• I don't see the double numbers, but for the past few years for some reason on accident almost every night I look at this digital clock in my room that is sideways at exactly 11:34 which spells out hell, then I accidentally even after trying to consciously not look at it the next minute I always end up looking at it at 11:35 which spells out sell. Always "hell "sell". I just assume it's demons trying to sublimanly get me to sell my soul or somthing but of course I don't know for sure why it is this happens. I never see the a.m. 11:34 & 11:35 though, just the p.m. ones.

  •  No TV Game all those numbers relate to Micro within and Macro without and the same to

    spatial spherical time as against linear time.

     The numbers an be atoms, 1 atom 2 atoms etc or 1 year 2 years or 1 trillion 2 trillion it does not

     matter as the constant foundation and yardstick is 12 IE 12 signs of Zodiac, 12 Star Systems in Andromeda our

     closest Galactic neighbour and yes TV Game your Mind copes with this so easily and would share so much more

     with you. The TV mimics the Third Eye and is totally 3D and we are speaking of 5D and beyond whilst you are still on the 1st Floor not knowing your hart has the lift code. In South America Don Alejandro has come out and said that all Square Pyramids are Atomic Particle Accelerators and that there are 200 Octaves above our 8 of our learning matrix which

    was manipulated to keep us ignorant. Cheers Joy Love Balance Harmony Grace kingjeff

  • Of course its our creator communicating with us such as 11:11 , 4444, 4:44, 3:33 5:55

    • That sounds as of the creator is something external, something apart from us, but aren't we and everything else in creation, creation, the creator?

  •  Of Course tvgame  I did not write 111, 222, 333 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 101010 111111 but

     stopped in the Mirror Center with 12, 12, 12 which is sacred and if you follow the Diagonals

     from 1 you will find the energy of 13 hidden there in all the way home to the Palace of The

     Father/Mother to the 144 Dwelling on High ant this I have been told is the Capstone of the

     Great Pyramid which came through me on the 7th day of the 8th month 2011.

     Blessings Joy Love Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff

  •  You see double numbers. I see triple numbers everywhere and even triple letters.

     I see 555    777   888   999  YYY and a few more. In the past was 11.22   etc

     I get everything is returning to its Triple Foundation as we are leaving the Artificial Binary Vibration

     and returning home to our Soul Dimensions of Light. We are no longer locked into the Chess Board Matrix

     but have returned home as explained by Don Alejandro in South America who said there Square Pyramids

     are Atomic Particle Accelerators with another 200 Octaves involved not the 8 we have been contained in.

    This is why the All That Is 11 12 13 Heart Stargate  Matrix As Above As Below, As within So Without came through me

    in early 2011 to awaken everyone to their Trinary Natures Blessings Love Joy Balance Grace Harmony kingjeff8114552053?profile=original

  • I am so happy you posted this, because before 2013 this never happened this much but I'm seeing them almost everyday in order, like you said is not purposely but always random. Usually I always see 11:11, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, everyday lately
  • I'm always wondering what the source behind that kind of information is. I have the tendasy to compare those kind of sites with channelings. But i'm always trying everything out :)

  • I'm going to give your link the benefit of the doubts :) You know, i see a lot of links with different descriptions and meanings. Your link seemed legit though.

  • Im not even paying attention, beceause if it does happen despite of not consciously thinking about it, it confirms to me it is real. I need that.

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