DEPOPULATION being accelerated to ‘catch up’ with rapid AI advancements that will replace humans
12/05/2023 // Mike Adams // 1.4K Views

DEPOPULATION being accelerated to 'catch up' with rapid AI advancements that will replace humans


Auto-generated summary and highlights



    • AI-powered humanoid robots replacing human jobs.


    • China will roll out humanoid robot factories in 2025, with AI brains enabling intelligent simulation of cognition.


    • Humanoid robots will replace most physical jobs, including driving, surgery, and fast food.


AI replacing jobs and depopulation.



    • AI will replace human workers in various industries, including banking, insurance, and journalism.


    • Globalists aim to eliminate "useless eaters" through AI advancements, accelerating depopulation to 2030.


Depopulation agendas and AI takeover.



    • Globalists plan to exterminate 4 billion people to solve debt and unemployment problems.


    • Globalists aim to kill off billions through war, famine, or economic collapse to make way for robot takeover.


AI and automation transforming society.



    • Speaker predicts a future with fewer people and more robots, citing AI-powered drones and Terminator warriors.


    • Speaker predicts widespread AI adoption, job displacement, and societal change.


    • Speaker warns of rapid technological advancements and their potential to make many people obsolete.







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  • Well friend, I recognise that this mania for EVs is total baloney, based upon the false notion that we must rid the "climate" of all tried and tested energy supplies....
    Of course, the highly toxic lithium batteries have to be charged, which takes far too long and also remembering that this cannot be achieved using wind power and solar, alone....They still need power stations, based upon coal, or nuclear, or gas and oil...

    EVs are a hazzard and far too heavy, so that is why we are seeing potholes everywhere we drive, these days.....EVs ignite and the fire takes hours to put out, unleashing poisonous and deadly gases, such as cobalt, which can kill anyone nearby, down wind....A car park, such as multi-story, is especially vulnerable to such fires...Cobalt gas kills.....even a few breaths of it...

    If they used aetheric energy for cars, based upon Tesla tech, using an antenna, that would be OK, BUT, they don't want that, as it's free energy...

    Also, the mining of lithium is amoral, and especially in the Congo, where miners die within tunnels, often...Many child labourers....Something the insane, lefty, virtue posers, often overlook, when they drive EVs....

    Moreover, EVs are overpriced and unaffordable for most westerners...In China they are cheap, but very, very unsafe...

    Basically, the whole drive (excuse pun) to net zero, is based on fake science....Climate change is natural and man makes little impact upon it...
    And especially irksome to see the odious Chinese building coal fire plants, with little rebuke from western elites....Also I wonder if these idiots plan to ban volcanic activities, while they're banning gas stoves and oil rigs....?? Also, plants die without carbon...Carbon is as natural as can be.

    The COP28 was another example of elite vanity, as they drive SUVs and fly private jets, with inpunity, while lecturing the rest of us, as to how we should be limited, to "save the planet." All B/S and fake....

    Funnily, EVs may seem noble to the net zero religionists, but a certain measure as to their veracity, is the insurance industry....Such insurance costs keep rising, as proofs continue to paint the liability for EV drivers.
    Many people are regretting that they ever purchased an EV.....They cannot sell them on, as the market is not there....
    When the battery dies, the whole car dies.....And battery disposal is a tricky business...Highly toxic and hazzardous....

    Frankly, I view EVs as simply another con job, like the covid mRNA vaccine....Or vaccine passport, etc...Take at your peril......Never trust a top-down led project, with globalists running it...It's not capitalism, which is customer led, and market driven, but rather corporatism, with the socialist state assuming that it knows best, which invariably, it does not...
  • drexk -what are your thoughts on the mania behind making ev's? Fuel cells work and there's no need to overload power grids and electricity production is mostly made with fossil fuels.
    The answer to my own q-all the industries involved in making an ev and powering them creates 100,000s of jobs and adds to gdp and tax revenue-
    -a single electric car battery weighing 1,000 pounds requires extracting and processing some 500,000 pounds of materials. Averaged over a battery's life, each mile of driving an electric car “consumes” five pounds of earth.
    On par for this world I guess
  • Jobs like these are susceptible; AI will replace human workers in various industries, including banking, insurance, and journalism, clerical., etc.
    Believe it or not one of the robotic comlanies has made a robot that can hang sheet rock and nail it
    they were teaching it to make cuts around window and door frames
  • China will not be rolling out anything of the sort, as the world economy is on a knife edge, effected the supply chain....Just look at the Chinese EV market and the great numbers of failed exports, leaving many of their EV cars rotting and unwanted....As for "killer robots," forget that pipe dream, also...Without humans, robots cannot function...
    From what is happening in western nations, currently, rather than using robots to fill job vacancies, the cabal are importing millions of 3rd world migrants, both illegally and legally....Mainly to fill jobs such as pizza deliveries, etc....LOL That and terrorists/drug dealing.....
    Moreover, you will find that the various miltaries and intelligence services have formed a global alliance, or Earth Alliance and the cabal have been trapped within a very elaborate plan.....A plan which is awakening billions of people, around the world...

    One thing you can rely on the Chinese to offer, are poor quality products, such as exploding EVs, that nobody wants, especially in western countries....If China were to export their other technologies, such as AI/robotics, in great numbers, expect similarly low standards...Hardly in keeping with the mad pipedreams of Klaus Schwabb, et al....LOL

    Expect Chinese failures to conquer the world...A paper dragon that scares some, but makes those in the know, laugh....;-)
This reply was deleted.

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