Crying and it's relation to emotions.

Hey! I had this idea of crying starting to create questions in my head a while ago and what "purpose" crying has? What does crying symbolize?

You don't need to do alot of research to understand that crying is somehow connected to strong emotions. Though crying is often seen as being done while feeling sad emotions, it also occurs while feeling equally strong emotions of happiness  (understandable while those joyful tears are more rare than the sad-related crying in todays society)

So basically I want to know what you know about crying and it's connection to spirituality :). Does it have to do anything with the body needing to release energy in any way? I believe many things like this (body functions) are somehow deeply connected spiritually and serves a purpose that aren't so obvious at first glance.


Lately since I started to wake up I found myself crying more in a year than I had done over the years of becoming a teenager (predominantly out of joy and happiness, I haven't been deeply sad and hence crying since my guine-pig passed away over 3 years ago or my grandma passed away 2 years ago). I started to think that this might have a connection that you are becoming more sensitive and have much easier to let go of that "stone-face" that is holding back your tears and your eyes dry. So I figured this must have something to do with releasing, letting out, cleansing in any sort of way?

Today I'm a very sensitive person and I get tears in my eyes very easily from feeling emotions (they don't need to be super-strong). I get tears in my eyes from holding my cousins baby in my arms, seeing a photo of my now gone granpa smiling and holding me when I am 1 years old, watching cute animals, watching a happy or sad moment in a movie - and the list goes on :).

Does this have to do with the feminime side integrating more and more which I have seen people stating lately is happening? Does this represent the feminime energies in any way being more sensitive to emotions and therefore leading more easily to tears? I'm trying to see past that males are more masculine and females are more feminime in nature, is this also true? As a guy I would say that I feel more connected to feminime energies than masculine - not in that misinterpreted way that I would wear female clothes , like some people tend to think about feminime energies when you mention them. When I express myself freely being myself without any limitations of what others would think of me, it's clear that people around me associate that behaviour by labelling that as "gay" behaviour. It's so sad to see what the mental programming done by media and movies triggers and learning people to judge, without actually have this original thought themselves.

I will cut this topic off here before I stray apart too much from the meant topic of tears and emotions :) I think this could become wonderful discussion and I hope getting many answers to my questions and to see how much you know about this topic yourselves. I haven't seen this subject being taken up so much in reagards to spirituality.

"It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow"

Love you all <3


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  • "Ok.....pull it back a bit I.M.   Ogdoo asked the question because he wasn't sure about it...."

    Ahh, I never got that part. I just read like the 200 first letters of his post and immediately felt I had to reply. :)
    But I KNOW Ogdoo on the other hand, and who he is in his soul so .. I simply replied there. There are a lot of unspoken sub-sentences in my message there, that can only be understood by someone who also knows me (which Ogdoo definitely does). :)

    "didn't know for sure how he felt about it.....sharing experiences is useful...."

    Sharing experiences and crying have no logical connection to me. Those are two completely different practices.

    "especially useful to  people who don't swallow everything they hear.....people who know how to bounce information off their personal shit detector....."

    That also have no bearing to me whatsoever on what crying is good for. I just present the basic extract of what I've pulled form the experience as such, and present the useful info of it all that I know other people can use.
    If I were to include all the data about HOW I came to those conclusions, my post would have been a "wall-of-text" and I happen to know from experience, that people NEVER read such walls.
    I kid you not. During my 22 years in the debates, I've never met anyone who can assimilate a "wall-of-text" no matter HOW well written it may be. So, I've simply stopped creating them (even tho I have backups of them all since I can easily use them to publish a whole book, which I might have to do since I'm depersate for money atm and I KNOW many many people would buy it)

    "Caring about what people you admire not the same as being insecure...."

