Energies are Increasing

Have you all noticed just how bright the sun has been this past week? It is such a bright white color. The sun used to look yellowish. It has gotten brighter with the increase of the energies that it is putting out. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has noticed this.

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  • Did you notice the sunset last night. A deep orange sunset that turned blood red and in the east the sky was purple. I've been seeing a lot of new shades of colors on this earth. It has been on my mind a lot lately how colors are changing or deepening. Definitely a lot lighter of a vibration as well

    • I wonder if some of these colors are due to that crap that they are spraying in the air (chemtrails)?

  • These energies are increasing and I feel them in my heart center most of all My emotional body is clearing up as well. When I meditate the connections are right there quickly. I attribute that to the energies coming in. I am now considering a different career as what I do does not vibrate to the  Love I feel. Thats a big difference for me even to consider. Or maybe I am to incorporate more love into what I do. :)

    • This is a good thing, the clearing up. Do you have visions when you meditate? Mine have been a lot more vivid lately, that could be from these energies or maybe just from more practice?

  • Ain't it the UV-light that gives us suntan as well? :)

  • Bingo!...that is right.It is sending new energies (radiation) that has been slowly evolving us. I think that there will be lots more shortly and this will the full transition to a new state of being. That's what I'm thinking anyway.

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    • I'm not sure about this. Unless you guys can back this up with scientific proof, it's subjective. It could even be social/cultural influence to nostalgically remember it as yellow.

      • I check it with a photometer (it measures brightness). I answered this on the previous page btw.

      • I remember the moon when I was young, and when I look at it now, it seems all tilted like 45 degrees clockwise. The moon doesn't look to me now, as it did when I were a child.

        Have the moon shifted somehow or is it Me who have shifted?

        • Yup, it's in a wobble

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