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    Norway Looks to Strip 1,600 Migrants of Refugee Status, Send Them Back to Somalia
    Norway Looks to Strip 1,600 Migrants of Refugee Status, Send Them Back to Somalia
    The Norwegian government has come under fire from pro-migrant groups after announcing it would be removing refugee status from some 1,600 Somalians a…
    • One other thing, I almost forgot. It is really good that you brought Norway here. It is a perfect example. Now Google search 'Lake Turkana Fisheries Development Project', so you may know what kinda pple Norwichs are!! Are they not now insinuating that they have no help for pple leaving in semi-arid areas except to send them back to desert? Look at how they change gears when they want to siphon money off such poor areas. They present themselves as the solutions to problems in Semi Arid areas.

      How thet fucked things up in Turkana and walked away with tones of money off poor pple with nothing to show for the white elephants they concocted!! Yet they were saying 'they want to help pple of Turkana move away from nomadic lifestyle and go to modern farming'. If they were sincere, and the wellfare of pple in semi-arid areas were in their hearts, they would be welcoming such pple to Norway, especially after experiencing just how difficult it is to fix the problems in those areas after their projects terribly failed!! How ironical can it be for them to be the first to chase pple to semi-arid areas??
    • Another thing worth noting is that Mo Farah is a Somali, and Britons, of course proudly cheers him like any other Britons! When he takes gold medals to Britain, they don't say 'this is a Somali'. Same thing applies to Zidane Baloteli etc. But now think this way: is this the right thing to do? Should we accept Somalis etc as 'one of us' only when they bring something good to us and reject them as 'just others' when they need our help??

      Same can be said also about slave trade. If they once threw gates open when they needed free labor, is it too much to do that when it benefits the immigrant?? Are such behaviours what we should be championing in a 'spiritual site' or are these parts of the things that are wrong with our world??
    • Furthermore, this is not a way foward in the sense that Somalia and many of these MENA regions are dry areas where pple have to fight for few resources, e.g. oasis etc. Immigration off warring zones is only natural. If the world is to help stop wars in such countries as Yemen we must cooperate in ensuring that these regions are not overpopulated. So sending pple from Norway, a country that can handle much larger population to barren places like Somalia is not a very wise thing to do, if creating peace in the world is what you have in mind. Sharing and cooperation is an absolute prerequisite for peace, and the whole world must cooperate in stopping wars in regions vulnerable to wars.

      Same thing was done by Europeans to create the never-ending mess in Palestine: send the so called 'Jews' from fertile regions in Europe into narrow strips of land surrounded by hostile desert, yet there was enough land in Europe!!! Was this a wise thing to do? Take back Jews to 'their own land' because 'Europe belongs to Europeans?'. Who said such? Why did Europeans migrate to America and Australia? The world belong to everyone. Everywhere belongs to everyone who can get there! It is not written in the European soil or rocks that 'Europe belong to such and such pple'. Europeans did not create Europe, and Europe will remain long after human extinct! So no, Europe does not belong to Europeans, it belongs to someone else, and if Dalai lama is yet to learn this, I suggest he must reincarnate back to earth as a tortoise!😆
    • No! That is not how to do it!! Norway is a NATO member, and like I said, if NATO members refused to cooperate in handling refugee problem, i.e. in taking responsibilities for the wars around MENA, this, amongst other factors, will eventually break NATO itself. It costs more for the more southern Europe countries, e.g. Italy to block immigrants from crisscrossing Europe, yet these countries contributed more to the NATO during say Libyan war! Don't you see this is unfair, for the more northern, Europe countries to refuse to cooperate when it comes to handling refugees but expect the southern countries to cooperate with them when it comes to concocting wars in MENA??
  • One other thing that shows that it is the 'big countries' that still have the steepest learning curve when it comes to 'how to leave in peace' is the fact that Japan is becoming more and more militaristic and aggressive!!! Why?? Naively, we thought that, and we were thus taught in schools that Japan forever denounced military because it surffered alot during ww3. But when we close exermine, we realize that this was not the reason!! In other words it is never the case that 'Japan learnt that war is bad from ww2', rather, it found a so called 'ally' that can do the war on its behalf: the U.S.!! It doesn't mean anything to say: 'our military nolonger go to war but a foreign army, which now protects us and our interests, is an hyper-aggressive military'. Peharps you can fool some pple this way for some times, but not all the pple all the time!!

    So obviously, as U.S. decline, Japan will become more and more militaristic and aggressive, since after all, it was U.S. that was getting aggressive on its behalf! So it needed aggresiveness all along! Its only that someone was doing aggressiveness on its behalf!! Once the master-aggresor is nolonger capable of doing its job, Japan resumes its pre-ww2 aggressive behaviour!!

    Japan obviously was close examining U.S.'s activities in middle east and then woke up from the slumberand!! It is being fooled in two serious ways: 1.)US is indomitable and therefore you can't beat it even in your own country, so no need to form army to chase them cause they will beat you, anyway.
    2. )Us is indomitable and therefore it can always protect you from enemies, so no need to form an army. Ergo, Japan has almost zero need for an army!!

    But of course this is a whooper! U.S. will not beat a mere 'Taliban -like' insurgency, if they develop in the vicinity if Japan!! Ergo Japan begun to create an aggresive military!

