Destructive Thoughts

Sometimes, I obsess about terrible things that could happen. As someone who knows about the Law of Attraction, obviously I would like to avoid this, because I know it is very possible the things I obsess about might one day come and bite me in the ass. However, sometimes I simply can't escape the fear, and the images won't go away. Sometimes, I'll find myself thinking through some horrible storyline and have to stop myself in the middle of it.

I've created some protective thought forms that will hopefully start to produce some results the more I use them. I've made them to transmute some of my more negative thoughts to positive ones, whether I am aware of it or not... if my ability is strong enough.

Mostly, though, I want to break the habit of having these thoughts in the first place. Bad things come and go, but life is right here in the moment. I wish to stop sabotaging my future with my sometimes dramatic imagination... 

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  • Ok, last but not least: other things that came into my mind to tell you about it:

    When you have negative thoughts, that is 'ok'. Try to distinguish what it is... My experience is that I personally have 3 different where I can devide them:

    a) negative thoughts because of my youth. Every one has that. It's the ego, or desire body, or sub-personality in you that starts to grumble when another person provokes certain youth feelings in you as a mirror. E.g.: Someone tells you something, and you are hurted. And you start to feel angry. That might be related to your youth when your parents told you something which gave you a bad feeling... (the inner child: angry or sad, or feeling not loved, and so on) The cure: FEEL IT in full consciousness. Don't talk to express it (because than the ego is winning), but stop your life for a moment, and feel it in your heart. Whatever the emotion is: anger, hurted, pain, .... And the step afterwards: activating your lightbody.
    You cannot change other people, you cannot help anyone. Others only change when they want to change on a soul level. No one can help you, you are the only one who can help yourself.

    b) mind control, as I explained in my previous reply. Songs that all of a sudden start to play on your Ipod, signs that you can see on your cornea,... If you have had that experience, know that there are souls that try to manipulate you to get you into fear or negativity.

    c) clearvoyance: clearvoyance actually goes back to 'receiving images in your mind about other people their feelings and thoughts'. I have struggled with it during my whole life. Only this year, someone told me that my images come from the people around me... I 'll explain certain recent situations:
    - I wanted to cross the street, and I received an image of the old woman beside me being hit by a car.
    I have to stop than, and place the image like a picture in front of my eyes and rip it apart. I have done that since my youth, because I found out as a child that my images mostly become reality.
    Seemly, the woman beside me felt afraid to cross the street, that a car would hit her. And it translates into my mind with an image. But, when people think about it, they contribute to it!
    - I was at a speech where the speecher was telling about 'Adam and Eva eating from the apple in the garden'... And I received an image of a dead body that was cut open, and where someone was rudly 'cracking' a rib out of the body.... So, than I know that someone in the public was directly thinking of 'the woman who is made out of the rib of the man', because it was in that person triggered by the Adam and Eve apple story...
    It took me years... Thinking I was the cause of those images... Although they just jumped into my mind, without me having those thoughts or feelings... And recenly, my teacher of the lightbody told me what actually was from me (thoughts or feelings) and what most probably comes from the collective feelings of others around me in certain situations.
    Next problem starts when you 'hear' people thinking in your mind. That is recently showing up with me... I was on a business meeting, and while talking to someone I wanted to do business with (the other person had left), I almost 'heared' him thinking in my mind: "Girl, you take it easy, he and I will have to dicuss it first".... Just like it was a thought showing up in my mind... Only, it didn't fit the picture... I would not think that... I would think: 'you and I will discuss it first'. Anyway, that is how I found out that my 2 planned partners were making deals on their own behind my back. Was the first time that it felt like thoughts of someone else came into my mind... Don't know whether it is related to the jump in consciousness... But, it wouldn't surprise me.
    So, it is definitely wise to try to figure out whether a negative thought is yours or not. And always ask if it isn't the ego that says 'no it's not mine', so that you don 't feel to the deeper feeling in your heart.
  • It's called Paranoia. I'm paranoid too, don't worry xD

    I've been practicing gray/shadow/nature magick for years now and my room is pretty much protected by at least three layers of spells. What you've got to remember is that the possibility of someone breaking into your room and trying to kill you is not very high. Think logically, or at least try to. Talk to your fear and reason with your fear. It will take some time, but if you're strong willed, it should work out in the end :)
  • While I understand why you're trying to avoid these negative thoughts, you've got to realize that these thoughts are just symptoms, and not the real problem. To truly and forever heal these thoughts, you have to explore WHY these thoughts are coming up in the first place. Then you'll know what to do. If it is anger, you need to ask "Why'm I angry at this person? How long has it been since this particular incidence happened, is what he did really worth my peace of mind being disturbed?" If it is jealousy, You've got to wonder "What has he got that I don't have? And what've I got that he doesn't have?" "What is the value of that object that he has but I don't?" "Do I really need it?" and so on and so forth.

