The latest from Benjamin’s report.  Exciting news. It looks as if the return of justice and love is near. Click the link below to view report.

Much love and light to all off you.

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  • Dear Master of light I personaly sense it’s a matter of time for the change. I feel that any entity or person in this planet that causes discamfot to others will be unable to continue as the divine force is growing ever so stronger.

     I could very camfortably say that even what we call god and divine is here acting now as we speak. We the people woke that power up inside us. That power can not be stoped now.

    The beacons of the divine grace are lit. we all together will become it.

  • I think that you are right Marianinia.

    One can do as much as one person’s powers of any level allow that person to act. But as connected beings I feel that there is little out there we can be afraid of or feel that there is something that decides for what we want for our lives and timelines.


    To my understanding after following the spiritual word news the conspiracy theorists news and the main stream media news for quite some time now. A strong impression is given to me that the spiritual word is winning from every angle with the speed of light.


    Of course one may say that it’s a good time for many to choose sides and have an easier ride instead of using violence to solve problems.


    When I started researching long time ago I used to get carried away by those that everything appeared to be as evil or bad or the end of the world. Soon I came to realize the power that the people have even when they are asleep as we think and say.


    Let’s imaging for a moment that most people on the planet think in a way or the other that, ‘I’m not comfortable with this anymore’. That sends a huge wave of energy to the source to make it interfere as it happens right now.


    To my understanding no one is asleep. Everyone is wide awake but in different levels of social expression. There are so many ways to say I disagree or I’ve had enough or thank you.


    The united power of people is a power that we are becoming


    I love you all. Be blessed.

  • Thanks for posting! 

This reply was deleted.

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