    Furthermore, from what U.S. did to Kurds etc, it was clear to U.S.'s so called allies that U.S. primarily persues its own interests and not those of its allies! It is using them as mere pawns it its quest to subdue the world. So they are watching this one very well! U.S., for instance, has no concern with Europe's interests in Eurasia, as shown in JKPOA deal. Similar thing is learnt by Japan in TPP deal. Furthermore, we see that 'subordination to U.S.', as done by Europe and Japan is something solely imposed by US, and doesn't stem from having common interests. This 'marriage' is doomed to end!

    Meanwhile, middle east shows that Europe and Japan neaded never to surrender to U.S. after ww2, to the extent of not chasing them back to their corner at the other side of the globe! It was a surver 'self underestimation' in the fase of a nuclear power!! Middle east have written a book on precisely how to beat superpowers!!
  • They must rebuild their own countries and learn to live in peace
    • Another that you, and many pple get it wrong is 'Europe has learned to leave in peace'. This is very wrong!! There is something you are yet to understand about Europe, and I will explain it to you.

      Begine by first noting that hardly 80 years have gone since Europe unleashed the lattest terror, the worst war in human history!! 80 years is not yet enough time to bet that a region have 'completely learnt to leave in peace'. In comparison, Persian Empire leaved in Europe-like 'peace' for 1000 years!

      After the second world war, Europe did not learn to leave in peace. Rather, it exhausted its ability to fight, leaving only U.S. and Soviet Union as the only countries capable of wars! Fearing Soviets, Europe was forced to seek protection from U.S. and so created the infamous NATO. As you will see, it is such bodies as NATO, UN, EU etc that forces Europe to remain CALM, without being actually PEACEFUL!!

      Ask the question, what will it happen if Germany exists NATO the same way Britain exited EU? Like Britain seeking to be economically independent from EU, which becomes its competitor, of course Germany will now seek military independence from NATO, and NATO will now becomes its competitor! This will trigger an arms race between NATO and Germany!

      Furthermore, hidden and improperly resolved issues similar to the ones we are now seeing in Northern Ireland will begine to resurface! The fact that Britain sought to blur borders of Ireland, often a major cause of wars, shows that Britain is yet to learn 'how to leave in peace'. Be sure to understand that it is such bodies as NATO that deter wars in Europe, and prevents issues like those of Ireland from spiraling into full-blown wars. It is not that 'Europe has learnt to leave in peace'. It has never! Europe is one of the most irresponsible regions in the world!
      • I can also summarize it this way: Brexit brought about the issue of 'identify of pple in Nothern Iraland' ECONOMICALLY SPEAKING, ie whether they belong to EU trade block or UK one. A similar UK exit from NATO would now move farther into the issue of the identity of pple in Northern Ireland, but now MILITARY SPEAKING! In other words, do pple in Northern Ireland now belong to NATO or not! So what is ECONOMIC CONFLICT in the case of Brexit, would be a MILITARY CONFLICT in the case of 'NATO exit'!!

        So you note that it is the presence of such bodies in Europe that serves only to keep improperly resolved issues from comming to surface.

        Unfortunately, though, NATO, like EU is fragile! It depends desperately from the presence of a 'foreign enemy'! So ironically, it is these 'foreign wars' fermented by NATO that brings illusions of peace and unity in Europe!! NATO is fragile because U.S. formes almost the entire army in it! So U.S. is literally the 'policeman of Europe' that prevents it from imploding. But we see that U.S. is declining and begining to see Europe as 'the enemy', alongside 'globalists', that preys on America! So peace in Europe is nothing but a time bomb!

        There the 'conservatives' goes! They are in tendency to renounc trade blocks and globalisation as 'globalists ideas' and opts to 'protectionisms' and nationalisms.They also nolonger trust such bodies as UN, WTO, WHO etc. In other words, they want a world that looks exactly like the one before first and second world war, and expect different results, other than a third world war!!!

        Now it should be obvious that a bitterness that necessary must come about due to a breakage of EU will automatically lead to a breakage of NATO! Without an ECONOMIC COOPERATION, there can never be a MILITARY COOPERATION! Military consumes a huge amount of country's expenditure. Therefore if countries are into the 'you are taking advantage on us and therefore we will withdraw from the group,' nothing can stop NATO disintegration as obviously 'countries takes advantages of each other'. Turkey can say to UK, ok, you don't want me to take advantage of you by assisting me to house refugees from Syria? Then what do I have in common with you? Why should you keep taking advantage of my military in obtaining the strategic Eurasian region??
    • No, you don't understand the situation!!! Tunisians successfully toppled their wicked government without causing any war. However, when Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis etc tried to do the same to their leaders, these countries were thrown into violence. Why? The answer is that only in Tunisia didn't foreigners interfere with their affairs. It is never the pple of that country that exasperates wars when mere riotings happen. It is pple from other countries that does, and Europe is often complacent. Therefore other countries, and especially Europe, fully deserves to handle the menace of refugees!

      Take Saudi and other US allies off Yemen, and Yemenis could have, like Tunisians more or less peacefully handled their regime changes. But these countries, lead by U.S. fears whate leader will come out from Yemen, eg whether they will serve their interests. So once Yemenis installed the leader they wanted, they begun to bomb them! They also feard that a similar thing would happen in Saudi, and other gulf states, removing the tyrants there that serve U.S. interests, e.g. the petro-dollar. Seeing that dollar is in danger from the citizens in MENA region, U.S. and its allies intervened. But this only helped to throw the region into intractable violence and created the refugee menace.

      NATO was warned not to intervene in Libya because such would exasperate the conflicts and thus lead to uncontrolable influx of refugees to Europe. But they ignored it!

      Europe should take the responsibility of their own actions, and are certainly the ones to learn more important lessons!!!
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