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cross or not cross? another lie, as always ....

  .dear friends ...... the usual lies there yet today ... April 24, 2014, nothing changes, same politicians, same religion, same banks, same wars, the same hunger, the same misery .......................... the only thing that never changes .... just lies ................ cpmplimenti the liars: WELL DONE!

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A cross in the sky is not a magic wand that change things overnight.

No messages prommised that so youre the one that is wrong.

Compear to a few year ago a lot of people are waking up and now it is the time for mass awaking.

When you can not see that try open youre eyes!

The Ouroboros is all you ever need. Killing the serpent is all you ever do.

will the people wake up every day ... and after .....??? we will 'always always always ... humans do NOT need to wake up "BUT" ... the end of the wars, the end of hunger, the end of the diseases, the end of politics ignorant, the end of poverty, the end of dying of thirst and starvation, the end selfishness, the end of the manipulations occult, just enough is enough! another that crosses on crosses,

Winger  ...

but "INTERNAL" and nothing, nothing, nothing = e 'the same thing ... = nothing

the real change that counts is within..............cross or not grand cardinal cross

nside you there's nothing! WAKE please ...

thats a "self low esteem" approach" , Jose....................


hello, the question of feeling "INSIDE" and 'a miserable lie ....
serves to divert human thought -
And 'loss of reality'!
With the wealth "INTERIOR" I do not pay gas bills, electricity, clothes, food, taxes .... think about it .....
then if you choose to live in dreams and dreams can do it BUT if you decide
to live "MATERIALLY" the inner dreams vanish and you remain in
hand the bill to be paid with dollars .............
inside you 'where are the dollars???
let's be realistic .... NOT dreaming you eat ....

ciao   e  grazie

so true my brother  so true.

this is the one aspect of the church and state con tactic.

we must suffer now earn our candy in a life credit of sorts while alive so that we will live in heaven just like the elite live now on earth.

we the slaves only collect the joy after we die from earth, then judged , then we get the candy.



For me the needed change must come fast also.

In two weeks i got 2 times arrested by police.

To try scavencing old iron to get some little money to live.

It is a strugle to live this way but when i think others are al ready glad to have clean drinking water then i have the wil and power to go on.

Try to live in the moment and dont worry about future.

After bad times good wil come and with the help of humans and ET's we wil make a nice planet wit out strugle!

That's a great Ouroboros animation, Hellen.....Think I'll copy paste it onto my ACC page...  ;-)

Thanx, Drekx

thanks for sharing Jose.

yes b.s. does get thick like with a tu*t all surgar coated and sold to us as a great joy, we want the candy but the turt always comes out, even if we all are good boys and girls behaving seated with our mouth SHUT.

for centuries this has control the human race, this waiting for the candy while we must keep our mouths shut.

CHURCH AND STATE IS A BIG CONTROL SYSTEM and brainwashing, hate, racisms to keep the kingdoms intacted has worked, so there is french, englilsh, spanish, dutch, etc. etc. as we all sit with our mouths shut, and eyes half open as we are told what to believe or be whiped, beated and killed for the sake of religion of that kingdom.

all of us are human, not the property of a king and state that use us as a weapons or labor slave to keep the kings of every country intact.

i could on for awhile, but this hurts to write about.

WE ARE NOT ALONE ANYMORE.    TOO MANY FACTS, PICTURES, ETC. FOR IT TO BE B.S. the kings would like mankind to believe that the earth is the only life source and is flat, and we do not fly only birds do, and the kings ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL SAVE us, OR KILL us THE PEOPLE, SO WE SHOULD all SIT DOWN LIKE GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS AND KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT, OR THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THE MORAL PICKS UP; TO THE EITES LIKING. I mention this concept for i feel it is strongly related to the release of many things being hoarted by the elite.

ONE QUESTION TO PONDER: WHAT IS E.S.P., IN THE PAST anyone who shown their e.s.p. was called a witch or a warlock and were hunted down as the troublemakers and the evil ones the kings said were the problems, and not the kings.

our d.n.a. codes are connecting us to see the world for what it is, like it or not. also the skills of e.s.p. or the timid soft voice that visits us is a gem. i am not talking about brain disease, another MODERN SLANDER USED to anybody who shows their e.s.p. connections to creation we all have, and then be put in for waterboarding, electric shock treatments on us because THE ELITE SAY THAT WE ARE THE CRAZY ONES, NOT THE SOULESS ELITE WHO REFUSED TO LISTEN TO THEIR SOULS.

AND YES THE POPE STATED THAT IF WE WERE VISITED BY E.T., THEY TOO ARE GOD'S CHILDREN. WELL  the new revelations of Mrs. Karen Hudes talking about the elongated human skull humans are here and have been hiding within the walls of the vatican for many many many time periods. coincedence that the pope should memtion this now, after the fact of Mrs. Karen Hudes told the world about this fact, when talking about the privately owned bank called the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK for every word of their tiltle is  a lie.

the timing of the moves our e.t. families are going to make, is something i cannot answer, but i will say t.s.h.t.f. soon enought.

blessing to all of us for we are all one



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