Current debate on vaccines in the media

You probably heard the debate on vaccines that is going on in the news-media right now. The pharmaceutical companies and media are trying to create a need for increased vaccinations, especially in Europe. The plan is to have 100% of the population vaccinated before the end of this year (2015). The say it´s needed because the "threat" in this case (or shall I say this time) is the disease Measles (Mässlingen in swedish). They say it´s killing people and we have to do something about it, but what they aren´s saying is that Measles already is extinct in most countries, in Sweden for instant it ended in 1986 (source, Authorities on health in Sweden = Folkhälsomyndigheten). And Measles wasn’t extinct because of the vaccines that arrived several years later, approximately ten years later, it was extinct because of better hygiene and food conditions (source, Doctor Suzanne Humphries,


The contains of common vaccines

Another thing which is very important in this case is what vaccine actually is, and I am going to give you that information here (like it or not). Most vaccines, including those who most of us already have got like vaccines for instant Tetanus (Stelkramp), Polio (Polio) and Diphtheria (Difteri), includes apart from the sickness itself, the following ingredients: Mercury (Kvicksilver) which is one of the most toxic substance all together and with a very long and known list of negative side effects, Aluminum, another toxic substance that can cause cancer. DNA from dog, worm, ape and pig, not exactly healthy for us and the body can´t handle DNA from other species when it´s applied into us like this. So it messes up the immunological responses totally and you can get very sick, not to mention what it will do to your DNA and possibly even the Ascension process. Vaccines also contain Formaldehyde (Formaldehyde) a neurotoxin that can cause sleeplessness and which is usually used to embalm corpses with. Off course these substances are not good for you, and the last but not least of the ingredients, believe it or not, aborted fetuses from humans (source, Doctor Suzanne Humphries). My good, isn´t this incredible! How do you think these substances are making you healthier? Answer - They don´t! The trick is, most people don´t know this and just trust that the authorities, politicians and medical staff are doing the right thing, so they are doing what they are advised to do, but in fact they are being manipulated. We are all being manipulated!


How do they make us take it?

So, how do they authorities make us take these vaccines or toxic pharmaceuticals, well it´s actually quite simple:

  1. First step: the authorities use mass media, to show there is a "false" need for something, like Measles in this case (could also be Ebola, Borelia or other things too, for which there are already simple cures in the alternative business). They say Measles are killing people! Yes, but this is an extremely small amount, like less than a percentage, which is nothing compared to how many people die in car accidents for instant or from negative side effects from medicines. The statistics is also measured in the whole world so it includes Africa, Hong Kong and The Middle East for instant. In Europe people seldom dies of diseases like this because in the hygiene and food conditions are better and that has got nothing to do with vaccines. So the few who are dying from Measles in Europe are those who are entering this area from other countries outside Europe (source, swedish health authorities, So there is no urgent dangerous threat!

  2. Second step: they say: Oh, now we finally and miraculously have found a cure for this threat/problem. Here it is, it´s a vaccine. But the truth is, many toxic substances are actually spread out deliberately by the pharmaceutical companies to increase their wealth (or sometimes it´s about negative power instead or both). The same people who are behind the pharmaceutical companies, have done this even since the Middle Ages. One of the first known case of deliberately spread Cholera for instant was in the 1400 century, it´s been proven by archaeological excavations and it´s the same with viruses (Ebola, Swine-flu, Regular Flu), bacteria, poisons, drugs, nuclear substances and the like – this is a silent biological war and it is still going on, the vaccines are just another tool and we are the “ginnea pigs”.

  3. Third step: they influence the politicians, media and other involved persons to change the public view on the subject they want to sell by lying about it and make it look better than it is and if it´s needed they also influence juridical laws so they fit their purposes better. All this to sell more products and get even more money (last year the pharmaceutical companies in Sweden alone sold drugs for 26,5 thousands of millions, (source, the Social department in Sweden).

