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Epstein's Underground Child Abuse Base and Submarine Entrance Map - It Gets Worse (Bonus Video)

Epstein Island Submarine Entrance & Layout

Epstein’s Underground (S.C.A.B) – Systematic Child Abuse Base – Submarines Trafficking Kids? Cremation Diamonds Made Out Of Human Hair & Ashes 

From Article:

Newsflash, what better way for a billionaires peadophile ring to traffick children than in a submerged vessel?

The TerraMar Project, which is Maxwell is the founder could easily have had access to submarines or even a submarine car. We see Terramar endorsing MIGALOO submarines on the TerraMar site. The luxury vessel below is a concept but I can prove that Maxwell does have a pilot license for submarines.

Another thing I want to mention is the cremation diamond industry. This service offers people the chance to have deceased loved ones ashes and hair turned into diamonds.

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There is a Spritist Book called Heaven and Hell-you can read what happens to these evil people after they die-though I believe that there is also a way to make deals with 'devils' to have 300 years of power  but if you do these evil things you will pay when the 300 years is up....3 fold and more! And/or The 2nd Death-your silver cord cut and your spirit is electrocuted into oblivion



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