Hello everyone I just registered a few days ago, but i've been visiting this site for a little time, and i'd like to say it's awsome.

First of all: Sorry for my bad english, I am from Mexico and I live here too, but I lived like for 3 years in US, so I managed to learn english. So if you guys see some mispelled words or errors in my writing, please forgive me.

I am 20 years old, and I am also a very opened minded person, i believe in ALL posibillities.
Since the age of 16 - 17, I started feeling weird and making questions to myself about my existance... (why do we live for?, is there a plan for us? were do we really come from?, Does God really exist?,etc.
I believed in ET since i was like 6 years, i saw UFOs since i was a kid. So i never doubted  ET liveforms in other planets and also had some weird dreams.

Id like to share some experiences that had followed me for some time, and I'd like you guys to tell me if all of this that has happend to me, and that I have experienced, has some kind of meaning. I have read some stuff about Starseeds and Lighworkers and that kind of subjects since I identify alot with them, but im not really sure about all of this having some kind of meaning. So I ask for your guidance. :)

So here I go:

When I was 6 years old, i had a dream of me and my sister fighting the devil. We were in some kind of humanoid form, but not humans. Its one of those dreams that I never forgot but cant remember very well...

At the age of 10, I started seeing 11:11, and only 11:11, and that went on like for a whole year. And after that year I stoped watching it. I Started seeing it again when I reached the age of 19, but this time i Started seeing some other time sequences, like 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 etc. and until now, I keep seeing those numbers EVERYWHERE.

When I was 11, i dreamed of Jesus saving me from some demon trying to approach me, after he saved me and scared the demon away, he told me something, but I cant remember what he told me, I just know he told me some beautiful words, because when I woke up, i woke up so full of love, and in harmony, I felt like my body was vibrating and i felt enlightened in the inside, i felt very peacefull and happy.
Guys I cant describe the sensation of when I woke up from that dream beacuse it was so different from everything I have ever felt. i cant seem to describe it!

At the age of 12, I was playing soccer in the street with my buddys, but since it was late for a kid my age (like 11 pm), I had to go and ask my parents if i could be more time in the street playing or if I had to go to bed.
So when i turned myself to go to my house, from the inside of my house, something was staring in window. I saw the worst being that i have ever saw in my life...
It was this demon-humanoid thing... he had this green skin and black pointed nails, and scars in his hands in face (something like the chick in the exorcist) he had this awful demonic-terrifying face and long disheveld hair. And it was staring to me!! after he noticed that i saw him, he disapeard from my sight. I still feel goosebumps when i talk about it.

A few moths back, i was in this party, and my girlfriend out of nothing stared to stare to the wall in that house. I asked her "What are you looking at?" and she replyed: "There is a very small man, standing overthere." (Of course i saw nothing). But then she started talking like telepathically with him, and she told me "He says that he wants to talk to you"
(I felt very scared beacuse i thought it was some kind of demon possesing my girlfriend or something)
Then i started to ask him questions trough my girlfriend.
I asked him what was he... and he said he was an angel that wanted to talk to me.
And gave me a message trough her, he told me "You have to be aware, you have to be cautious, you have to take care" and I really didnt get it very well. Then I tried to record the audio with my cellphone of what was going on in that moment, (of course I did it without her noticing), so when i hit the REC button, strangely she started searching for the "little being" looking everywhere in the room, and saying "what did you do?!" "he's gone" "but he will be back..:" after that she noticed the cellphone in my hand, grabbed it and turned it off... and immediately she got to her normal state... it was so weird.

In the past March 22 of this year, (my birthday), i had a dream of UFO massive sightings and i remember it very well... seeing a lot of UFOs in the nightsky and i saw me staring at them. And just that... it was a very very short dream. Then i woke up.
So the weird part is that I read some Post here saying that on March 23 (or something like that) there would be UFO sightings. And guess what... that day like at 5 am i saw like 6 ufos flying around my neighbourhood, for a lapse of time.. I saw one pass by... and when i lost sight of it... like in 20 minutes I saw another and so on for the other ones...
It amazes me alot beacuse I think they know I see them, and they notice that i am awake at that time in the night... eversince that day i kept seeing them until april 6... I have 3 days that i dont see them anymore :(
I wish I could film them, but my family doesnt have much money and we cant afford a videocamera.
I will try to ask someone if i can borrow a camera for them and if i see them again, i will be gladly happy to film them so i can show you...
These little ufos have a triangle shape and are like 70 cm. with glowing lights.

I also have dreamed of a giant cube in the sky talking to me telepathicaly... In my dream, The Cube was God.

And i also had an apocalyptic dream about the judgement day.

And in the nights when i try to sleep i keep hearing an itchy noise!!! i feel like a beep that vibrates!, i dont know how to explain to you...

And also I hear alot of voices whispering at the same time, and i feel very desperate when i hear them!! I dont know why i hear these voices.

A few days ago when i tried to sleep i also heard the voices talking at the same time and I hear one voice very clearly separated from the others that said with a manly voice "We are superior" and when i heard that voice i opened my eyes and turned the lights on beacuse it scared me...