    Being a spiritualist who's majoring in psychology, I'd say that these so called "negative" thoughts could act as stress relievers. I personally spend a lot of time imagining doing very disturbing things to people who did wrong to me, but only for a time. When you realize that your emotions are trying to take over you, you stop, because acting out of pure hatred and violence will take you unwittingly into the dark side so far so quickly that you won't even know that you lost yourself, and won't even believe that you lost yourself if someone told you. And it is very damaging. I've had personal experience of this in a past life where I could not control the darkness within me and went insane, and in this life, I've had a friend who told me about a similar thing that happened to one of his students.

    Learn to control your emotions - if you can, you'll be good and well on your way to achieve balance.
  • I gonne continue:

    When I started to volunteer with the Earth project, they also succeeded in crashing my computer.
    I have to agree: was on a perfect moment: finally, I had an excuses to be a bit more calm! But, the joke was financial not that lovely.
    Anyway, the phase after the fear, when the guru's and angels have helped you during the time it was/is essential to overcome your fear or chock of yourself, is to reverse what they send you.
    I tried that one also: like a mirror in my mind.
    Several attempts, but this one woks the best : sending them light! Picking up energy, and sending it back to them in the form of light.
    You feel negative thoughts? Choose not to accept them! But, energies are always neutral. There is nothing like positive or negative energy. When 2 people are fighting, and you are standing between them.... Try to close your eyes and ears... The only thing you feel, is energy! There is nothing such as 'negative' energy..... That is what your mind makes of it. Or, maybe you are a clearvoyant, and the angels send you pics in your mind about the event... but, actually, it is just all energy that is released. And with your lightbody, you pick up the energies around you, and transform them into high energies and send them out als light.
    You visualise yourself that your heart is sending the energy in the form of light....
    I cannot give you a 'short' online course about how to activate your light body. But, maybe you can follow a course in your neighbourhood from Orin-Daben ( Or, order the CD's to try it out at home! Although I advice you to follow the course in a group. Than the group energy lifts you up as a starter into higher energies.
    It are special techniques to activate certain muscles in your body and very easy to do... It works everywhere.... Even on a bus when people are in a horrible discussion, and you feel negative... Than you activate your lightbody, and it works! You step off the bus very clear in your mind and feeling happy. I don't know how to say it otherwise, but: the energies of others, can upload you to feel happy and to radiate it to others in higher light frequences! It is great! I guess it releases endorphines in your body or so.... You really can make yourself feel better, thanks to your lightbody activation. And than you do not attract negative feeling people that much. Alike attracts alike.... when you feel bad, or have bad thoughts, certain negative situations will also come on your path.... And your never can change others... Others only change if they want to change on a soul level.
    No one can help you neither. You, yourself, are the only one who can help you. And activating your lightbody, is better than any drug or medicine or therapy you can imagine... And it is a technique/learning you take into your whole life, not just for some weeks. An investment in yourself.... Believe me, the best one you can make!
  • However, sometimes I simply can't escape the fear, and the images won't go away." Amelia, while no one else has addressed this "can't", this word just jumped out at me. And, as long as you continue to think you can't, you're absolutely can't. Something I'm so thankful for is that whenever I am tempted to say "can't" I am reminded of what my first grade teacher said to her class over and over and over........"There is no such thing as can''s I won't." Fascinating to me that that little profundity has stayed with me throughout this Life experience.

    It's been my experience that there is nothing that raises one's vibration or positive NRG like the giving of thanks. And, if there is something one is wanting to manifest, an attitude that needs changing, the desire for better health, and on and using the Law of Attraction, one gives thanks for whatever it is they want to experience as if it is in existence here and now.....which it is, if only in thought form. It's the continuing of the thanksgiving that causes it to appear in one's experience.

    Also, in dealing with fear, if one knows what it is they are fearing, the best way to deal with that fear is to confront it. An example I'll share with you is an experience I had about 10 years ago. I had this terrible fear of being homeless, and don't ask me where it came from, because, I'd not been without a least in this incarnation. I actually created a scenario where I had to live from my car (so was not totally homeless) for about 3 months. You know what? I confronted a fear and, actually, it was one of the freest and most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. I had place to shower, I had a storage unit where I could change my clothes, and, of course, there's an abundance of places to eat, I spent a lot of time parked in front of a beautiful lake where I could do some people-watching, meditate, etc. During this time, I had absolutely no one to answer to. So, now I have no fear of being homeless. And, this is just one example.

