70-90% efficiency: Russia to send Ebola vaccine to W. Africa in 2 months

Published time: October 13, 2014 13:12
Reuters / HO

Reuters / HO

In two months, Russia is planning to send a new experimental vaccine against Ebola to Africa, according to the country’s health minister. The efficiency of the drug, which is to be tested on the ground, is about 70-90 percent.

Today we are discussing that we will have enough of Triazoverin vaccine in two months so that we can send them to our personnel in Guinea and test its efficiency in clinical conditions,” Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said.

The vaccine has so far proved efficient against various hemorrhagic fevers, including the Marburg virus which is very similar to Ebola.

“The efficiency ranges between 70 and 90 percent and this is a very good indicator,” Skvortsova said.

Russia’ Virology Institute is preparing a whole group of drugs.

They are basically genetically engineered drugs which can work both for disease treatment and prevention,” Skvortsova said.

Russian virologists, who have set up a laboratory in Guinea, are preparing to test the vaccine on primates.

The vaccine we have produced is made from the attenuated strains [of the virus]. We now have enough to repeat the experiment on the primates and proceed to clinical trials.”

READ MORE: Scientists in Russia developing three Ebola vaccines

On Sunday, Skvortsova announced that Russian scientists are working on three potential Ebola vaccines which they expect to introduce as soon as in the next six months.

"We have created three vaccines,” she said in an interview with Rossiya-1 TV. “One vaccine is based on a strain of Ebola, and the other two have been created by means of genetic engineering.”

As of October 8, a total of 4,033 people had died from the Ebola outbreak, out of a total of 8,399 registered cases in seven countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported. For now, Liberia is the worst-hit with 4,076 cases and 2,316 deaths. It is followed by Sierra Leone, where there are 2,950 cases and 930 deaths.

According to the WHO, the fatality rate associated with Ebola averages roughly 50 percent, but has ranged from 25 percent to 90 percent in past outbreaks.

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  • HEY BARRY: does your definition of "history" include placing genes in food meant to retard insects that also kill off important bacteria in the intestinal tract. (and may also be responsible for the current rapid rise in Crohn's Disease)??

    Oh, yeah, Bill Gates supports wonderful ventures.

  • I know its a bit  'out the topic, but have to share it..


    • While the flu kills 40,000 annually in the US and 400,000 worldwide.

    • The truth hurts.

  • Ah Barry, well let us read a quote from Shel's latest update in which he states, on behalf of the SH, the following:


    "Meanwhile, the dark is no longer able to use its various secret operations to start a major war. The dark realizes just how weak it is becoming. Nevertheless, it is doing little annoying things to stretch out the actual funding process with the revaluations of currencies, and preventing the start of the global currency reset. We wish to intervene on a much grander scale but the interferences built into the financial system continue to slow down the dispersal of funds. These unforeseen delays are soon to be moved aside so the new financial system can be readied."


    As I and others suggested, attempts are being thwarted to create MAJOR WARS by various Earth Allies....Also attempts to create major pandemics are being controlled, as in the case of Malaysian Airways Flight MH370, in which a pathogen infected crew and passenger compliment was diverted to Diego Garcia, rather than being allowed to arrive in a mass centre of population, namely Beijing, China....

    Yet we continue to see attempts by the Anglo-Amerikan elites to stoke wars and further plague disease scenarios.....

    They have killed many and caused much fear, also...BUT, it won't become akin to Europe's "black death."

    They attempted to start a major war between NATO and Russia, over Ukraine...That was curtailed by our Earth Allies in Russia, who, despite exteme provocations, did not react with military hostilities...

    They tried to stoke a major conflict in Syria, last year, over Assad, which again was prevented by Russia.

    They are trying again to stoke a war in the mid east over "ISIL," which as you see, they are attempting to ramp-up, as far as they can, short of making it too obvious that they and their dark government allies, are the real aggressors....


    They are conducting delaying tactics in the NESARA/GESARA funding programmes and currency resets....It is annoying, but can be countered, as their numerous stupid attempts to divert attention, are falling apart...


    You ask me "where are the police states...?" I ask you to wake up soon, as history seems to be passing you by, little Barry...Incidentally, have you considered that you might have overlooked how far down the road to a police state Britain has travelled...?? Grow up soon...

  • HEY BARRY: Bill Gates still owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock. How do you feel about the GMO food he is invested in and do you eat it without reservation??????


  • For a bunch of people who claim to believe in Nature, you sure don't seem to have any trust in the abilities of it. I mean, ancient viruses emerge when humans venture into areas not visited by humans before. But for some reason, this is something that many "natural" people here won't accept. Why?

    Do you believe in Nature or not?

  • Yeah don't touch the vaccine it will only infect you with the Embola virus, funny how vitamin D and colloidal silver will do the trick, and a whole shipment of colloidal silver was stopped, going to Africa!

    And the US have a patent on the airborne Embola virus.


    • "And the US have a patent on the airborne Embola virus."

      Which means that the US are now the only nation that can legally experiment with that virus. It's called "control". It's a good thing. Or, would prefer that countries like say, Israel, were allowed to do research on this strain as well? I wouldn't. :)

      When you patent something, it means that you gain control over its usage. Nothing more.

      • When you patent something, it means you get to decide who will profit from it.  Such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for example, as he has been wonderful with allowing "backdoors" put into his operating systems that allow the NSA to spy on people.

This reply was deleted.

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