I am a very smart person and my friends like to talk to me alot beacuse they keep saying that i am one of the smartest and mysterious people they have known... They believe i have something to do with asencion... they believe im some kind of angel or some kind of guide for them to open their minds. But i am very confused about me, i also feel different, and have feelings for the sky and the cosmos. I love wacthing at the sky... everytime i walk in the street i cant stop staring at the sky, and in the nights everyday i take some time to appreciate the stars and the beauty of the universe.
I feel weird guys, I feel different from the others,,, specially because i am more conciouss than anybody i have ever met...
and i try to open people minds when i get the chance to talk with them...
I talk about them about the creator and his beautifful creations, about life, about alot of interesting subjects. I tell them that material world isnt everything, that there is something more in this life that is kept apart from us, i dont know what it is but i can feel it...

What are your thoughts?? can somebody tellme if i am somekind of starseed o something?

Again sorry for my awful english, i try to do my best :)

Thank you for reading this, i am very gratefull to all of you who took the time to read it :)

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  • You aren't alone my friend, you never were and you never will be. It may not feel this way, but your experiences happened for a reason. You aren't a freak, you aren't crazy; in fact you're probably more in touch with your higher self than you realise. You will find love and support here, the answers to your questions will find you when you know how to look for them. You will find the way to do that here. So welcome Roderick!!

    Whenever you get down, concentrate on that beautiful loving feeling that went along with your dream of Jesus. A connection like that cannot be broken, only strengthened or weakened. You have it within you to make that a very strong connection. Believe in yourself.

    Love and Light!!

    PS you have better written English than a LOT of native English speakers that I know so no need for apologies on that, you're doing well! Again, believe in yourself :)

  • dont worry my friend all that happens to you is normal in indigos and starseeds  im super smart too !! since i was 8 years old i looked at a bill and  i imagined that money was an instrument of enslavement and i was right , I always felt like i didnt belong to  this 3d reality like if i was from an other planet . I have seen a lot of 11:11 even my speedometer in my past old car that recorded 111,1111 miles my birthday is the 22 of december  and i was born in the year of 1985 the year that many starseeds and indigos  incarnated in this world.if you see alot of 11:11 is good  is that someone is watching over you and that you are special a special starseed!!

  • Hi! saw your post on dreams.. i have had 2 ufo dreams the first one was a pretty short one. I saw a skyscrape and then a voice cleary saying to me Do you see the gold? and suddenly a "ufo" shows up behind the building it was the color of gold and it flew away. the second dream was actually like 2 days ago were i was with my friends (in the dream) then suddenly a ufo showed up very close it was almost like a disclosure we got it on tape and suddenly a man gets out of the ship and i'm standing with him. Me and this being was standing in a line to buy something when i told him i dont have money then he told me everything is possible he suddenly meditated and poof he had alot of money comming from his pockets :P haha.. :) not saying thay mean something but i had them after my night meditation :P

  • Hi there,

    Nice to hear of your experiences.  I also have had lots of meaningful and vivid dreams. I have a master teacher, Ramtha, who explains how there's an area of our brain that is tuned in to the infra-red frequency. It tells us the future and also accesses infra-red beings (ghosts etc). For most people it doesn't have a direct access to the conscious brain as the pathway needs developing.  In some people's cases, there is a pathway partly opened and so you can hear and see into that frequency. Like the other posts say, ask for some guidance from benevolent beings of some kind. The Radiant Rose Academy is a nice website you may be interested in. Good luck, you obviously have a lovely future of experiences ahead of you. Your english is just fine.

  • I enjoyed hearing of your experiences, but know this, many are like yourself and we are just doing what we can while here.  I have been on earth a long time from your view and things are getting more and more apparent with myself and wife.  I won't hijack your post but I can say a lot more is going on with us in a similar way, and your being unique is shared, but most around us don't have a clue and sadly don't want to know.  Do your best.

  • Welcome brother! 

    Mexico is a mystical,beautiuful place for ufos, and many more... :)))

    Love and light! :)

  • Your English is perfectly fine. There are people on here who use English as a native language, and cannot use it correctly, too ^_^ Welcome to AC.

    Love and light,

    Brother Brett

  • I don't get the demon sightings. I know they aren't real like the ones in the bible, but what could those demon visions represent? some sort of negative energies or other aliens communicating with you?

  • Hey Roderick!

    welcome to the gang, lol

    Your english is not bad, its great!

    To me it sounds as if you've had experiences that are far from what most people consider normal, so i would say, that you definately have "abilities" and you can see these as gifts ;)

    Some of what you describe such as hearing voices can be attributed to ascension symptoms, the best thing to do (i know i did when i first entered on this path) is to ask for divine guidance (you can do this by prayer/ meditation or both in what manner you feel comfortable) and allow your inner knowing to guide you, rather than allow externals to guide you.

    This way, you will be led by the divine within you and you will find all the answers you seek.

    more importantly, enjoy the journey on this blessed path!

    I wish you love, peace, joy <3

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