    Ah, I think we've found my general flaw there. I've never admired anyone.
    People have however, admired me and still do. To keep the ego balanced and keeping oneself straight mentally and not allowing to ego to take precedence, is a full time job under those circumstances. :)

    So, I simply don't have any experience of how it is to admire someone.
    (except perhaps Jesus, but I know him as the astral regular Joe he is, and not as the Savior most humans seem to think of him to be. I still admire him tho since he's so f'ing good at keeping his integrity even tho there are multiple temptations for him to let that integrity go.. And yet he doesn't. Now THAT's admirable because you have no idea of what pain he goes thru to keep that integrity. He has to say no to the most immense pleasures just to have to confide with the pain that comes with those choices because of the polarity of the currently ruling patriarky). It's not easy to say no to relief.

  • Crying is to me, like a preassure valve.

    It's much like jacking off, but far more lasting and also far more effective than jacking off since that particular thing has to be done once a day, while crying severely only has to be done about twice per year to keep a balanced mind (for me). :)

  • Hi Lori ..

    well I wrote the line .. when we cry, then we should get right into it and release it rather than suppress our emotions . .. notice I used the word should ..but I have no desire to have power over anybody .. perhaps another word to replace the word should instead may be could . we could to get right into it .. 

    I think you can use the word should in terms of gentle, non judgmental encouragement .. which is the exact opposite of wanting power over others... an example could be when you are speaking with someone who is unsure which route to take in their life, and you could say  .. if you ask my opinion, I think you should follow your heart instead of  following the crowd, but its up to you !

    anyway .. I guess we don't have to over analyze .. they're just words.

    • Hey Luke :) I don't think she was referring to your line in her reply. I think she quoted my line "There are so many norms today about how women and men SHOULD live"

      Shows the importance of quoting the one you are answering to sometimes when there are more than one people in the reply tab ;).

      • oh its all good brother .. I know Lori and shes cool.. so no worries .. but you are right about quoting whoever we are replying to, sometimes misunderstandings arise in threads .. 

        its all good.


  • That was a beatiful saying. I completely agree with that! :) Crying seems to be really hard for some people and it is a very powerful thing to do.

  • Thank you Feather :) this is starting to make a whole lot of sense and I understand I wasn't too far out asking these questions. It's so nice to have other peoples knowledge about something you wonder about :)

  • I'm wary of people who don't have emotions...emotions means you have a heart....simple as that.

    We cry for alot of reasons, we cry when we're in pain, we cry when we're sad, we cry when we're inspired...we cry when we feel love, or compassion..or gratefulness.. or when we feel guilt or remorse....there's alot of reasons. And for the most part, it's a release of some sort.

    I'm not much of a crier, never was really. I don't cry when people die...I don't cry when I'm in pain, physical or spiritual pain...I don't cry when I'm sad or lonely...I'm just too tough for that, really. It's not that I don't feel emotions, I'm actually pretty emotional....I am a cancer after all, the most emotional sign...but I keep it on a leash, it doesn't overwhelm me. I have cried from inspiration, or love, or compassion...but I'm usually the cool, calm and collected type...most of the time lol

    I think the last time I cried, was when...I cheated on my girlfriend...and she found out and she was so hurt...and I felt horrible about it, so I cried. I really didn't mean to hurt her...and I didn't want to lose her for my it was a mix of love, remorse, sadness and guilt...but eh, sometimes that's how it goes lol

    • Hey John :) I know what you mean. I used to be like that almost having hard crying and I remember someone in my family asking me when my grandpa died when I was young "aren't you sad?" beacuse I didn't cry, I couldn't for some reason. It was not because I wanted to show I was tough and holding it back, it just didn't overwhelm me as you said!

      But as for later I've beginning to notice how easy it is to get tears in my eyes, not flooding tears from sad emotions, rather from being happy and blissful, thinking about good memories etc. this never happened before my spiritual awakening, so I do believe it has a connection. I have gotten many different and good replys so far :)

      Thanks for sharing brother!

      • Sure Ogdoo....thanks ;)

This reply was deleted.

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