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Dealing with the dissapointment of the 21st of December 2012.

By now there will be alot of people here on Ashtar command and throughout the spiritual community who will be feeling a great sense of dissapointment, even anger at the "non" event of today. Many including mylself had been led to beleive there would be a mass upliftment to a brighter, lighter dimension where no evil or stuggle can ever exist... a veritable paraside where we would never have to suffer again...  passing our every day doing whatever our heart desired. Now that the day has passed with not even the slightest inkling of change, one has to ask the obvious questions of when, if ever we shall reach this heavenly place? Perhaps more significantly... when are we going to see meaningful change?

Despite any claims to the contrary, the illuminati are still firmly entrenched in power; probably in whales of laughter this very moment at how stupid and gullible we were for beleiving we would be whisked away to a better place by this even of galactic proportions. My question remains as it always has... what is going to be that one thing that enacts some kind of meaningful change? That finally removes the dark ones from their throwns and return freedom to the people of this planet? Will it be first contact, whenever that arrives... or will it collapse from within? They still own and control all the major banks, corporations, media outlets and therefor governments... in other words total control of the planet. The most disturbing thing of all is that people in the so-called "Industrailised west" are actually stupid enough to beleive we are living in a free and democratic world. This is what makes change so difficult... for the easiest way to enslave a man is to make him beleive he is free... in this case it seems... and chillingly so... the illuminati succeeded.

What further confuses me is the fact there were no aliens to come through any channelers to tell us that nothing was going to happen on the 21st of December and that it was all a big hoax... why were we not warned of this by any benevolent beings? And moving forward, who can we now trust? Looking forward, it is hard to know who or what is to be trusted... and what we can do to make a change. We must continue to send positive thoughts to our benevolent ET friends  and invite them to force the issue of first contact a little bit more. We need to continue to spread the word about the lie that our governments live, and the reality of who runs the world and why... and we need to stop serving the matrix on an individual level... Ie... stop reading any and all illuminati news media, including newspapers, magazines and books... stop indulging in the dark illuminati "entertainment" industry, such as violent games and movies, as well as negetive soul-destroying music such as hip hop and heavy metal. It is of the upmost importance also that we stop eating all animal flesh and spend as much time in nature as is possible


There are alot of things that are out of our direct control, but with a little bit of positive indiviual action, perhaps it could be the catalyst  for great change.




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Draco - Yes, it was so, so disappointing but we have to keep having a positive outlook and not give in. We are told that Love is the key and so - let's keep giving it a go. Keep thinking peace.Happy New Year tocome. Una

I think this is a great opportunity to face Life and Yourself --

Do the internal work needed to transform your life, and make it something amazing.  We to some degree, create our reality, and only through owning our decisions will we be empowered to become the amazing beings we are destined to become!!

Every lesson in life affords the ability to grow and learn, those things must be our goal to become the galactic society that we are becoming!


The other thing that hasn't been considered yet is the fact that we are dealing with a quantum energy.

In a 3d state, we have neither the eyes, or equipment to view such energy.

unless anyone has developed the ability to see gravity. Or love.

And that energy that Galactic centre has been pumping out is most definitely quantum.

Fortunately the human bodies magnetic field allows us to communicate with  this energy in the same way that the Van Allen belt surrounding the Earth communicate with CME emissions from the Sun.

I'm not disappointed.  To be honest, i thought tons of people would die, and all the refined spirit energy with no vessels to hold them would roam rampant, and anyone still alive would be able to tap into the excess spirit energy and do some crazy fist of the north start/goku stuff.  Anyways, I am glad nothing bad happened, in a way my prayers were answered.  I hope we can all find a way to move forward and contribute to make the world a better place.

I share your disappointment Draco but with NO signs whatsoever of the endless changes predicted in months and years leading up to this epic date there was just a jaded acceptance on my part that this would be another date that passed with no changes.

The thing we should really address is why - WHY we allow ourselves to be duped continually by so called benevolent ETS, Masters and Angelic beings that continually raise our hopes for a better world that never manifests. if you had an employer that kept promising you the best holiday imaginable 'soon' and never delivered on that but was always saying it had to be put back a few weeks would you put up with it or would you stick two fingers up and quit.

These channelers and the entities they allegedly channel have been given too much power - it is time to call them on their total failure to deliver on any promises made and take our power back. The world we live in NOW is what we have to deal with ourselves; we clearly are not gonna get any help or salvation from angels, ETs or ascended beings, or galactic alignment / energies of light beaming down to magically transform the nasty world we live in. It's a big reality check and frankly it stinks that we have been mis led and frankly lied too for many years.

