I have been working on my self for many many years. Lately however (last 6 months) I have grown and developed my intuition as never before. I noticed I am getting stronger and stronger.

My next step was trying lucid dreaming. To control my dream. I haven't succeed yet, most of the time when I have a very vivid/lucid dream it just goes spontaneously. But I did noticed since I payed more attention to dreaming and feng shui in the bedroom I remember my dreams better.

So ...lately I dream about people in GREEN clothes...that green is very very present in my dream.
My first dream was about the lady that spooks around in my house..she is an old lady that mainly is present on the floor level, kitchen area. I felt a present sometimes but never payed attention to it. the day I payed attention and I found out it was a woman....she came in a dream that night.
Actually it wasnt a dream it felt SO real and I suspect it was more like a OBE,not sure.

She came out of the dark part of my room wearing a sweater with a cap (?)..head bit down looking bit up to me and had darkness around her, I felt her clothes are a disguise. I noticed I was scared and told her  to go away, somehow I couldnt sense if she had good or bad intentions and that made me scared. I started to raise my voice while she came closer and closer out of the dark (towards my bed), Every step she came closer, the darknessaround her disappeared but there was still bit darknes around her but that was coz it was night. While the darkness disappeared her clothes changed from sportive to old lady clothes (LOL). In the beginning her hands were in her pockets of the sweater, and when she almost reached my bed where I was sleeping, I saw her true appearance. She was a old lady walking with a stick. I noticed her painted hair, she painted it black. Still screaming at her to go away, I noticed she hesitated to come closer but she finally did. Then I screamed louder and she turned around into the dark. I told her to go away and stay away.In the mean while I was sitting in my bed instead of laying. She left looked over her shoulder and I woke up with a sore throat and an energy in my room I coulnt explain. So the color GREEN was very very present in this dream...she wore an apple green jacket. 

Second dream....I suddenly was in a room (theater) where men were sitting in chairs attending a spiritual lecture/reading. I only saw the backs of the men. I saw a beautiful woman...everyone looked up to her. She had power..she was worshiped in my dream for her spirituality and powers. Me I was laying on the floor all the way in the back in the dark looking up...Suddenly I noticed this lady in my dream is a celebrity (not a real known celebrity, just in my dream). She came up to me in a beautiful GREEN dress. I felt scared a bit despite the fact she was so spiritual she also had a bit of a dark side or dark energy. So she came up to me...me still lying on the floor in the dark....and reach her hand to me. She said..please take my hand and heal me, go ahead, you are able to heal me you have healing powers, I NEED you.
SO I hesitated and thought, why do you want me to heal you, I am laying on the floor in the dark and you are the one with the powers.  Anyway i did what she said,  I grabbed her hand and I suddenly knew/remembered i had healing powers. So I gave all my energy and send her healing. While I touched her her hair was waving, as if she stood in front of a fan, and she had a aura of golden light, that came from my healing. She fed of my energy. I was amazed coz this celebrity needed me. 

Third dream was last night. To make it short. I was invited on a party by a friend I had been hanging out with in my dream (dont know her), always walked behind her..I was dressed up for the party but when I arrived I noticed it was a PJ party...so when i felt ashame of being overdressed in my dream my clothes suddenly changed into my old PJ (over my shiny clothes). Then I noticed that the party was given by an old friend that I lost contact with as uhm well lets say we are not friends anymore and I sincerely don't know why....She was standing in a GREEN dress...she was crying when she saw me. In my dream she looked like an adult child (hear clothes, behaviour). She cried and I felt awkward and felt it was better to go away and not attend that party, as she obviously didnt want me to be there. OW and there where two other woman standing next to her..All three were standing on something that made them taller and look down on everyone else...behind them was darkness.

So ANYONE likes to show here creative side or knowledge about dream. I am curious what it means...I feel they are connected. Noticed the color green and the darkness in each dream.
I thoughht the color green might stand for the hartchakra as I have doing chakra healing lately.

Thanks much love and light to you all 


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  • Ingie,  it sounds as if your higher self is calling you to awaken your healing/spiritual ability.  This lady celebrity may be representative of your desire to become the grand person you are capable of being if you allow yourself.  The color green symbolizes the master healer and life force/fertility.  It is favored by well-balanced people (I like green and blue).  Also, some say that earth is referred to as the 'green planet', that the color green is inherent to this planet and few others.  Try to recall the dream again, and notice any subtleties of meaning, hints at symbology.  Our dreams hold meanings that can only be understood by ourselves and are inextricably tied to our own way of seeing the world, for good or bad.  I also wouldn't speculate on the significance of any one dream, at least not as being essential to personal growth.  It also may be that you have suppressed your soul's expression because of having the heart chakra blocked.   Chakras have to be unblocked to allow energy to flow.

  • Do you have green eyes?

    I think your first dream was a full-blown nightmare! 

    I had a recurrent dream as a child, where I saw a ghost in my grandmother's kitchen, and so I tried to run outside

    to get away from it. I was FILLED with fear. I couldn't run outside though. I could only run on the spot. My heart would beat faster and faster until finally I woke up drenched in sweat. I still have the occasional nightmare but nothing as severe as when I was a child. 

  • Thanks you for your all your replies

    @ Kelly. I think you might be right about the healing and karma balancing. Thats the first thing that came into my mind as well. Thank you for your thoughts and share>

    @ Drekx and Krishna. Never thought about Argarthan but I definitely going to look into that>
    Thanks for the video Krishna was very interesting

    @ Tertiusgaudens. I certainly agree with you that every(ones) dream is personal and the first thoughts and feeling you get with it are usually right. As the dreams will appear to you the way you will understand. But I believe sometimes people can help to put the pieces together, and see if you miss anything .
    I love the color green and I associate it with healing and nature. I have read many times that the characters are always a part of yourself, but Im not sure if that is always true though. Thanks for your sharing and reminder.


    • The color green is also to do with the earth and grounding oneself
  • Do the clothes have a tunic look to them with a tapered hat on some of the people. If so, I might know something.
    • Hi david. No the last two were definitely long dresses, like medieval dresses with this hoops in it. In the first dream it was a nice green modern business jacket.

  • Agarthans love the colour Green

  • Hi Ingie,

    This is possibly related to the Agarthan custom of wearing green gowns, robes, dresses and jumpsuits.....It is their main colour vibration and also, as Kelly stated, it is the colour of natural healing....

    It is also the colour of the northern lights........that stream from the pole...



    • What do you feel seeing green clothes?

      Do not listen to people giving you any explanation. It is your dream and your feelings finding an expression in colours and figures.

      It has always to do with you, with nothing else, it is you and your set of feelings and trends of preferences regarding your perception of what is happening.

      What does green to you, what is moving in you when you encounter the colour green? Is it nice or something else? Do you love it or is it something disgusting?

      You actually know it even without remembering.

      Green is the colour of life, the colour of spring and blossoming...

      The persons in your dream are parts of you yourself.

      Do you like it? Can you embrace it? Do you have any difficulties with it? Do you find it ridiculous?

      It has always to do with you yourself, always...

  • The color green is for healing, you are likely a healer and these folk are coming to you for healing (which is balance)... because you've been working on your chakra centers you've opened up an ability of yours and it looks like word has gotten out... or it be karma balancing itself from this life and others...

    Thanks for sharing, interesting to see how it turns out for you :)

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