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Dealing with the dissapointment of the 21st of December 2012.

By now there will be alot of people here on Ashtar command and throughout the spiritual community who will be feeling a great sense of dissapointment, even anger at the "non" event of today. Many including mylself had been led to beleive there would be a mass upliftment to a brighter, lighter dimension where no evil or stuggle can ever exist... a veritable paraside where we would never have to suffer again...  passing our every day doing whatever our heart desired. Now that the day has passed with not even the slightest inkling of change, one has to ask the obvious questions of when, if ever we shall reach this heavenly place? Perhaps more significantly... when are we going to see meaningful change?

Despite any claims to the contrary, the illuminati are still firmly entrenched in power; probably in whales of laughter this very moment at how stupid and gullible we were for beleiving we would be whisked away to a better place by this even of galactic proportions. My question remains as it always has... what is going to be that one thing that enacts some kind of meaningful change? That finally removes the dark ones from their throwns and return freedom to the people of this planet? Will it be first contact, whenever that arrives... or will it collapse from within? They still own and control all the major banks, corporations, media outlets and therefor governments... in other words total control of the planet. The most disturbing thing of all is that people in the so-called "Industrailised west" are actually stupid enough to beleive we are living in a free and democratic world. This is what makes change so difficult... for the easiest way to enslave a man is to make him beleive he is free... in this case it seems... and chillingly so... the illuminati succeeded.

What further confuses me is the fact there were no aliens to come through any channelers to tell us that nothing was going to happen on the 21st of December and that it was all a big hoax... why were we not warned of this by any benevolent beings? And moving forward, who can we now trust? Looking forward, it is hard to know who or what is to be trusted... and what we can do to make a change. We must continue to send positive thoughts to our benevolent ET friends  and invite them to force the issue of first contact a little bit more. We need to continue to spread the word about the lie that our governments live, and the reality of who runs the world and why... and we need to stop serving the matrix on an individual level... Ie... stop reading any and all illuminati news media, including newspapers, magazines and books... stop indulging in the dark illuminati "entertainment" industry, such as violent games and movies, as well as negetive soul-destroying music such as hip hop and heavy metal. It is of the upmost importance also that we stop eating all animal flesh and spend as much time in nature as is possible


There are alot of things that are out of our direct control, but with a little bit of positive indiviual action, perhaps it could be the catalyst  for great change.




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Devi, I think you refer to the average human being, most of whom upon hearing about our interest in spiritual things will instantly try and ridicule us as weirdos or encourage us to abandom our spiritual paths. This will included many of your family and friends.

Selamat balik dratzo..!

Many potential ascendees will not be able to achieve a natural ascension, before the planet ascends......They did not naturally ascend at galactic alignment, maximum potency, 21st Dec 2012 and will definitely require technological aid from the GFL.....

Thus we offer, under the Law of Divine Grace, an opportunity to ascend, following First Contact...The LIGHT CHAMBERS.....which are designed offworld and onworld in a joint Agarthan/Sirian initiative...a pooling of wisdoms and resources, in aid of the human limited consciousness condition...which we hope to rectify, when Heaven permits us....

Blessing to all dear ones of Earth...


Selamat kasijaram zau.....!

I Am Jschwjsch Vashtar

Cmdr, 1st S&E Fleet, GFL, Earth Contact Mission Director


*******via Drekx Omega*******

Read more:

Drekx Omega, you're just making fun of us right?


Thanks for the offer Drex....but i will decide if this light chamber process ressonates with me, if or when it happens. For now i am feeling like each individual should be responsible for their spiritual development or ascension without any intervention from others needed, we are all developing at a rate that is specific to the individuals experience and journey or our mission in many cases, time will tell if this lightchamber process is legit or necessary i guess...seems like another distraction from taking personal action to me, but i could be wrong of course lol

Humanity have already spent 500 thousand years trying to repair the damage we got to our DNA the last time aliens descended on earth offering to evolve us thru technology.

Are we really stupid enough to allow another 500 thousand years of this crap? ;)

Learn a lesson from the disappointment. One has to help himself / herself. God also helps those who help themselves.

i despised..why???? who have i hurt..only myself..was i a fool to think i gave to give simple, love..wanted so much to be loved..accepted..what was i so misled..misunderstood..abandoned..when sacrificed to save dying sons… feel like a fool..tricked by lower forces..sorry..i just didn’t know what more to do to please..serve.. there is no point to go on.. how can anyone who does not..,walk in my shoes understand that it is beyond sorrow to be crucified..alone.. and yes i am trying to love’s hard..impossible..I HAD NO IDEA..THOUGHT THAT I AM A MONSTER..and yes feel nothing can save me..spent xmas all alone..son isolated too sick, in PAIN.. to eat the food i cooked all day long to show how much i cared..have alienated everyone..why..who have i hurt..wished only for love..companionship.. When those children were slaughtered..still just babies emerging from cocoons..that is when this world did as prophesied end for me.. I DON’T WANT PITY..nor wallow in suffering..i was just frightened..more try to explain..worse it has become. maybe you can pray..something.. believe..please trust..anyone???who showed you cared..i know could do now at darkest time..doomed by failure…not understanding how i did wrong.. cannot go is expected of me to responsible..what can i do if still despised by those i wanted only friendship…support by compassion.. darkness has robbed me of my soul..spirit..eve..ghost of no more xmas..passed~

The event was at subtle level, energy wise, not physical. That was one huge wave of energy, but the Shift is still happening and will take years. You need to work your way to that 5D level, not wait for it to happen for you, because it will never happen on its own. Like on Earth, even in the spiritual realms, if you want a positive change, then this means hard work, just not the way we do it on Earth, but spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

All I gotta say, buddy, is: I've seen your posts for a few years now; like when you were worried you wouldn't ascend. Back then, I just felt empathetic for you, but now I realize what was eating you, and that is your faith in yourself. You embraced a sort of belief structure where you could calculate your future on a calendar, and the doctrines of other minds which is understandable when life is unstable . . . but you gotta realize that YOU are the master of YOUR Universe, and YOU are the Leviathan that drifted amongst other conscious entities . . . YOU came from your OWN place, and YOU make YOUR OWN rules. I'll take this moment to ask forgiveness for my drunken arrogance, aaaaaaaaaand--OK, if your entire Universe can only be understood by you with your mind, then that means it's YOUR Universe (albeit, the Universe is unimaginably bigger than you, but that's just to give you wiggle room) so YOU can decide what days are important, and what patterns of science or geometry or spirituality govern YOUR existence . . . and if They don't like it, you can always forgive them when They nail you to a cross because they think differently from you, and thinking differently from others can be a good thing!

I love you bro! I know we don't talk much, but I've been rootin for you this whole time!

Disappointment is the outcome of an expectation. Depending on the degree of expectation is depending on the degree of
I'd yr gonna die, yr gonna die, if not then, work it, stop thinking n start


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