I find that the "qualities" of foods can be easily changed with a few simple words, combined with the hands' radiating energies, in a few seconds time. I have been practicing this for several years now with "easy" results every time. What I do is... I pass one, or both hands back and forth over the top of the foods or liquids which are about to be consumed... at the same time I say a sequence of words, such as... "correct, cleanse, clear, purify, balance, harmonize, energize, nutrify, fortify", etc. I  also know people who just say, "I love you" several times, and that works for them... any other words which may seem appropriate to you can be used. You can say these word "directives" out loud or silently... with very similar results, in my experience.

You should find that the foods will taste much better immediately after doing this "exercise"... I always find this to be the case. I have eaten out before at restaurants where the food tasted very poor quality, and after several repetitions of these word combinations, with the hands... the food actually tasted very good. It is very easy to test this method and see if it is working for you. I will normally do two repetitions and get very noticeable results.

I also always feel it is wise to give thanks for all foods, when all focusings are finished. : )

It would be interesting to hear your experiences...


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  • Dear Tally,

    You are very right....

    Appreciation and energizing our food before taking in should become very pure and Energetic after such feeling of Healing our self...

    We say give Reiki before you eat....to that food....


    • Welcome Sohiniben... thanks for showing interest in... this thread and subject matter... as we prepare our "platters". : )
      It sounds like you are suggesting we cleanse our foods after cleansing ourselves first.. is that what you mean? Any words you use are fine with me... everyone has their own "special" practices.

      Love & Blessings...
  • Thanks for the good energy in this post, Tally, I've been using a more lengthy version of the same kind of thing. This new way should help to simplify things. Also thanks to
    Feather for the excellent added thought. Blessed eating!
    • Yes, Juliano... we bless what we all know... and care to show... <3
      Thank you... you do... us right... with your blessing booster delight. : )
  • I do this everyday because I cant always buy organic foods. Thanks for showing me  that these practices really work.


    Love and Light

    • Indeed... Divine... my pleasure. It is very simple to test this on your foods... just taste them before any blessings... then taste them immediately after the blessings/cleansings. I think you may be pleasantly surprised with the "results". <3
  • A very important point, Feather... if we use the "fat"-word, it will attract "fat"-related energies. : )
    Blessings... <3
  • Yes, Sylvain... you make it "plain", that we can send our Love "down the chain", thanking all who help retain our lifestyles as they remain.

    Bounteous Blessings... <3
  • Thanks Feather, lol....I am making the switch for sure...makes sense to me....changing to: my metabolism will be supercharged to keep me slim.

  • What thoughtful thinking Feather...I'm with you 100% on this. This is exactly the way I see that we will move beyond all "turbulence" and "troubles" in the world... starting with a sincere "wish" to be of service... and coupling this with the creative mind. I do not see any limits to what we may accomplish if we continue along these "lines"... and join with those of like minds. <3

    You are such a "saving grace" to this beautiful place, we all have to share together here... I love you, my dear. <3
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