Calling all Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals, Walk-Ins,
Braid-Ins, Star Wanderers, Wise Ones, Earth Angels and Shamans whose
Galactic Origins are from the following Space Quadrants:
Pleiades, Sirius A & B, Vega, Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus
Plus all Starseed Citizens of the Galactic Federation of Planets



If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about 'walking the talk' and working your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and mankind, and would like to participate in Project: Eagle Triad, please email janisel(at)


Your Mission Already Began! 
Join the Powers of  L.I.G.H.T today
to Ascend Earth (Shan) and Her Inhabitants right now.
Work for the  Light, to Climb to Higher Dimensions


Sananda's Eagles is looking for YOU to assist this planet and the Life Forms of this planet. The Church has many different areas in which you can assist. It does not matter to us if you call yourself a Lightworker, a Starseed, a Crystal Child, an Earth Angel, a Christian, an Atheist, an Eclectic, or if you just call yourself a human… we NEED you!




       ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   Project: Eagle Triad   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***  

(aka Trinity Grid Project aka Ashtars’ Trinity) - We were assigned this project in the year 2000. However, the Grids that we work with were placed during the summer of 1999. At that time we had no idea what these grids were or why we were told to place them. It began with the placement of a grid around our house here in Sedona. We were asked to place three crystals at five-foot intervals around the entire house. Then we were asked to bring the heart of the house grid into the center of the house (between the living room and the dining room areas). Three of us were asked to sit at the heart of the grid with a small crystal egg and meditate on the energies that would hold this grid. Then after this first grid was placed, we were then asked to place a grid in a 25-mile diameter around Sedona, which was also rooted by the first grid. Then we were asked to place a third grid around the entire planet and root it through the first two grids. Over the past ELEVEN years there have been a couple of times that we've been asked to expand one or more of these three original grids to 9 then 12, then more. We have hundreds of Trinities working on this project all over the globe! This project requires you to meditate (or focus) along with two other people in your Trinity for FIVE minutes THREE times a day (totaling 15-20 minutes) on specific grids and with specific energies. To learn more, please click on the link for The Trinity Project.

If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about 'walking the talk' and working your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and mankind, and would like to participate in Project: Eagle Triad, please email  janisel(at)


***   ***   ***   ***   Sananda Teaches Ascension  ***   ***   ***   ***  


This is a 48-lesson course brought through by Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ, Ascended)  and other Ascended Enlightened Masters. These lessons were originally being taught online through the use of one of our chat rooms. They were facilitated by our fellow Eagles who had gone through the lessons themselves. On June 11, 2003 Sananda requested that these lessons now be offered for an honor-basis donation on this website. Please click on the link for Sananda Teaches Ascension. Please read all of  the lessons so you can Ascend for yourself and for the planet. 




     ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   Project: Rainbow Cross   ***   ***   ***   ***  

For those of you that have a knowingness within you, to know that you are here for a greater cause, this MISSION is for you. Over the past ELEVEN years, we have been told through channelings, visions, prophecy, sacred texts, etc., that the future of this planet depends on nothing more than simple Unity. Project Rainbow Cross is a group effort of placing/sending charged crystals all over the globe, so that grids stay active and in place for the grid work we do: the crystals clean and stabilize air, water, mass, energy, and ethers, and help Lightworkers do their job. Although this is arduous work, we are bull-headed enough to keep trying, and we will continue this process until the Creator tells us it's time to quit and go Home! 

We are very open about ourselves to all…so read more about us here:

Here is some more educational information, including data about Walk-Ins, Contactees, and radical viewpoints about Abductees:

Do you need to know about your Origins and MISSION in a Command Reading… Or do you need to get rid of those pesky implants? Hurry, go here:


If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about 'walking the talk' and working your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and mankind, and would like to participate in Project: Eagle Triad, please email  janisel(at)

Gaze up to your Starseed families’
and Twin Flames’
Lightships, Spaceships and Merkaba Vehicles
…in the sky right now, today!
Look up! Ascend Upwards!

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  • Whats up with all these paid services being offered? Surely anyone from a higher source wouldn't need out pathetic non-existent (its really does not exists and is created out of nowhere... ESPECIALLY the dollar) Earth money.

    I understand the messages of good will and everything but it strikes me that a lot of these services are being offered to people who are pretty desperate to get things going and to help others/Earth. Perhaps even praying on the weak? Any higher source could manifest whatever they needed, they would have no need to get money to buy things and surely the satifaction of genuinely helping a being of Light would be enough for them, it would fill them with happiness and love, as they are telling us all the time. Anyone who is asking for your money cannot be here to help that much! I'm aware that money seems to be what makes the world go around. i read on this forum somewhere to stay patient, allevate YOURSELF and YOUR frequency YOURSELF. You do not need any of this stuff, you hold all the answers you seek. Also any true healer/channeler or whatever does it for free anyway, not once do they ask for money as they can feed off the light and satisfaction they get from helping others (luckily i know a few real ones and they back me up on this) What do you all think?

  • Very cool J'Tariah :)  Thanks for the information, the Zero Hour is upon us, I believe :)

    By the way, if that's your real picture, you have really cool eyes! :-D
  • It always begins with personal empowering....................... quote old saying must heal your self before you go on healing the village........."

  • Thank you for sharing
This reply was deleted.

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