Can A Crystal Clean and Energize A Bottle Of Water?

Yes I believe so, because crystals are like "containers" of higher   8110144882?profile=original
dimensional frequencies and Healing which is easily transmitted through water. What a wonderful gift to give your body.
Pure "Sun- Energy-Crystal-Water

So I thought, why not put a Beautiful crystal in my bottle of water. It is just pure intuitive knowledge that im sharing here. It feels so right. The Sun is like a Giant LOVING heart that beams unconditional love to everyone on this planet. It has a lot of unknown powers.

I think this has alot of benefits, because the crystal will actually re-program and clean the water structure. When you drink the water it will effect your Cells in a "positive" way. (rejuvenating) 

I see the "crystal" as an advanced energy battery that can
charge and energize your body through water. The Sun+crystal+water is a synchronized partnership.

1. Buy a (mountain) crystal and let it rest in the sun for a few hours. I believe its good to put your suncrystalwater.jpg?width=216crystal in the sun because its a direct contact with higher dimensional energies. The Crystal will also keep this information as on a "digital harddrive".

Send your love and heart energy into the Stone and program it to clean and "energize your water". This is to put an intent into the stone, much like a "data program" which will activate the "energies".

Put it in a Glass bottle of your choice, maybe with a symbol, ive choosed to have a "Sri Yantra" on my bottle.

Enjoy the Water.



PS! Read more tips from members in the discussion below .

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  • Hello Ben-Arion


    I really enjoyed your discussion about crystals and their powers. The first thing I ever do when I get a new crystal is to clear all the other people's energy from it. I believe that crystals only open their true selves to those with whom they are living. Sun is a good way to do this as is moonlight. And a bath in pure salt water (it comes from mother Gaia) can help too. Then I cup it in my hands and exchange energy with it.


    As you so rightly say, crystals can be used for all sorts of purposes...for instance, I have a piece of Amethyst that I use for healing. It is really good for easing aches and pains including headaches. Also for relieving tension.


    I reckon it would be a really good idea if all the crew had at least one piece of healing crystal (just as a start). I also find that when I walk into a crystal shop, a lot of the time one (or more) crystals will "talk" to me......."take me home" take me home."     Love, Light, Peace.............Jon (Nahwinga)

  • agree with Singh!..Plastic bottle in the sun give not optimal water.. Plastic is toksic..

    Anyway ; i believe there are many ways to Rome.. I put 6 glass of water in the window frame, agains North..So water can rest (after a turbulent way to the spring), and having a nice time between crystals, till next day.. Before drinking it i thanks the water.. The prosess reprogramming water, and take out chlorine,.. HOLY WATER !! 

  • Good thinking... but i hope you are using a GLASS BOTTLE instead of plastic bottle. I have been experimenting for a few day by washing a few crystals and putting them in a Glass Jar Bottle and then adding mineral water and putting by the window at night so it gets some moonlight and using the water the next day for tea, gogi berry soup and miso soup which i drink daily ...and topping up the glass jar bottle for the next day every night. At night it i gets Moonlight and at day it gets Sunlight if the sun is out.

    It is important to use a GLASS BOTTLE.


  •  Ben-Aron, You are right,crystals can energize water and my research suggests sunlight facilitate the interface between your spiriutal mind dinamics and the crystal matrix with your intent.Some research has been completed on the effects of the wrtten word on the vibration of water.I would suggest that you use LOVE.Another aspect would be to clean your crystal first before you place it in water;you don't want to transfer noxious vibrations to the water.You can soak your crystal in salt water over night or do as I due,clean the crystal with specific color frequency.I would also put the crystalized water in the sunlight for 2 days.Don/Aerial
  • as long as you weird cats are not putting the water bottles in sunlight where the plastic melts and turns into estrogen in your bodies .

    stick to water you find from a fresh source , take a trip and find a well that flows out water or a water spot where it comes up naturally, no need to start a new religion over it , stick to common sense basics :)

    ya ya love love love blah blah blahh...
  • Do any of you have experiences with 'talking crystals' when it's exposed to water and light?
    • See my reply on page three. lots of experience!


      • Thank you.


  • I'm so glad you posted this... thank you Ben. I have experimented with quartz crystals, water and the sun also and experienced many very positive results. But I used them a little differently... If you put your crystal in the water AS it is in the sun and leave it there for a period of time, it seems to have much more powerful effects. I would suggest only glass bottles for this and clear ones let in the most sunlight.

    After doing more research I found that computer scientist Marcel Vogel and inventor Patrick Flanagen had also done extensive studies with quartz crystals and water, with findings such as when crystals are left in water for a period of time they:

    **boost the electrical conductivity of the water
    **decrease the surface tension of the water
    **increase the alkalinity levels of the water

    All of these results allow for the human body to operate much more smoothly, just looking at it from a scientific standpoint. I wouldn't be surprised if this helped the body eliminate or alleviate many forms of disease, in fact I'm sure of this myself.

    The first gulp of sun-charged "crystal water" I ever tried as an experiment one day instantly made my body feel better... as I was having a bought of severe nausea with my whole body feeling extremely lousy. Immediately after tasting this one gulp my body was completely back to normal. I then began drinking this sun-charged crystal water daily with many other benefits to follow.

    I would suggest using as clear a crystal as you you can find, as I think some of the benefits come from the fact that when a clear quartz crystal is put perpendicular to the sun, in direct sunlight, it will project the full spectrum of colors out two different faces of the crystal... thereby charging the water, if in water, with the full spectrum of light waves. This is just one of the many things which happen when utilizing the amazing properties of these quartz crystals.

    All the Best...
  • Very interesting!  And thanks.  I've been thinking a lot about crystals myself lately, though haven't tried anything really.  Now I'm inclined to play a bit. Thanks again.


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