Comet Elenin ? What happened to it ?

I was looking up on the update to the comet, because it was going to be
in-between the sun and the earth, around this time creating a 3 day eclipse. I
was wondering and came across some information that it was blasted by a nuclear
missle. ? Does anyone have any information regarding this ? is it true ?

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  • Posted this one before...


  • Thanks Semile,  your information is very interesting and educational.  :) smiles.
  • NASA = Never A Straight Answer.
    • Thanks darkstar, I usually dont rely on NASA for the truth anyways,  
  • I just found some very interesting info concerning Elenin on this site:


    + more:

    An anatomical explanation of ascension symptoms from a spiritual MD - a highly recommended read !!!

    How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of our Light Body Process:
    Dr. Stankov
    Stankov's Universal Law Press
    The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law
    • Thanks Divsy.  Amazing site. i ahve looking for a detailed in depth site about the changes that are happening and about to happen coming up to 2012 and physical symptoms.  This site has answered all my questions and fears i was developing concerning my health and the article is very clear and concise. I do not have to fear and now i realise that they are purely  ascension symptons. Thankyou so muc . you have helped me greatly by this site.

      My Blessings  to you in love and light.


    • Thanks Divsy, I will check it out.
  • NASA is not an organization that gives reliable information, they actually hide truth and facts that would be beneficial to us civilians. It's real easy to say "NASA says this and NASA says that, so it's true", but they have been hiding the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs for years, stopping live video feeds because of flying orbs in the background, photoshopping pictures of planets to hide ships, etc...
    Comet Elenin is not a comet, there is a video on YouTube that proves it has no tail, it is however said to be either a hollowed out planetoid or a mothership, it's not going to bring any havoc or upheaval, it's actually here for the exact opposite, to help bring an upliftment for us. Cmdr Drekx Omega left a blog earlier this week about "Comet Elenin" being the arrival of the Time Lords, to splice the timelines. It will be closest to us on the 16th, but instead of it being a time for fear, it will be a time to rejoice and celebrate!!! We should be excited for it arrival!! I personally feel that it will be the turning point into the beginning of the new times!!!
    Love, Light, Oneness
    • Thanks absolute75 - you are are so right.   :) smiles
  • When nothing happens in December 2012, will Ben Arion close this site?

    Of course not, because then all of you will tell silly excuses and will make up another end of the world for 2020 LOL.



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