I will try to make this short. In the past i felt a lot of separation between me and people , i felt like i was the only one with love that existed in this world and i had a victim mentality and because of this i was afraid to express love and i had hatred for people.  This changed when I achieved my first dose of  Universal Love energy and became an enlightened One.

   At that time I had the Heart Flame burning inside me for at least 3 days. and i was able to channel the language of love. My feeling of separation was gone and because of this my ego could not manifest.  But with time this flame died out?  I'm trying desperately to hang on to this higher consciousness that god has given me but my heart flame is gone and sometimes the old thought patterns that come from the feeling of separation come back. I can no longer channel the language of love and this makes me a little uncertain with my words.

   Does any one have a technique or a ritual to receive  large amounts of love energy fast and keep the heart flame burning forever? I want to channel the language of love agian and i want to erase the separation in my mind.

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  • I studied with Drunvalo Mechizedek in Sedona. He taught a meditation to go into the tiny place of the heart. His teaching is calming.

    I also studied with the Ishaya monks 15 years ago. The 1st sphere of their teaching can also get you into your heart. There is a nice meditation  in the St. Germain books but I find I use the teachings from the Ishaya monks most often, based on Praise, gratitude, love & compassion. Keeping the heart flame burning means constant stoking.....constant meditation and focus on God. Breakwork/rebirthing, yoga, fasting and a vegetarian diet also help keep your vibration high :)  Hope this helps.


  • Things such as The Celestine Prophecy movies or book can help (I have yet to watch, but I heard about and actually just ordered movie from Amazon)! Conversations with God Books and movie (I read all books, and just ordered movie, also Amazon)! Meditation and prayer can help! All of this is great, but simplicity is important such as listening to your heart, which is a thinking organ, like the brain, only purer!!

    Love and enlightenment,


  • don’t ask anyone here my friend..  they will tell you what you already know you NEED TO DO..  they do not understand!  if you had any way to feel that LOVE..ANY WAY!!??…you wouldn’t be crying out or asking.     All we have is our thoughts..hate or love..there is a reason why.  if you were born w/a victim mentality..when did you realize?  it began at the moment of birth..when thinking..seeing..feeling happens.  you did not create all that your thinking became…whatever situation from then on created how you thought..about yourself..the world.  IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.  you became a victim of circumstances..driven to fear of being hurt..and broken you needed to lash out..desperate then..as you are now~

    haven’t you tried everything they are telling you that you need already?  you said it worked for a while..now it has stopped..once again stuck.  am i understanding correctly?

    the only way that comes to me..stop trying not to hate the pain you feel..go with it..somewhere safe..and let it out..allow yourself to scream..but keep it safe (even a tiny sip of water..a teaspoon of brandy)~~~..hit a pillow..smash something that is useless anyway... to bits..somewhere you can be as loud as possible..where no one but God can hear you.  speak..yell..cry..scream..complain about your pain/suffering..say what you hate..tell the universe why you feel this way..do it until it empties out of you…even a little~  please do what you can!!!!  

    message me privately..if you like..i want to help you.  

    what you are asking for here..does not sound strange at all to me..   it is coming from your gut..it is the feeling of separation that blocks the love you want to be able to give and receive..  if you can, please do connect with someone who is willing to accept you just as you are..however you feel..believe it will be a ’step’...

    if there is no one else..then please connect with me.  I care about you..I AM WILLING.  at least give it a try.  Daniel Pichardo you are an innocent soul..with the courage to ask for help right now..when you need support and help to heal your pain.  in your words: “I’m trying desperately to hang on to this higher consciousness that god has given me but my heart flame is gone…"

    Can you become just quiet enough to close your eyes..tell your thoughts to ’shut up’..’get out of your mind’.GO AWAY..you are not welcome in my space..and ask..pray..cry..beg God to come help and guide you..do your best to listen..trust..

    I will send you a private message if you want to contact me here again..also give you way to email

    me.  you must be a loving soul to so desperately want to feel and live within the language of LOVE~


  • To true, white light cleansing and loving the negativity created by you and accepting does magnificent things.

  • and cry, cry! let all the stucked energies flow  out of the body,  and only stop until you feel ypour heart again <3 (( : how I do it, maybe not for every one:) )

    • before that do everything you can to relax your body


  • I can only tell my story. I will say sometimes things seems like mountains but once done you can kick yourself for being so slow to do it-at least that was what I found. Anyway, about 12 yrs ago I found I had cancer and immediately knew I had let negative energy invade my body thru sadness/fear and anger. I did the medical gig but knew I had to have my soul healed. I found a center where there was all kinds of eastern healing free. I went almost every day if there was a cancellation and was pretty lucky. My body told me it was right but I knew I had to completely give up control for it to happen. One day it did. I was with someone who did healing touch, went into convulsions and heat poured out of my heart, almost knocking her off her feet. It was very powerful and I knew that minute I was healed. I kept on and was immersed in Reiki, Yoga, Chi Gong with wonderful people and progressed much further than I even knew. It changed me forever although I had to hide it with most of the world. I got of track for several years but am back and way further than ever before. Forgiving myself and unconditional love without judgement are keys. I think understanding where anger comes from is also important. As children we demand attention. If we don't get positive attn we get negative attention leading to a subconsious learned behavior that to get attention we act out.
    That works as a child momentarily but leads to long term negative consequences. By understanding how it started you can substitute a positive to take the place of the immediate positive with long term negative outcomes. Loving yourself in various areas of life are learned. Once you know that realise it is no ones fault as parents don't have the skill either. What happens is we learn to self-sabotogue-not consiously but subconsiously. For instance when I start to get upset or hurt or emotional I will withdraw as I haven't done something myself or I wouldn't be upset. I got my feelings hurt and have to figure out what it was about and go back and tell the person how I felt and find out if that was what is meant. This gives us the ability not to be a victim or play the villian game. This is no game. We all want unconditional love but that means giving it to ourselves, working on ourselves, not judgeing others based on what you need-paying it forward. I would suggest doing tons of meditation, looking inwards and stop to think about why you feel the way you do and why. We as people are no longer taught things like this which is very sad. I believe that is going to change but we have to start with ourselves. Hope this has been of some help and I was cogent in my brief explanation as there is more to it.

  • lol I was being sarcastic by the way.... just saying because I hear people say drugs will bring you to enlightenment a lot

  • Please try this:


    And maybe it is as simple as intending it and using the Law Of Attraction for it by repeating the thought: "I'm one and connected with god!"...

  • ---------------------------------------- ( ( ( BE HERE NOW!!! ) ) ) -----------------------------------



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