Hello .. I am in seeking of anyone's opinion that they may have on this matter. To be clear, I have my own ideas of why this is happening, but am wanting to put it out there, to see what other's ideas are regarding this, and how they correlate with my own :)

On a DAILY basis, countless times throughout the day, I see tiny flashes of colors, I could call them "orbs" .. they are very small, but bright and vivid enough to always catch my attention for the couple seconds they flash at me. The ones I see are usually either very whitish, silvery, green, purpley, orangey, yellowish, and different shades of blue. There are times when I'll see black ones and they tend to always be bigger sized than the regular small ones I see, and the black ones I do not see on a daily basis, those are rare and only once in a while. The ones I have been seeing a LOT lately are bright blue ones, almost like an irredescent blue like the color of clear ocean water blue. Purplish tones and bluish tones are the ones that I see the most of, but do have times when I see the other colors.

They are very tiny, like pen tip tiny,  but are SO vividly bright when they catch my attention. They follow me, no matter where I go if they want to appear to me they do, and It never fails that I see them. They have no routine or schedule for appearing to me, just appear whenever they appear, but it is several times every single day, I have been noticing this on a daily basis really prevalently for over 6 months now.

Am open to anyone who has their own opinion/idea of what they are, what they represent, and most importantly WHY do I see these on a daily basis. 

Please no rude or negative comments, speak your truth, but keep it kind.

Thank You!!

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  • I see these orbs of light every day as well, and even more often in my meditations or before sleeping/in astral body.

    I believe they are my ET guides, fragments of conscious energy. I believe the energy which surrounds me in my meditations and occasionally throughout the day is the Arcturian energy. As we get further into our ascension and spiritual journey, we will see these beings in our dream state and occasionally they will appear as a very powerful, shining orb of multidimensional colours. The multi dimensional beings usually do not appear in a third dimensional state. very rarely will they do so, as they find Earths vibratory level harsh.


  • These could be Orbs, which are beings of light. They are sending you love :)

    The thing that is happening with me is I hear a constant higher frequency noise....that tells me that I am surrounded by, and existing in, the higher dimensional frequencies which are surrounding and grounding into our earth at this time :)

    much love and light,


  • Yes that's my thoughts. I am learning to differentiate them quite well nowadays. Love investigating this kind of stuff. It actually started with 'dust' on my sunglasses a couple of months ago :D

    I love to feel how I am growing because of this mixture of feelings and things to see and hear (also get loads of beeps, buzzes and internal sounds nowadays). When you really pay attention to your own mind it's such an amazing tool. I am doing anything possible to figure this stuff out, and not because I want to ascend or something like that, I just like it! I love it! I am having soooo much fun with it.

    Love Jenn

  • Thank you! I am a very happy person. Always follow my own path like a child who's learning for the first time. No reason not to be happy. Here to enjoy the ride :D

    Love Jenn

  • Oooh and also (I get very excited now lol) you can also communicate with these energies. It might take some time to get what I mean, I have not totally figured it out myself. But I can change them and communicate with them when I'm meditating now.

    Also it started only in the sky, and now they are everywhere whenever I want to. The walls in your house are made of energy, you will also be able to see this. When people speak it comes out of their mouths. It comes out of everyones body. Bodies are made from it. Everything changes once you accept that it is all possible. Just study them and you can do this everywhere. Because it is everywhere.

    Love Jenn

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvO03aYL0gY

      Please take the time to watch this.

      Everything you just said, this elder mayan spoke about!!!!

      I completely understand what is happening now!

      Sincerely thank you to all whom have shared.


      • Thank you for sharing this with us!

        Love Jenn

  • Couldn't they be all kinds of different energies. There are soooo many varieties once you let go and once you tell yourself everything is possible things will just add up and for me it went from just a single little orb, to many, to multicolor, to flashes, to black spots, to stripes, to large spots... etcetera etcetera!

  • I am cheering at this post! I have been seeing these orbs for about two months now (or longer, time is soooo vague lately). Also loads of flashes coming towards me when I'm relaxed. They are getting more intense as I focus on them.

    And then lately (may be for a month now) I can see my third eye reflection (don't know how to describe it) in front of me when I focus/relax/meditate. And I have been seeing a large green blurish spot in the sky whenever I travel. I have researched this and have come to know that this is the spirit of Raphael. This also makes sense to me now, because ever since I was little up to now, I have always had fantasies with the names Micheal and Raphael (or just a little adapted to Ravi and Mika for instance) in it. Just never had any clue that these were archangels lol.

    I am finding out more and more about this. I think it is a sign of ascension. I have recently met two other people who are seeing it. And have to say... The people that I know to see it are mostly (not perse entirely) free of fear, anger, ego, hatred and the like. They are ready. Like I am :D

    Love Jenn

  • well i see things too and you shared with me so i will share with you...i do not see these everyday or every week for that matter...balls of fast moving color...they bring peace, joy and compassion...all brilliant in the color and fast moving gem stones...too beautiful to describe...they make sure your faith in Divine is strong...at least that's what i think...much joy and love to you

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