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...And I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Just could be a reason he's so interested in pushing disclosure. Maybe he's one of the good ones. Maybe he's one of the bad ones. I don't know. I see motives for his position on either side of the spectrum.

My reasons for suspecting him are:

1. He has a tall, muscular build. He looks like he is very "thick." Not like fat, but like he is very dense.

2. He often licks his lips.

3. He stresses his "s."

4. His teeth seem to be a little sharp.

5. He carries himself kind of stiffly.

6. If you blend a Reptilian face over his own, it isn't that hard to see.

These are all based on physical observation. I could be completely wrong. However, he strikes my intuition as strange.


In this picture, his pupils appear to be slitted. He had a general "frog-like" appearance.

He is usually taller than everyone else.

His pupils have luminescence and there is an orb near his ear. (This may be a camera artifact. I know that orbs are sometimes just dust or moisture.)

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From a human stand point those who are originating from the 'Alfa Draconis constellation' can be considered bad.
From a higher perspective they are part of the human game board, bringing some of the lessons that are learned, and experienced here.( Note: Some serpent or lizard races have attained the Christed level.)
Humanity attracted invaders to learn fast. Those that have invaded the learning school Terra, have done so for selfish reasons. They are brining the lessons of deceit, greed and manipulation, and thus also the value of truth, freedom, discernment, justice, responsibility, ... wow so many things... compassion...becoming our own master and leader. The experience of miss use of power and government appears to be very learn full isn't it?

Now, It is very important for all of us to understand that these End Times mean that many things are, and are going to transpire and shift. Lessons are learned, and invaders are being removed or will move them selves. An awakening humanity cant be fooled anymore. ( we still need everyone to awaken tho ) The forces of Life are assisting us and making sure that this planet can achieve what has been waited for for so long. Our achievements, this reunion of light, is of crucial importance for this universe. So much information is released here that will be an example for many other souls.

Many are ascending to a greater understanding, insight, awareness of the grander picture... Even some reptilians, Annunaki, and Illuminati's. All roles in the game board have meaning and are blessed... Seeing trough our own shadows. Healing is wholing ...Reunion of light on Planet Earth ^^

It is my understanding that in order to be a Christed being, one must understand that if it weren't for lucifer, we would not have knowledge. All bad experiences have purpose for learning. This has been my experience my entire life. I have had many challenges in my life. Cancer while pregnant at 28. Hepatitus c, chemo twice, radiation, Fibromyalgia,sexual abuse, Loss of a child. Many more losses, abandonment by my Father and many others. But, I knew at 28 that there were pearls inside of every bad experience. Lessons learned from each bad experience to teach me, so that I could teach others this lesson. Therefore there must be both good and bad to be balanced. Balance being the KEY word. I didn't know truth until I lost my Son. He led me to it and I realized that my whole perception of "religion" is wrong. In 2 short years my reality has been changed forever. I now realize that everything is connected and there are no mistakes. I am searching for my truth and the more I search, the more I find that all of this has been an illusion to control humanity. It is mind shattering once the truth is unveiled. I am no longer a prisoner, but a free individual who can choose my own reality! I still need more knowledge. I hope that by being here in this community that I can learn from others, because I have so much more to learn. So, my next question is who are the Annanaki? This is all so new to me.
Grateful for any info: Leslie
One has to wonder two things about Mr Greer:
1/ why has he had not brought a working model (free energy/over unity) device to the public by now??!!! This is the goal of one of his organisations.
2/ He states that all ETs are "good" (or service to others as opposed to service to self, or benevolent with humanitys interests at heartetc) and this is pure nonsense! There are all types of all persuasions with all sorts of intentions and also you cannot label all reptilians as "bad"either as this is far from truth.

Greer is no more reptilian than you or me. I like his books and a lot of what he has tried to do even though how successful he has been is questionable. He did not used to look like this physically, he used to be a lot smaller in physical stature, yes, he works out.
It can be a very slippery slope when one starts evaluating the motives, and spirituality of others. Too easy do we start to compare and contrast, focus on your own thoughts and feelings. To say good/evil is part of the old paradigm, there simply is, higher/lower frequencies through free choice. I remember someone asking me if God was all love how can he let bad things happen to good people? The truth is that every negative action taken is a catalyst for growth for many, like the ripple effect. In realizing that on the big picture a person who commits a crime or deceit is only hurting themselves spiritually, as hurting someone permanently in the physical is impossible as we are all spiritual beings. It is impossible for anyone but yourself to hurt you spiritually. Understanding this concept is the only avenue to truly be able to love one's enemies. So focus on the information presented by different sources, evaluate the message as it resonates with your own soul, try not to figure out who is enemy or not, the information they present will tell you all you need to know. Like starting a habit, self discernment becomes easier the more you pay attention to it.
~yes, everyone has a role to play, whether it's on the disclosure stage or otherwise, & "good & evil" are truly only perception~limiting constructs, the two are not mutually exclusive of each other (i.e. there's no such thing!) ... sigh.. it's all so fluid, & even our actions on this current stage, really have little effect on the bigger picture.. i think. :0)
The disclosure project is funded by Lawrence Rockefeller what a surprise eh.
~lol!~ rockerfeller! i just can't figure this guy (empire) out (long~term intentions~wise) then again, i haven't tried too hard, as of yet.. i know they've got their fingers in every "top secret" pie there is though.. hmm.. & thanks for the vid. too pathfinder, i'll check it out!

..Lol..Guess He Must Be Then......:).....Ameilia......Its Been Years.........Love Ya.......<3....................



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