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One of the things many have been looking for is the Global Currency Reset and NESARA. And these too are to be announced shortly. But as we have said in the past what happens in America affects the world. This still stands. There were some who have claimed that the rest of the world may move forward and leave America in the dark if the American government does not play along. False information then and now..Continue Reading

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namely master quan yin, the oriental counterpart of saint germain....

okay, thank you Drekx

you're most welcome friend agarther.....also a reminder that even official atheists may be disciples of the great white xi, communist party leader of china.

I actually read about the great white brotherhood, where she was mentioned :)

many have externalised world service since 1945.

A few more degrees higher

I wonder what they talked about lol

Apparently, Trump is afraid of extraterrestrials. So they say. Apparently, he's met with them, and is afraid of them lol Afraid of their power. Which does coincide with his personality, here's a guy who tries to be the strongest, and the top dog, all the time. It's no surprise then, that he cowers and whimpers like a dog, when confronted with a power greater than him lol

ETs are the last folks to be afraid of. They're advanced, but they won't hurt you. Frankly, I wish they'd leave me alone lol For once, I'd like to not have to deal with them all the time, because contrary to popular belief, they're not exactly all loving beings. Which was a great shock to learn, actually, because I always had that idea, that they were these all loving beings. But they're not. They're better than humans, but by no measure are they angelic lol I much rather deal with the Angelic realm than ETs.

Of course, it depends which race or group we're talking about. But the Arcturians, who I'm working with now, I'm actually a good part Arcturian, I don't know, there's something a little off about them. They're very intelligent. They're very much into knowledge. And they tend to have this almost disdain for humans lol Well not exactly, but there's definitely this 'We're better than them' attitude they have. Which I understand, these guys are one of the most advanced races in the galaxy. And they're so advanced, they tend to look at humans as like rats, almost. Well not in a horrible way, but in a way lol And I don't know, I don't like folks like that, and worse, I don't like BEING like that. With my Arcturian energy, that's what I've basically always felt about humans, like I'm better than you. And I'm really trying hard not to be that way anymore, and to view folks as my brothers, on equal footing. 

But I much prefer the Angelic realms right now. I'm sick of ETs lol I don't know what's there to be afraid of. Humans are going to grow to become even greater than these ETs, that's the plan. That's Gods plan. Humans are destined to be among the greatest races in this universe. Who these folks, the ETs, will eventually look up to. Our job, is to make that happen.

As for Trump, well, you know. Folks don't know him. For all his downsides, I know ultimately he's trying to do the right thing, and will be instrumental in helping the US, and the world, make the shift into the next phase of the unfolding Golden Age. Seeing how invested St. Germain has always been in the US, hell he helped form the US lol It's not surprising that he and Trump met. And will be working together on all this.

It SHOULD'VE been Obama lol Who always will be my guy. It should've been him, who spearheaded all of this, and apparently that was the original plan. But it kind of backfired, the dark forces thwarted him. Which is not fair lol And now, Trump is going to be the one to do it. Not fair lol But ultimately, it would be in everyones interest, to give him good energy and wish him success. All this hate and propaganda thrown at him, is really ridiculous. It worked with Obama. Don't let it happen with Trump. He's not perfect, but ultimately, he needs everyones support and for folks to not buy into illusions, which will only make his job more difficult.

Don't do that, quit doing that. Give him good energy and wish him the best. Ultimately, he's trying to help you. Yes, he's dumb in alot of ways, but he's trying to help you, and has been given this monumental task of helping to usher in all these changes, against alot of folks who don't want it to happen. Again, they prevailed against Obama. Don't let the same thing happen with Trump. For f**** sake lol You dumb lightworkers. Give him good energy and root for him to succeed.

Some wise words woven into your comment

Tell Me Lies... 

St Germain is an incarnation of  a Holy Archangel of Almighty God and He Is incarnated on Earth presently to Help. What he does or does not do will be only for the betterment and freeing mankind from the dark ones. There are many false stories so don't be taken in by what many say. When He is ready to move ahead you will know and soon.



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