The veil, as you may know or suspect, is in fact a real device. And its function in the metaphysical community is to block objects from materializing on this planet that originate from other dimensions or densities.

To give you a good idea of what the veil's job is to do, block matter transversal from reaching physical or solid vibration status from the astral. Where objects can be anything from physical beings to star ships.

Right now, the veil is thinning, but it isn't gone completely. It's operating at about 70% effectiveness. The state of its over all influence is based on the influx of spirit and shadow able to cross through from the astral plane. So things like ghosts can try to make contact with us, or give us impressions of their thoughts through what's called the pass through or spiritual medium effect.

Tracking the veil is easier now than it has been before. Due to a useful tool showing you by week, the status of how effective it's been as a guardian of Gaia. Check The Current Strength Of The Veil Here. This is where things get interesting, as it is not fully stable all the time.

Several people have speculated on whether or not removing the veil is a good thing or a bad thing. Due to the shear number of creatures out there, (beings) waiting to come in on the other side. Call it a border wall, it's been the reason behind the physical inability for cosmic disclosure to fully materialize here, experts theorize. And I do agree that with the veil gone, there should be no reason why full matter traversal shouldn't be possible between dimensions anymore if the star gates of Gaia are open.

The star gates that guard this planet belong to 5 realms. Celestial, fae, mage, shadow and spirit. Celestial meaning space travel, time travel and dimensional travel as it is the biggest gateway. Mage being all psychic activity, and this includes actual magic as well being a relatively growing gateway as psychics awaken. Spirit, meaning past life and other soul related memories as the third. Shadow, meaning things that hide outside of regular space time in their own bubble, which you could say Earth belongs to such a realm. And fae, meaning physical beings who can shift their appearance in more than one dimension and have complete control over how they can appear. Angels and demons belong to the fae.

These 5 gateways form a pentagram which has been around since Atlantis at least after the Orion war happened. Leaving many people, once the veil started thinning, to focus on their presence and the presence of others around them especially after the biggest wars on this planet started dabbling in technology that could directly impact the veil itself. One of several being 3d based, and Nuclear. Others being psychic related, such as remote viewing.

So what's the big deal you ask? Honestly, this event focuses on discussions surrounding how useful the veil is in our current day. Do you like it, do you hate it, do you not care about it, do you wish to change it? I personally feel that the veil once lifted, would provide us opportunities of equal measure. But until we know what's hiding behind it, there's a good chance we could get something completely unexpected. Despite the fact that some say we're being monitored by several celestial well meaning groups. I have a feeling things are a lot more complicated than that.

So this leaves one question to be asked. How badly do you wish to manifest a way out of here, if at all? Or better still, how would you like to show case your life to a guardian who could physically meet and communicate with you here? Or find out if someone who meant a lot to you in life is willing to speak with you or remember you if they have already passed through it?

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