon chart that goes along with it"
Jan 17, 2013

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My interest in babbling about spirituality and metaphysics is at war with those clogging up New Age sosh-mead with dangerously pointed lies.
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Malicious, insidious political machinations are everywhere. I'm terrified that most people don't care enough to notice or sift through them.
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"Re: Bluesword Angel: Be wary of comments referencing a Cabal or aligning Ashtar Command with (American in particular) politics; it's just racism/ethnocentrism (Cabal is often short-hand for warbling about the imagined slights of Jewish people)…"
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""I took the sign and put it down...I refuse to follow this nonsense...Soon I will go to Mount Shasta on my birthday and I am not planning on following this either...Only in a crowded place and out of respect for other people that might be afraid...I…"
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