Ishvar, I'm not sure that it's benevolent ETs who have made us promises.  I think it is wishful thinking on behalf of the FALSE channellers. 


As I look back, I do see with clarity now, that the channellers have given people bs and false hopes. 


However, I do believe in the rapture/evacuation (as it is biblical) and have had a personal dream supporting this theory.  I think people on a spiritual journey, still have time to reach out to Jesus in their prayers and ask to be shown more about the rapture. 


But you are right - hoping for things to happen because we were told a date - is giving our power away. 


I myself feel in a state now, of ACCEPTANCE.  I accept I'm still here in this world and must make the most to create my own beautiful reality.  Hence a holiday next month, where I can swim, soak in the sun, eat yummy organic food etc.

Good to hear you are in acceptance, Butterfly. Nothing is more powerful than that. Have  great holiday!

So sorry to hear that you didn't notice the "slightest inkling of a change".  I for one saw an enormous change.  I guess the "change" is a personal thing that one experiences according to where they are personally, emotionally and spiritually.  Of course that would be too subtle for a lot of people to notice.  I noticed the change starting last night around 11:00PM, mostly in the attitudes in the people around me.  I had a wonderful first day of the new age, and the sky was magnificent!.  :) 

That's heartening to hear Ann.

Yes I do think we have come a long way.  I do feel the changes on the inside now.  I'm still coming to the point of just accepting things the way they are.  I also do not give my energies to the negativities around me however, I feel empathy and pain because of the pain in the world.  i do wish it was pain-free and for the animals suffering too. 

"My question remains as it always has... what is going to be that one thing that enacts some kind of meaningful change? That finally removes the dark ones from their throwns and return freedom to the people of this planet?"

A better question is; When are you going to stop waiting on someone else to do it for you?

I feel with your confusion and pain and I would wish that it will get healed, and that people get to know the truth about things. And realise that channelers that do not come within the light of One Holy God/Creator/God Source/Aton of Light, is FALSE. They have to identify themselves, and if they cannot do that and or keep tarrying, they are false. They will try to get around it, dont let them. Its universal law.  So, all those channelers and entities that predicted false, if only once, are not from God Source! Not from the LIGHT! Where are they now, huh? they run. Proof enough.

Also, one very important point, is that Sananda said that nobody know the time and hour. Only the Father. And that there would be many false prophets. 

That puts 2012 and any future date out of question.

And at last, this earth have gone through upheaval many times and had to start forth again. Its happened over 100 times and each time from a very primitive way,maybe not the stone age, but very simple. It will happen again, ultimately, when it is time. Remember, nobody know the time. And you do not have to know the time. Look at the signs. Its all around. Its better be prepared, and relax from there.  What you could do, is to build a shelter of some kind and stock up some things to live on.  But the most important thing is to stop the evil illuminati, NWO,before its too late. Now NOT with forceful means. No, the masses are many. Get the masses. It is the only chance there is. For every step you take, the universal brethren will take with you. But they cannot interfere with what we on earth chooses to do, unless its a real danger situation fx inihilation of a planet etc. There are strict rules for that. The law of non interference. Any beings of LIGHT follow that. The only thing it can be speak of is evacuation. relocation and or a waiting time. Until the new earth.

Until then we are on our own to do what we choose to stop this madness we see. If we dont we will be judged heavily,by ourselves, in our own souls, when we did had a chance to stop the madness. And we would had to do the whole show over again.  The tv signals, the beams, the mind control through tv, through massmedia, through x box and what do we have and news and magazines are much. Yes you can escape much with high frequencies,but its really not enough to keep the inner purity. And whats most important, to have a clear mind, and clean it out, to not allow any evil or negative ego thoughts in. Everyone have to do their work. But also when they so choose since nobody can force anybody to do anything. But this planet wont be better unless we DO something.  you have NO excuse. you sit here and talk. you talk about all good things you want to happen. Then why dont YOU become the change? why are you not doing something to put the evil out of order? what is your excuse? WITHOUT ACTION WERE LOST. you are so many in here. Dont you realize what change you could create? take back the constitution! there are peaceful means to do that. yes they have weapons and armies. but you are MANY. Dont underestimate that. UNITE. thats your only real chance. If not, this planet will be turned into a very dark place. with evacuation for FEW under the LAWS of GOD CREATOR. 

I speak the truth. its time people unite. there doesnt have to be any NWO, any illuminati or elsewhere. they are few. we are many. come on! 

read about how to take back the constitution at    (use the searchbox)

This is not just opinions. Its the truth from Creator Source. I am deadly serious. you gotta act, before its too late.

Thanks for your replies everyone!



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