• thankyou sooo much for posting this.. i didnt see it last time
  • i always call down ufo's and i always show anyone and everybody who wants to see it but it takes a sincere asking to prime directive the godverse creator and then ask the et's to allow thier ships to be seen, i always call the christed beings or higher.
    • Fabulous, Jason! I know we can do this for ourselves but wasn't aware we could do it for others. In my experience whenever we hear, read, see, or feel something is possible to even one of our star family, it removes the last barriers our ego's have put in place to prevent this from becoming real to us and we can sail forth into great new vistas and possibilities outside the 3D matrix that entrapped us for so long and be done with these limitations that bind and enslave us.

      Thanks for sharing! May the future hold instantaneous flight, No space craft necessary, time travel, and Merkabas' all around ; ) We do love our beloved protectors in the sky ~ such as Ashtar Command ~ wherever they may be. xoxox

  • Greetings: I was hoping this was a new update on the Disclosure Project. Yesterday, NASA made an announcement through Astronomy biologists regarding molecules necessary for life and that they had discovered a new truth in Mono Lake, California that changed everything in the universe because it disproves previous theories and enlarges the vista on what elements are required for other lifeforms. It may not appear as much but it is revolutionary and massive in scope. Yet, I was hoping for more there, too, that the people might understand more clearly ; )

    We, who are live in the light, have just witnessed a tiny spark of LOVELIGHT penetrating through a door that has been firmly locked for thousands of years and shut down tight. We know that even when it doesn't seem that full disclosure is upon us, this is just an illusion like the 3D world and experience itself. Now that we have this glimmer of love in a pinhole of light transmitted, the door to our future is easily opened and all secrets will be revealed in no time at all. The truths we have known all along ~ which can be seen microscopically in a single cell can transition this spark of light right through that pinhole and into full disclosure. No barriers remain against all truth being manifested except in our own minds. So, we shall run henceforth on our Heartlights and let our mind follow.

    Rest and refresh yourselves, beloveds, for a moment in the knowing ~ and be assured that this door is fully open NOW. Actually the powers that be ~ just haven't noticed yet. Prepare to celebrate and let the reunions come forth! Glad tidings, indeed! Namaste! xoxox
  • At 50:22 in this video I saw one like this on 28th November near Belfast N Ireland as I walked home at night along the beach path, thought it was some sort of shooting star low in heavens. Never seen anything like it before.
  • What a brave man !
    I hardly wait for the future to come :D
    Thank you Ben!
  • I quote: "Do not be deceived again!" That doesnt just concern what hes talking about here. "cough" GFL "cough"
  • This is perfect for right now! Thanks for sharing again, Ben.
    Peace is our divine birthright,
  • peccato non è sottotitolato.....
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