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Confusion and feeling like you are straddling/existing in two different Dimensions

I have had some very strange occurences over the last couple of days. Headaches, Chest Pains, Confusion and even a slight fever. Normally I would think these were symptoms of a stroke or heart attack. The other day I turned down a street I know well and suddenly felt confused as to where I was and yesterday I went through the drive thru at McDonalds and paid and left without my food! Normally I would think I was just getting Alzheimers of something or having a health concern with the symptoms I am having but think it is definitely something multi dimensional going on instead. Anyone else experiencing these things? I had to leave work yesterday and stayed home again today. Am still feeling the chest pains today but no more confusion, headache or fever. I know these can all be ascension symptoms so am wondering if anyone else it noticing an increase in them over the last couple of days?

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Feel stuck within 2 dimensions too!
I know that is a bad place but it was close to my work and I had to pick up something quick :) I try not to eat there very often!

I wake up throughout the night a lot too and have been getting by on about 4 hours of sleep a night lately as well.

One night I woke up and definitely knew I had just entered back into my body - I don't usually remember any astral travels but know I go to the spaceships at night for training. I have been told that by many. I know a lot of us are doing that!



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