Of course saying there will be a collision is just fear porn. Never the less, some truths being revealed.

Asteroid 'Nibiru' On Collision Course With Earth, According To NASA Whistleblowers


According to leaks by unnamed NASA employees and scientists, an  asteroid dubbed 'Nibiru' is heading in a direct path towards earth,  with up to 30% chance of collision.


Understandably  NASA is keeping quiet for the moment as to not incite panic, and to get  all the facts before making an official press release. Though some  unconfirmed rumours include the asteroid being the size of texas, and  the estimated date of collision being some time during November-December  2012. NASA has neither confirmed or denied any of these claims.


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  • completely agree

  • Chain it to a pole and leave it there. ---- Just a joke...totally kidding. A poor taste joke at that, I admit. But it popped in my head so I decided to go ahead and say it. I certainly don't mean it....and the joke is more of an inside joke from another recent post that has since been deleted...some will get it.Some will also not like it, I'm sure. If you don't get the inside joke please disregard. I mean no harm nor do I condone, in any way, the abuse or neglect of animals. Sometimes something is funny just because you know it's sooooo very wrong. This is one of those times.
    • I got it Kathleen....you are as twisted as I am I see, I thought the same thing and almost posted it, hahahaha..I was thinking about that post that was deleted too, and all the bruha...just like you were. WE BAD...lol 

      • Hahahaha. I guess so. 

    • Oh, and it wouldn't be funny at all if it wasn't for the inside joke it represents. 

  • roflmaopomgwpmp!

    • Is mothergod really married to Mr. Ed.

      I think i heard that somewhere...

      Or should i say is fathergod really Mr. Ed?

      • no some poeple just link them ficticously because both are known to post many articles which promise things that never come to pass.

  • This takes my mind to the channeling posted from the Annunaka or whatever they now wish to call themselves :) It was posted here some 1-2 months ago and they said the only thing that would happen is that Earth and it's inhabitants would benefit greatly from their energys and that there wasn't going to be destruction caused by them coming closer. So if it's true it's coming then that channeling could be right and trustworthy rather than all those fear-pr0n "amagad apocalypse!!! X_x".

    That's my take on it. :). Cheers for posting! Love~

  • A chunk of the Niburu just hit my house and my dog is on fire now. 

    What should I do?

    Ascend with Gaia and my merkaba or

    douse my dog with water?

    Please hurry! 

This reply was deleted.

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