  4. Fourth step: if there are people who want to resist the vaccination (the weapons), they use media again, to influence the public and discredit those who doesn´t want to take the vaccine, drugs or prefer other alternative solutions for this. They say: those people who haven´t taken the vaccine, are infecting the others. In truth, isn´t this the other way around. If vaccinating a person means applying a small amount of the disease into the person to make him/her immune to the disease, doesn´t that mean that the person who has got the vaccination is is the person who are infecting the others who hasn’t got the vaccination? (or am I completely stupid here). So, who is infecting who actually. Don´t buy into this! Do what your heart and intuition tells you, and stand by your right to make a decision for yourself about yourself!


Do they vaccines work, do they cure the disease?

Do the vaccines cure diseases? The simple answer is – NO. There is actually very little evidence that they do, no facts or true statistics shows that vaccines actually cure the diseases they are meant for. Yes, you read right. Mostly the debate for using them includes somebody who claim they work like a doctor or other person who we often trust, but these people seldom have to show the proof of it actually (source, Doctor Suzanne Humphries and more). Where is the proof? There is very little actually, because it´s a scam and you are being manipulated and used by individuals and groups who doesn´t have your best interest in mind. They are doing it for their own sake, for money, negative power or both. This is the cold truth. On the contrary, there is much evidence that the vaccines are creating more damage than they do good and in some cases they even create long times of suffering for the person who have been injected, sometimes a whole life. Those who suffer are people who believed they made the right choice when they trusted a person in a white coat who used strange medical words when they convinced them of something they didn´t understand themselves and who seemed like a nice well educated man or woman who knew what they were talking about. The truth is that most people who work in the hospitals and medical treatment facilities on the lower levels doesn´t know either, they have no clue what the vaccines contains, they just do their job. They also do what the doctors, authorities or politicians say and they do what most people do, they follow orders without questioning why (are we in the military?). Do you get the picture? (it´s okay, I have been there myself, I know you are probably feeling quite stressed by now, but hang in there for a little longer, this actually has a positive ending).

If you really want to increase your good health and prevent diseases you can use natural and simple remedies instead. To “boast” your immune system, eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, antioxidants and clean water and try to detox/clean your system at least 2-4 times per year. Natural remedies like Chlorella, MSM, Magnesium, Zink, Calcium, Q10, ALA, Omega 3 + 6 and Chaga will also help you on your way. Those are natural substances which the body can recognize, understand and handle. We are natural beings and we need natural substances, it´s as simple as that.


Time to stop this biological war against us and our health

So why do you think “they” want you to get vaccinated? The answer is – the pharmaceutical company’s wants to increase their wealth, although they already earn multi million dollars every year, but they are greedy and want more. They use the media and authorities as tools in this plan to make more money than they can spend. The pharmaceutical companies doesn´t stop at earning money in the regular way, like many others do, they don´t only sell products/services to people who need it, they have actually gone a step further, they are creating the market they want to sell to, often pressed by the stock market. So now they create diseases, it´s actually better economy in that then just helps people in need, because there is not enough money in that. And why helping somebody get healthy, when there is much more profit in keeping them sick by giving them medicines that makes the symptoms disappear and the patient “forget” they are sick and we are all “happy” aren´t we. At least we think so. It´s the same with the vaccines, they are not making us well because we don´t actually have any large need for that in general because of better hygiene and food today. We aren´t in the dark ages anymore you know. So the pharmaceutical companies are helping themselves by upholding sickness instead of curing it. So, the vaccines are doing their job, it´s just that they are not doing the job for US.   


The best thing we can do now is NOT accept vaccines and other toxic substances and start being uncomfortable instead. Stop being nice, stop letting others maneuver you, stop being manipulated and start saying NO to everything you don´t like. That we can do, because if we do that, the whole card-house the “bad guys” have built together with everybody who are making money and negative power out of this system, will crumble. Then, but only then, can we show them who is in command for real and it´s not them. So educate yourself and others (I am sure they also want to know this if they knew what you know and why this is going on). Get the facts right and decide for yourself. Is this what you want? And if it´s not - Join the resistance party.

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    • Thank you Michael and yes interesting indeed.

      Personally I believe that the article about autism and vaccines that just happened to "disappear" in the earlier debate, was removed deliberately by the pharmaceutical companies to prevent the truth. And then we are not only talking about health, we are talking about restriction of freedom of speach. So this is really "bad guys" indeed with no respect so ever for living life.  

