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The bull men of the Illuminati have chosen their big bully.

The name Donald means World Ruler. "Gaelic Dumhnall, World-Might ruler of the world. Trump card, or Trumpet. Triumph, to deceive and cheat. "Trionfi" fabricate, devise. The Joker, Trickster, the Wild Card  ranked above all the cards.

You can even tell by the hair. He's the got the same thing going on as the other donalds, Ronald Mc Donald, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, etc. He's the angry, crazy, joker.

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...Yea Hail To The Trump....What A Total Cock................

God help the USA if he wins the election! God help every one on Earth as well! He is illuminati to the bone, I can smell it! He is their trump card!

...Yep EagleBear.....He Should Disappear....+ Take His Hair.....With Him...........


get used to him-he's going to win

I agree Pet Rock.

He's too obvious.  Brash, ignorant, racist and sexist...Lol,and he tested at a fourth grade level for speech... He is a distraction from someone "they" don't want us to investigate closely.  He is going to make someone look good by comparison.

the real tools of the nwo-the Congress/Senate

Image result for crazy pics of biden

Image result for crazy pics of boehner


AIPAC logo.svg


Centered blue star within a horizontal triband

Kelly Lightchalince:  Where are you getting this "racist" stuff from? 

It's all over the media, he is recorded being a racist jerk, obvious to all.  

Yeah Kelly , such a shovinistic and racist pig , he is...............


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