    It will help you tremendously if you can accept the fact that fear is just a part of the illusion and created by the human mind/ego. It isn't's just a feeling. If you will watch yourself carefully, I think you will see this and be free of it.

  • I haven 't watched TV in 10 years.... Seemly, they also send this kind of symbols via TV. A friend of me works at a TV station in my country, and confirmed it.... That they have to add or mix certain images very frequently to the TV-images. And when you watch TV, the images pass your eyes so fast, that you don't see the images with the symbols.
    In the beginning of this year, I had during hours a sort of fluorescing splitting line in my cornea... On the line were :
    - pyramids with an eye in it
    - all sorts of other geometric figures
    It stayed in my view (where ever I was looking) during hours when I was smoking my cigarette in the garden.... Felt like it was an image on the cornea of my eyes... I went inside the house, and drawed it down. Several weeks later, I found the website, and there I saw rather primitive similar looking symbols... And than I started to understand.
    Mind control. And it is so subtile.... if I did not had drawed it down directly, I would have forgotten it. I had put it with pen on a paper, very fast,and stored the paper in my 'collection map'. And really, when I found out about the website angels-light, I had to dig deep to find back my drawings of symbols that had appeared on my cornea... It is send to us so subtile that you wouldn't notice it!

    During those time, (I mostly smoke a cigarette in the evening, leave my dog in the garden meanwhile, and listen to my Ipod) also my Ipod started to play very destructive music without my putting it on. I even cannot remember that I had ever putted that kind of destructive music on my Ipod.... Seemly, it was right before one of the 'jumps in consciousness'... They tried to 'pull me back to fear and destruction', before the big jump in March 2010.
    To be honest, I had the same feeling when I started to listen to stuff of David Icke on the internet... He always focuses on reptilians, and they came into my life in the astral very fast during that time.... I stopped listening to his speeches.
    When you become afraid, they seem to have a gate to enter your mind in full consciousness.... I have walked here around, during a full week, calling guru's their names aloud every time I felt them... It helped. They always shone on me light. Like I was standing in the middle of light.... And I also hung in my house all pics of angels of the website
    After +/- a week, the reptilians did not try to enter my mind or heart anymore...

    When you feel fear or negative thoughts, call (aloud or not) to every spiritual teacher you can imagine (Mohammed, Sananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Saint Germain, ...) and focus on them. It is a choice! Know that you are under mind-control. And they can reach you via all kinds of media... They even succeed very subtile to send me symbols on my cornea.
    Your choice not to live in fear, to refuse fear and to focus on good stuff or the bad.
    Best advice, when you think something bad, be conscious of it, and focus for help from spiritual teachers. Calling their name for help and thinking of them, is enough to contact them. They will not leave you alone!
    And when you feel that someone is putting a knife in your hands, or something like that in your mind, imagine you have no hand but sort of very soft tentacles that are very vurnarable and cannot hold a knife. Focus on the opposite of what they send you in your mind! I also destroy negative thoughts with fire... I place it visual on a picture and imagine myself a fire under it that burns it... You can also write down your negative thoughts on a paper, and burn them in a real fire, and saying: "I stop it here, I choose for love & light!" . Every time again as long as it is necessary. And be very awake of your feelings and thoughts!
    That is the only advice I can give you...
    See related links to what you are looking for.
  • I imagine negative thoughts as thoughts and set myself as the observer of them, not being them. They are less real then. Then I ask why are they there? What is behind them? Then I view through the illusion and it doesn't affect me because I know what needs healing.
  • HI,

    Maybe you have a bit of ocd? I know, I've battled for years with negativity and self sabotage but have tried to retrain my mind to let go of fear and anxiety which is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder ( I hate labels) but then I read books on it and it helped me to get at the core of those thought and compulsions. I think the trick is to just force yourself to look at the thoughts, and you don't have to do it by yourself. Ask the Holy spirit to look at them with you, and then you will realize that they are not something to be afraid of anymore. You're already doing great and are aware of the negative thought forms when many aren't. Much love and peace to you!! ;-)
    • I also use the famous...Is this going to kill you right now frase....are you going to drop dead right now because of this? No.... so where is the problem then...? Usualy helps to stop the repeat thinking in negative terms.
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