I am sure some of you have experienced these at some point in your lives and there is a whole discussion on this being one of the ascention symptoms, BUT, how come then that I've had this all of my life?

I've even taken blood tests to see that maybe I have anemia or SOMETHING might be missing or too much in my system, but nothing, healthy as one can be. I've had this on and off all of my life. I can assure you that medically I am fine...*scratches the top of her head with a dazzled look on her face* I mean, okay, sometimes I maybe don't eat as much as I should, but that's also because I'm not hungry very often because I tend to eat high fiber foods. Point is, I just don't get it...Why do I ever so often get very dizzy, have vertigo when sitting and collapse as well? Even when I eat plentiful, it still happens, and it's been happening on and off since I was little. 

Does any of you have any ideas? Please explain and enlighten this human being, because I don't understand the cause of all that. Thank you! Oh, and if any of you has the same thing going on, please do share your experience and what the docs also said...

Thanks guys!

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  • so glad i found you Atlantis!  just in time..going thru very heavy soul retrieval, purification, and know that a few ‘trolling’ witches (not in this group)..have joined in covens to put a curse or dark spell on me & my sons.  would you please do some alchemic healing work for me..it’s pretty overpowering..esp. since i have no idea why

    this is being done..  looking forward to reading your blog.  and any discussions relevant to healing modalities..we all can share w/each other as well~  xo  xo  gracias~

  • it could be Meuniere’s syndrome..which affects the inner-ear (tiniest organ in body) & almost impossible to trace

    or detect.  I was diagnosed w/this over 40 yrs ago..it is aggravated by too much water in ear canal..& when

    entering inner-ear causes severe vertigo/dizzyness..extremely frightening..as then you are spinning out of control

    and cannot ‘ground’ yourself.  If this is your problem..eliminate salt as much as possible, since salt causes

    water retention.  also some form of anti-vert formula..even over-the-counter sea sickness remedies.  my dr.

    prescribes meclizine aka anti-vert..it is effective..has no side affects or interaction w/other medications..does

    cause drowsiness..don’t drive or operate heavy machinery after taking.  (perhaps a good ENT specialist can

    determine if this is cause)..hope this helps~  

    another cause of vertigo is the planetery shifting..and suddenly unstable earth moving under your feet.

    I’m going through both types now..coincidentally..so glad you asked~  from Joyana Suwati

  • Do I look like a drug addict to you?

  • You could have Meniere's syndrome in one or both ears, or it might be your vagus nerve, next to and interacting with your heart. In either case, not life threatening so long as you don't fall from a great height or onto a sharp object. Some medical experts claim that such patients are susceptible to dehydration, so drinks lots of water, especially until the symptoms subside.
  • i have extreme vertigo. i even had to get an emergency operation because for three days i was unable to even lift up my head and yes that meat for 3 days i was pooping and vomiting in my bed i had no way to walk to bathroom. until my mom finally came over and call ambulance. a week in the hospital and physical therapy to learn how to walk again. i still feel as if i walk like a toddler i have very bad balance. Soon after that episode which was 3 years ago - i on a daily basis felt like i was in a major eatrhquake..living in los angeles wasnt hard to beleive but no it was just me ..:). but having these symptoms led me on a quest that i feel my soul led me on cuz i ended up in places like this for my answers. Before all this i was deeply assleep and i feel it was the only way my highr self could get my attention to wake me up!

  • yeppa

  • Can you answer my message, though?

  • RWS_Tarot_00_Fool.jpgwmi110607l.jpg

    • Eddie dear, no mocking please. There is no need for it. :)

      • Yes teacher.......

        I'm sorry


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