  • Re; vaccines. As an RN (registered nurse) and a libertarian, I believe it is the right of an individual to ultimately decide what goes into their body, and not a government claiming to know what is best for its people as a whole.  Ronald Reagan was actually correct when he stated that the worst nine words in the world to hear is "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."  A government that forces medication onto it's people is a government not of the people, but a government of a few self-proclaimed experts who believe they know your body better than you do. 

    There is this ideology in the pharmacy community that the body's immune system is like a computer system capable of instantly erasing and eliminating unwanted data input, and this ideology is dangerous. Repeated immunizations of children (over and over again) may create a dysfunctional immune system over time, since the immune system is constantly being "jolted" into action over and over again.  It's similar to the repeated effect of high fructose corn syrup on the pancreas (i.e. over-stimulation of insulin secretions due to the presence of high fructose corn syrup in A LOT of prepared foods).  There is now a strong correlation of type 2 diabetes with this introduction of high fructose corn syrup, and hence type 2 diabetes may be due to the effect of this sugar creating dysfunctional insulin pumps over time (from overuse).  It is now suspected that Gulf War Syndrome may be a result of the preservatives in vaccines taken by U.S. veterans prior to their entry into that stupid war. 

    Hence there is a possibility of obtaining a dysfunctional immune system overtime with excessive vaccinations, despite 98% of individuals not suffering any major side effects. Not to mention the possible long term effects of the preservatives on the body (i.e. Alzeimers), since these substances go straight into the blood stream without initial liver detoxification.

    If you can say no to vaccines, absolutely do it.  Just remember to eat a healthy diet and obtain a  proper intake of important supplements that can fight infections. 

    • Thank you Malcolm, glad to see you have a broader view on this subject.

      It´s always good to be educated in the proper way.

  • "The best thing we can do now is NOT accept vaccines and other toxic substances and start being uncomfortable instead."

    Indeed, and the day when your kids die from contracting TBC from an immigrant from Eastern Europe, you'll immediately know it's not the immigration that was the problem. It was You and your paranoia that ultimately led to the death of your kids. ;)

    Personally, I'm convinced that the anti-vaccine movement is a sub-group designed to supplement the work towards a population reduction. Because of the anti-vaccine movement, American and European kids now die of the measles occasionally (again). The more people in the west that say no to vaccines, the more people in the west will be dying from illnesses that haven't killed anyone for a hundred years. ;)

    Also, if you say no to vaccines your kids won't be allowed in ANY school when there are flu- or cold-epidemics since they'd be lethal to the kids that for various reasons CAN'T be vaccinated.

    PS: Are you sure you placed this thread in the right section? It's under "Ascension and Awakening", but it really belongs under "Descension and Termination (of the sick and weak)" since that is the direct result of the things you propose here, for many people..  ;)

    • For your information Acute Observer:

      I have a professional background in Media and Health, I know what I am talking about - Do you?

      I am not here to fight, do fear tactics or take other persons energy and I don´t have any desperat need for attention. I have no need for that. I wrote the article above to show others they require to check their sources (preferably several) about things like this, not just blindly trust newmedia and the authorities. The place for the article IS right, because it´s about our DNA and if you still don´t understand it, I suggest you check your facts on that too. What you do with this information after that is your choice.

      The facts about vaccines in the article here is from Doctor Suzanne Humphries (amongst others) who worked as a Medical Doctor and specialist on Kidneys for 20 years. After she found out that he patients got more sick after they had taken the vaccines, she started her own reseach about it. Today she has left her medical profession by her own free will and has choosen to travel around the world and talks about the risks of vaccines instead. 

      She says the following, facts: 1) the vaccines don´t cure the diseases, 2) the ingredients of the vaccines makes you more sick than you were before you got the vaccin, 3) many of the common diseases were already extinct before they started to vaccinate against them, 4) there is other ways to get cured and stay healthy than vaccines and they work very well (including TBC if you like). You have the recipe there as well.

      • "I have a professional background in Media and Health,"

        But none in biology, virology and immunology I take it
        I also take it your knowledge about pharmaceuticals is limited to media-based knowledge and not clinical knowledge.

