OK, so here is me questioning again, but it's where iam at right now, so please bear with me.

Dont you think all this ET stuff, is just a little bit too easy?

Before i came here to AC, i used to write poems about love and equality and freedom, i knew nothing of spaceships or aliens or disclosure, i just knew that the world could be a much better place, if we, as humans, made the effort, to love one another, and treat each other and our planet better, no nasty stuff, no manipulation, no corruption, etc......

I did not know of ascension and i was happy that way, just me being me!

Im glad i did come here, cos i found out all this stuff, whether true or not, all the things ive read, the people ive talked to and became friends with, and its been an experience!

It matters not who is from where, whether from earth or not, but i just find all this ET, disclosure stuff a little bit too easy, like something that is too good to be true!

I know so many people do beleive and have been in contact, and are starseeds, but again, is it because we want a better world, we want so much to beleive, that we will believe anything, because we are desperate to get away from here, from our pain, and the pain of the human collective!

It just seems too easy to me!

The countdown to 2012 that everyone got all hyped up for, and now it is here, and so many people are going to be looking to the skies, reading the lovey dovey messages that say the same old stuff, waiting for the ships to land, but then what?

2012, ascension, disclosure, seems very contrived at the moment, like we have been led into something, and maybe we wont be able to get out of?

Its just like something does not feel quite right about it, kind of off.

I obviously know something is occuring and have been aware for a while, but what, and who really knows what?

I guess we will just have to wait and see! xxxx

Im not fearful, before anyone says that, im just questioning, thinking out loud! xxxxx

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  • Yes it is very important as humans we love and respect our fellow humans as well as animals, nature and the enviroment.

    We need to be more loving, gentle, caring and compassionate and by doing so we will grow and develop more spiritually and the world will be a happier and better place for all to live.


    When the time is right we can expect visits by Et's on a grand scale. We just need to tidy up our act first and be better people and treat each other universally with unconditional love, respect and compassion.

    • thats very well said...but its easier said than done....

      how the people of the world will be better people and treat each other universally with unconditional love, respect and compassion.... is yet to be seen...

      there are people "shouting" about all this since the 60's and even before.... but i havent seen much, if any, progress yet...

  • Sure , question everything , believe nothing - until it resonates with you at a deep level , and then realize that  this is still only a partial truth , that will expand with your consciousness. Any mental concept is by definition limited !  Just keep Loving !!!  x

    • I agree with you Richard! Well Said!!!

  • I hear you.We humans can be so fickle in our thinking process .I have been reading this type of material for over 20 years now ,One thing that I have observered is that the information is always the same never changes.The main message I keep getting is the word focus.We feel the changes but if it s not going our way ??We create all sorts of havoc in our lives.Believe me I struggle with the truth and I have come to the conclusion if we observe our own reactions and stay true to ourselves and those who happen to be in our path all will be revealed.I may be wrong but I believe we all have already ascended all at different levels depending on our vibration.Earth is our learning institution some are still at kindergarten some already at university.Working behind the scenes at a Childcare centre I see little ones far beyond their years in thought process ,I would never train as a teacher too many rules and regulations.If a child has what is called a vivid imagination I encourage it and they know I see what they are getting at.There is always a cosmic twinkle in their eyes when they are removed from my presence if we get caught up in play(get it right Marise you are just the behind thescenes person you keep everything in ship shape condition so we can teach the children } I just smile and carry on my duties.Life here on earth is full of contraditions.Changes are happening in every second in ones life some so small that we are not even aware of but life goes on and we journey forth.Be true to yourself its not a sin to question that would be one of humans downfall we do not question enough continue to think aloud.

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  •  They speak of Ascension but it is more a Transition like from one floor to the next

     in a highrise building. Yes Love this site too. Keep on being the wonderful bloke

     that you are and think about this. A four year old child looks into the sky and clearly

     sees all the Space Craft in orbit giving a description that onla four year old can

     do with no blinkers on. Mom was quite speechless as this was her child looking

     up at her for her confirmation. This is an event that is real and other events are

     happening all over. We have grown up had blinkers put on and have to take them off.

     This is our journey so welcome and enjoy the Transition which is ongoing. Blessings Light Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff


  • E.T.

    What do those words mean? 

    Not from here....

    Why do we need outside help?

    Why do you all think you need Help at all?

    You came here on your OWN remember?

    Do you wipe your own ass? :) 

    I still wipe my kids bum.... but that is different! That to me is help needed! Honest Help needed! He can not do it him self. 

    There are many things you should all be doing for Your Selves.

    • thats a very interesting interview... the juicy part is the last 45 minutes...

    • Lovely Post Kelly. 

      Oh and I didn't really mean, everyone... some of you are doing it very well!

  • I agree.  There is something about all this discussion of ascension, and that some people will ascend, and others will be stuck here on a horrible earth because we/they did not "get it," that absolves us of our own responsibility to make things better, and also is divisive in that instead of us all being one, some us us are better than others.   We all rise togther, we all make this planet a better place to live, or we all fail together.  I am very aware of prophecy, of the different dimensions etc. I know there is a profound shift taking place.   I rarely watch the news, but when I do, I am also aware that I need to be engaged in some of it, and respond,  I can''t stand by and allow the government and the corporations to plunder this planet while I wait for ascension. I have a responsibility to be aware and to act.   We are the saviors we have been looking for.  

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