Take an energetic journey through the DNA of your ancestors. Maximize the 7 Chakra, take hold of the Serpent Caduceus, and awaken the best combinations.

Utilize the law of attraction, but take a refreshing new look at what is happening here. Concealed beneath the physical world constructed by Atoms made of nothingness, is that of Archtypal water, and energetic flow. Electricity is produced when the positive and negative are connected in the right way. So the law of attraction works by focusing on what you want, but in reality you are creating energy between the two of you. This is a lot more effective when the energy is love between two persons. If used to obtain something, then you create energy through connecting with your own future destiny, which again comes back to faith and determination, without which nothing is possible.

So to do this for real you need the following:

1) A real very sense of purpose and manifestation: Suppose that by connecting to my ancestors and solving the dilemmas of their traditions, there is special wisdom I alone find, and now I cannot deny a real connection to them, which leads to a right lobe victory over limiting left brain doubts and logic.

2) Incentive, from the standpoint of destiny: The benefits of transformation through the unlocking of dna aside, when a psychic tells you something like was told to me: Your ancestry sits with a very old and enlightened group. You are descended from those who were SELECTED to ARRANGE and MAINTAIN much of the RICHES here on Earth." This along with other clues and synchronicities in my life suggests there is royal blood in my ancestors I can tap into. It should be obvious, but geneology will at least be helpful in that you have more knowledge about said ancestors, which I have not as of yet spent any money to do, but at it is a good idea.

3) A never ending process of meditation: Begin when points 1 and 2 have already convinced you with certainty about the process that is about to take place. Use the Cabalistic method of growing the seed in the back of your mind, or as you might call, sleeping on it. Just be looked in a state of health and transformation mentality.

4) Utilize Aura color healing. I find the best way is through the Crown Chakra. So a relationship of Love and interaction with God would be the best way. Prayers and such are not for God, but are meditative aids, ways to keep God alive in your life. Anything in your mind you want to grow must be given the light of your attention. Likewise, we fall out of practice when there is no more exercise. Aura healing allows you to confirm your power to yourself time and time again. Gain and awareness of the colors and visualize the right ones to help with DNA transformation. Put water in colored bottled and let it absorb sunlight through the color.

5) Create sacred water: water has memory. Express love and gratitude for the best resaults. Write this words and words like dna transformation, healing, etc om your bottles. Turn on resonance for that bottle, and get rid of the UPC 666 on the label, as it will put your entire effort behind bars. For a water bottle where labels influence the water, getting rid of the old label is critical. If your water is not spring water, you will need to freeze it first. This is to clear away the old trauamatic memories of everything the water has encountered. Since the water is going into your body, you take the energy of such intentions into the body with you. Real scientific testing has been done showing that water has memory and is effectively alive.

6) If all else fails, utilize psychedelics. Ayuhuasca is the most recommended, kataine and Lsd are also helpful.

7) Deep meditation, journey through the dna using astral projection.

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