Was just wandering if anyone else feels like we have been "BOMBARDED" with cosmic energy again~ Like we did in the latter part of January? ~I feel the same effects ~How they hit me "drastically"~ again? Does anyone else... see all the particles in the air~ all the time now? I know my children see them now as they keep asking me what the glittering, dust floating everywhere is~ Thanks in ADVANCE!~Johnny

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  • Well everyone, I guess these are some "good" problems to have! I too, have been experiencing strange "symptoms". Thursday, I believe it was, i was getting a verystrong metallic taste in my mouth and I could feel a "drawing" senstaion on my glands behind my ear lobes all day. Speaking about solar plexus pains, it was driving me crazy! My stomaach felt so bad, so bad. I could also feel pain on top of my shoulders and in my neck. Also, for a week straight, both of my calves were so cramped I thought they were "Charlie Horses", but the funny thing about it was I have NEVER had those before in my life! As I was going through various sites reading different posts, I saw that others were experiencing the same things. Someone stated that they were feeling foot cramps and felt that maybe it was a result of "grounding" to Mother Gaia.

      I am a 1986 Honorably Discharged Disabled US Marine Corps veteran and have many painful medical issues from my past service and i must say...these "new" issues have and are definately not of Earths origin!!! BRING IT ON!!!!

    • Come to think of it, I appreciate the poster that stated that he used to feel bad after reading posts like this because he didn't experience the symptoms that others had. I used to feel the same way like, there must be something wrong with me or that I wasn't doing something right. A person once asked me how I would feel if all this "Ascension" stuff and the galactic people didn't come after all the time and energy I put into it. I responded to them in this manner..."What if they DO?" There is NO way that, with millions of people are having similar symptoms, dreams, visions, past life experiences, rememberances and Channelings, they could or would, of their own will or power, seek out some answers to what they've been dealing with which, in turn, would quench the inner calling they have to find out 1. Who they are 2. Why they are here and 3. What are they supposed to be doing while they're here. The answers may not come in a "particular" order, but with dilligent searching...the DO come. With the culmination and/or the amalgamation of ALL these events and "syncronicities" being that of finally meeting, co-existing eternally with and becoming one of the "Originators or Facilitators" of all this, who could ask for anything more? When you really think about it, for anyone to want to continue on in this 3D school with 5D or higher Light within them unless they NEED remedial assistance, to me, is the exact definination of insanity. :)

  • hey there yes something has switched for me in the last week or so. i feel energetically like there are two things going on one is a vast contrast to the other. I feel in one respect 3d and the energies associated with 3d, other feels like i have moved forward in a way that is very peaceful as if i am letting it go and my vibrations are being raised.... i like this and want to keep up the energy of it....

  • I'm also feeling the energies and I am glad to know I am having similar experiences as my brothers and sisters.  I have been seeing these blips or white specks for a while now and almost always well looking at the sky.  We have been through a few TAP's or time acceleration points this year already and we can very them using or community if the scientific means are not presently available.  Or solar systems alignments and Neptune's transitions have given us an addition boost as of late.  We will be going through many TAP's and in quicker succession as the year progress's.  There is apparently around 50 in this year alone.  

  • i've been noticing tremendous new bouts of energy recently! I'd say over the past 4 months and (good peaceful) emotions that i regularly didnt used to have... i find myself sleeping like a mouse very able to wake up at any noise or disturbance (when i used to enter a brick like coma years ago) but yet at the same time getting very restful sound sleep, waking up sometimes feeling completely renewed and over energized!(Though I don't mind the energy :P) As well I used to never dream and now my dreams have become so vivid and real that every morning i wake up racking through like 5-8 hours of legit dream stuff i just saw but its definitely something I enjoy and am so thankful I've gotten all of these things back in my life! I must say though two years ago I was completely asleep and now im completely (well almost complete Im sure there is a ton of stuff Im still unaware of!) lol awoken... and on the another note i see the glitering sparkling things EVERYWhere now lol like i used to as a kid, I call em Blips heh- and not until now have i started to really pin point them again.. ill see one, two, three in like a split second glance and just be like WOW!! it sure is an exciting time we are in and i cant wait to see what else is coming, expectedly it will be good and bad  n im excited!! :) 

    as we say on here,,,



    Sincerely Andrew

  • We have been hit with etherial frequencies on a large scale 11 pm on saturday evening as the alignment which took place allowed a straight view from the milky way galaxy to bombard us with the DNA changing etherial frequencies.

    There are many devices helping to amplify these waves all over our planet Im sure you will understand shortly after you have discovered all the things that have been kept from the public.

  • Yesterday I had bad headache, too. It hurt from my upper neck over the back of my head to the top. It was a strange pain, like electricity, a little bit burning, somehow different from the normal migraine which generally affects only one half of the head (left or right). Today I'm fine again, I just feel tired.

  •  Its true, we are having energies Big time. I Am experiencing lightheaded and feeling of being out of the body, as an observer, and that darn online constant high pitched hum only louder now. LOL And normally when I go into meditation I use breathing exercises and a routine of connections and call ins. But, all I have to do is close my eyes and "boom connected" and angelic company are right there I can now see better psychically. And the merge with my Twin Ray is almost instant. Thats a big step, for me.source connection is stronger and all chakras are being healed  and aligned much more easily. My son says he see's the light coming out of every chakra point on everyone. We are both sensitives and these energetics at times are a bit rough on the emotions. we have to re balance everyday. I am seeing the synergy much easier too. And the DUH factor isn't as bad.  lol But need to sleep more for me, but my son less. Guidance says just think what you want and it is achievable. Set your goals high. You cannot lose. :)

    • Set your goals high... cheers to that!

      Except don't be surprised when the universe tells you that you're supposed to have even more.


      That happened to me - over and over again.

      Until the universe finally said I ought to just settle on creating miracles At Will. . . . just forego the manifesting and time delay and chance of failure altogether. And just rewrite reality, and become a creator in the flesh. Total confidence, no limits.

      Body changes instantly, money appears out of thin air, any skill or supernatural ability whenever I want it.


      Be careful how high you go (giggle) - - - there's no upward limit. But the more you decide to change what you're asking for, the more delays you'll experience.


      Im glad you are connected and working with your Twin Flame, congratulations! (whether they are with you, or not, it doesn't matter)

      •  Yes you are right on some of that about being a creator and manifesting, or even making a failure here or there. I have learned not to take it personal anymore when I do. Like you said its all good. ;)

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