Von Braun’s 1953 book ‘Mars Project,’ referenced a person named Elon that would bring humans to Mars?

In the book the title of the leader of the Martian government would be “Elon”.

Very interesting...


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  • Cool! The possibilities implied here are fun to think on a moment. Very interesting - thanks for sharing.
  • The surface of Mars is designated to become the Solarian star nation's ONLY 3D planet when the Earth has ascended to the 5D, it will be terraformed to become a water world (again) at some point.. All of the dark cabal will be living on there as penal colonists. The rest of the solar system will be 5D and above..
    • That day cant come soon enough Movella. The cabal are extremely irritating and the sooner their gone the better.
      • But before we wish such things to happen to some pple, we must first de-politicize the act of labelling pple and events etc by identifying them with 'cabal'. I have noted an habit where pple just say 'this is cabal', just because they disagree with a manifesto in a purely political sense (whereby everyone has a right to hold and persue their political views). Just because you don't like someone as a person does not mean he is a cabal.

        If we politicize the 'this is cabal', we ourselves becomes as evil as the cabal! We must make the accusations evidence based!
        • Roaring Lovely... When I mention the cabal it is to describe those who have kept us as prisoners on our planet for the past 13,000 years. With no access to our higher technology, fake media and brainwashing, punishment for those who seek the truth of our existence and all of the vile crimes they have done. It is those who are not named, most are above the government. They are looking at us as sheep to manipulate, how a player looks at there chess board. It is in fact evil and degrading. It is not labeling at all, it is purely a fact. :)
          • Those who are really members of the dark cabal do not wish to ascend to the 5D, the love and light vibration is to high for there liking. They naturally prefer a lower density planet when in physical body, Mars will be most suited..
            • Mars is like why do you guys gotta give me those people please have mercy :P
              • RL, I want to reiterate that this is not a personal preference, you don't just send someone to Mars because you 'don't like them' LOL imagine...
                • Thats OK Movella. Saying there is an evil cabal working behind-the-scenes is perfectly OK, yes, and also very important. A lot of events in the world, especially evil ones like wars, makes some sense if we understand them as plans by some evil pple.

                  But there are pple who have made 'conspiracy theory' develope a bad name, by using it as a political smear campaign. If they don't want a certain politician, they just say 'they work for a cabal'. If it involve naming specific pple, then we should also give adequate evidence, thats what I suggest. This is cause I know slander doesn't come from love at all, and we shouldn't be doing it here at all!
                  • I agree that 'dark cabal' is a term that should not be used for just anyone.. In fact, if someone is evil it does not automatically make them a member of the dark cabal..
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