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In a recent interview with Project Camelot, noted whistle-blower Dr. Bill Deagle talked about an intriguing incident with a scientist with regards to the swine flu vaccinations.A couple of weeks ago apparently, a bio-scientist by the name of Joseph Moshe made a call to a radio show hosted by Dr. True Ott and claimed that the flu vaccines which are going to be given this fall are actually biological weapons aimed at causing sickness and death, and that he had evidence to support this.The next day, as he was on his way to a consulate, he was ambushed by L.A. police, S.W.A.T teams, and Secret Service and was told to get out of his car on reports that he allegedly had plans to blow up the White House. He resisted for a number of hours but eventually got apprehended.The mainstream media reports it as a scientist-turned-madman with threats to bomb the White House. But this after Moshe claiming a flu vaccine death plan and accompanying evidence to support this? This incident is just a bit too suspicious. Was Moshe attempting to blow the whistle on the flu vaccinations?Deagle also talked about the bigger picture regarding the swine flu. Population reduction has always been a plan of the powers-that-be with the aims of total world control. But the powers-that-be, illuminati, globalists or whatever you want to call them are only the minions of a bigger influence that is not necessarily human. Deagle mentions that these illuminati worship their ‘reptilian gods’ and are following a plan or a ‘ritual’ to get rid of a big part of the population that will be a sort of ‘sacrifice’. Then these powers-that-be will rise out of the chaos and enforce their control to create their ‘new world order’.At first glance, it just sounds insane and impossible, but couldn’t it? Engineer and whistle-blower Phil Schneider who worked on the secret underground bases claimed that he had an encounter with 2 hostile non-human entities which one of them injured Schneider’s hand. This incident was called the Dulce Wars. This claim may be too much for some but Schneider also made other claims and predictions in 1996 like man-made earthquakes and detention camps which can be verified today with the HAARP weather-technology and FEMA camps that are sprouting across the U.S!Schneider unfortunately died under mysterious circumstances. Was he ‘silenced’ for making claims against the establishment? Whatever the case may be, his death only further underlines the things he had claimed so could the Dulce Wars non-human encounter be one of them?There are other-worldly or inter-dimensional forces that are at play at this time. Could one just say that the globalists solely want to rid the population to control the planet or is there another exterior influence that’s trying to dictate the game? The WHO is currently hyping up the fall swine flu outbreak and say that at least 2 billion will get infected but there are doctors and scientists that say that the vaccines are more deadly than the swine flu itself! If Moshe is right, the vaccinations will see to it to the extermination of a good part of the population! This agenda is so dark and so absent of humanity that it could only have come from a non-human or other-dimensional origin.Today it’s great to know that more people are becoming aware and opposing the fatal flu vaccines. But this is not only about life and death and the fight to survive. There is also a battle going on between forces of light and dark for the souls of humanity. These are inter-dimensional forces of good and evil.So aside from being informed and actively informing others of the flu dangers, it’s also always good to know the bigger picture as to why things may be happening on a dimensional level. Will we be able to make it through the transition despite the tyrannical onslaught on humanity? If we support the forces of light and be our own powerful light as God/source intended us to be, then I don’t see why not.Project Camelot: Bill and Kerry With Dr. Bill Deagle (Interview) police standoff suspect accused of bomb threat (Joseph Moshe) STRANGE CASE OF JOSEPH MOSHE Schneider: An online memorial for a murdered patriot predicts 'explosion' of swine flu cases vaccines are far more deadly than the swine flu

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  • Hi Mischa, Schneider actually died of a supposed 'stroke' and controversy still surround his death. I think it's William Cooper you're referring to who's another fearless whistleblower on the establishment but sadly died in a standoff which I think was a set-up. Prior to his death, he felt that he and his family were being threatened so he sent his family out of the U.S. to keep them safe.
    • Yes Schneider got hit in the body i heard and there was resulting assocaited radiatio sickness. You can google him and find him talking about this first hand and i have the DVD.
      Bill Cooper was shot by govt agents posing as hoonish young rebels tearing up the front oh his yard being hooligans in a pick up truck or similar and when they wouldn't bugger off, he cae back outside with a gun to kinda scare them off but clearly this was what they were looking for, an oportunity to shoot and kill him so they did.

      Loved his book Behold a Pale Horse!!
  • Phil Schneider is one of my own personal heroes......but I'll never understand why he actually drew his weapon and fired on them in the first place. That actually started the whole thing and got alot of people killed.
  • Great post and I so believe every word said.
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