Can A Crystal Clean and Energize A Bottle Of Water?

Yes I believe so, because crystals are like "containers" of higher   8110144882?profile=original
dimensional frequencies and Healing which is easily transmitted through water. What a wonderful gift to give your body.
Pure "Sun- Energy-Crystal-Water

So I thought, why not put a Beautiful crystal in my bottle of water. It is just pure intuitive knowledge that im sharing here. It feels so right. The Sun is like a Giant LOVING heart that beams unconditional love to everyone on this planet. It has a lot of unknown powers.

I think this has alot of benefits, because the crystal will actually re-program and clean the water structure. When you drink the water it will effect your Cells in a "positive" way. (rejuvenating) 

I see the "crystal" as an advanced energy battery that can
charge and energize your body through water. The Sun+crystal+water is a synchronized partnership.

1. Buy a (mountain) crystal and let it rest in the sun for a few hours. I believe its good to put your suncrystalwater.jpg?width=216crystal in the sun because its a direct contact with higher dimensional energies. The Crystal will also keep this information as on a "digital harddrive".

Send your love and heart energy into the Stone and program it to clean and "energize your water". This is to put an intent into the stone, much like a "data program" which will activate the "energies".

Put it in a Glass bottle of your choice, maybe with a symbol, ive choosed to have a "Sri Yantra" on my bottle.

Enjoy the Water.



PS! Read more tips from members in the discussion below .

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  • ...Yea....Ive Done This....Mostly With Clear + Rose Quartz.....+Yea Shawnzie.....Some Crystals Are Not Suitable For This....Good Way To Charge Crystals Too.....Sunlight + Moonlight......:).....<3.......

  • Thank you Feather Winger that's exactly the site I meant to have the url for.  And because our physical bodies are 70 to 80 percent water that's exactly what happens to our bodies when people make other people believe bad things about us and they think those bad thoughts and it hurts people.  One of the reasons we age on this planet. Oh for a world where everyone blessed everyone else with love and light, what a world we could have if we all worked together to think loving thoughts of everyone and no one said or did nothing bad about anyone to make people think bad thoughts of them it would be Heaven on Earth. Rosey

  • Forgot the website url with pictures of water!  

    1. Observe the crystal of frozen water after showing
      letters to water
    2. Showing pictures to water
    3. Playing music to water
    4. Praying to water

    Well, guess I'm not thinking I'll have to go find it again.  It's Dr. Emoto's work on water, a lot of sites about it and he has pictures of the frozen water crystals when they do certain things with it.  My Gramma taught us to rub our hands together briskly then hold them over a glass of liquid before we drink it and say the St. Germain prayer over water, Don't know if I remember how she taught us but doesn't matter just bless the water and it changes the wter crystals, been proven by picture of Dr. Emoto.  I'll try to bless water it's the way I do it and it changes it.

    "I bless this drink to cleanse, heal and restore the cells of my body to their inate perfect in Christ's name amen."  Any good words are a blessing, bad words are curses even we don't realize it.

  • Ben, this probably has been mentioned but this website should have pictures of water in experiments of love, hate, etc. that changes the structure of the water crystals.  Since our bodies are over 70 percent water it shows what others think of us can do to our atomic structure.

    My Grandmother taught us to bless water before drinking and send it love and not to drink if possible or eat if we're upset.  She makes sun tea, putting herb tea bags in jar and leaving in the sun to make tea rather than heating the water.  I've never seen her put a crystal in the water though she has quite a collection, I'll tell her about that, thank you.  Also, she's had crystal salt from a mountain IU think where Tibet is, and one leaves  a large crystal in glass of water and takes spoon ful a day and it's been said to help in healing the body.  

    As a kid I thought easier to heat water for tea :-) But I've learned my Gramma pretty smart lady about a lot of things.  

    Thank you for this, I will sure tell her bet she will do it, too.


  • Might I also add Ive heard some crystals are toxic so be weary of those, be careful do research on them before ingesting.

  • Thank you Ben!  That is useful to know. 



  • I've been doing this for a few years already, too, and tried to get my friends to do the same... in vain
  • I think this is an awesome idea, so much so that I purchased some mountain crystals because I felt that inspired :)
  • Another relevant fact about how to get great benefit from water.  You can actually attune yourself to reiki energy using water that has the symbols on the glass.  Water absorbs vibrations very well as was demonstrated by the work of Dr. Emoto.
  • This is very good advice.  I recently purchased some shungite, which is supposed to be a sort of miracle crystal/  It is black and looks like coal.  It cleans water and makes it biologically active...It energizes the water.


    Also I have a shungite pyramid next to my computer  to absorb EMF from computer.

    I also energize water by placing my scalar pendant next to it for a few minutes.  You can test the before and after with your pendulum.

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