        "I am not here to fight"

        Perhaps not consciously, but that won't change the actual and physical results of your actions.
        Nature is very unforgiving here. The more people you get off the vaccines, the more people will get sick from illesses that we haven't seen since they started taking the vaccines.
        We have vaccines that have been in use for decades and which we KNOW are safe to use. There's no reason for any of us to recommend people to stop taking them.

        Then I of course agree with everyone else that new and untested vaccines may be something to be prodent with. I didn't take the Swine flu vaccine for instance. I chose to take the Swine flu instead since it'd give me permanent immunity instead of the partial one that were offered by the vaccine.

        "The place for the article IS right, because it´s about our DNA"

        No it's not. Had you read ANYTHING about immunology you'd know that either vaccines nor viruses can change your DNA. Vaccines are about immune responses and keeping the internal Bodyguards (pun intended) on their toes. :)
        You will not for instance, pass immunity over to your offspring. Your offspring can get everything you could get when you were a newborn, no matter how many vaccinations and illnesses you have had between your birth and your first child.

        "What you do with this information after that is your choice."

        Since I've probably been interested in conspiracy theories since before you were first conscious about spirituality as a lifestyle, I have gone through EVERYTHING, and you are here SEEING the result of what I have chosen to do with all this information.
        I've researched everything down to it's last submolecular construct, and mostly, when it comes to these conservative anti-progress movements, they can never be investigated further than down to molecule clusters smaller than 1mm, because when I do, I always discover that they're actually made out of air alone, but with some nice and neat paint on. ;)

        "Today she has left her medical profession by her own free will and has choosen to travel around the world and talks about the risks of vaccines instead. "

        The problem is that she base her work on one single experience at one single place, and yet, you pull all vaccines together and claim ALL of it to be dangerous.
        Your title of this post is VERY inflammatory and if you're going to knock vaccines that have been used for 50 years without any problems, then you better be prepared to throw up some evidence when questioned about it.

        Remember, you have taken medical responsibility for more than 10 thousand people by posting the article here. In moral technicality, you're karmicly responsible for anything that happens to them should they follow your advice.
        Are your soul prepared to handle such a potential load at this time? ;)

        "1) the vaccines don´t cure the diseases"

        That is true. Vaccines only help you to not GET them. They also help you to not GIVE those diseases to those who are allergic to vaccines.

        "2) the ingredients of the vaccines makes you more sick than you were before you got the vaccin"

        That is also true. A vaccine gives you a managable portion of the illness in order to provoke your immunity to develop an effective response against it. It's like.. Internal Army Intelligence Research, by letting some of the insurgents in and allow them to show off their military capability, you allow your own forces to learn and adapt in order to defeat the rest of their army before they've even invaded. :)

        "3) many of the common diseases were already extinct before they started to vaccinate against them"

        List 3.
        And, were they extinct globally or were they only extinct in OUR part of the world?

        "4) there is other ways to get cured and stay healthy than vaccines and they work very well"

        Will it protect you from the measles, ebola, difteria, smallpox, HxNx?
        No, it won't. Those diseases strike you no matter if you eat healthy or not.
        If you don't believe me, you should go volonteer in the Ebola-zones immediately. They need immune people like you, that can go in and out of quarantine zones without any protection and without catching and therefore passing on, the disease. ;)

      • I agree, Marita.  How to stay healthy:  Eat right (try to eat organic), drink lots of non-floridated water, exercise, get sunlight, and AVOID vaccines!

    • Have you ever seen the video "Death by Injection" by Eustace Mullins?

      • I have Now, thanks for the tip. :)

        But it takes more than carefully prepared "scareporn" from a person who just happens to also make money off of the anti-vaccine movement, to convince me of anything. That's why no sects, network marketers, criminal networks nor intelligence agencies have ever been successful in recruiting me. ;)

        That "presentation" actually pissed me off. He did the old marketer-trick of "flooding" with irrelevant information in order to try to convince his audience of the small point he had with all of it. Such methods insult my intelligence since it makes me sit and yell "GET TO THE F*CKING POINT!" (which they never do) at the computer screen, and lowers his reputation in my view, to the level of a Snakeoil Chapman. ;)

This reply was deleted.

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