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I saw these children books at the shops today, it was ment to be funny but they are so written by the draconians and reptilians.

There is a few in the series, I had a look at the one about cats, man talk about reptilians and this book is for toddlers and it makes out its a joke.

The story goes about a so called alien teacher dr xargle ( which looks reptilian) teaches his class about earth things. It has parts where pet snakes eat kittens and how cats do nothing but crap on things. It had reptilians in human suits training to poison tigers with fish etc. I actually am scared to read the one about human babies.

Spread the wrd about this filth, oh for those who think I am wrong the same author has a pet book about reptiles and snakes holy hell.

Cheers frenzy

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These books sound hilarious.  I'm going to be very disapointed if they're not as crazy as you make them sound.


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