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Chelsea Clinton, Merryl Streep, Anderson Cooper, Katy Perry All Members Of 'The Cannibal Club' Restaurant In LA

yeah-they eat human flesh!!! Open for 10 years !!!

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 Bloody bastards ....they will next turn into zombies the flesh eaters 

they have to be stopped

May get Kuru.

And Hollywood controls the minds of the general public.  How long before it will be just another choice. There is a Bible scripture in the Prophets that prophesies the time will come "they will eat the flesh of their children".... if those of the Light cannot turn things around very soon this planet is going become so evil it will self destruct.

I think they believe they get the benefits of hormones in the meat and blood-torturing spurs the endocrine system

Merryl Streep is from an area of NJ that at one time was almost like the Quaker farmers-even when I was a kid there was still that influence -everything went nuts in the 60's and she goes an lives in LA and now she is eating human flesh!--these must be stolen children!

Where's the mayor of LA and the CA gov.?

Complete Evil!!!

And I agree-God of the Old Testament 

I'm really hoping this is fake for publicity

Yes the vedas state at the near ending of Kali Yuga .. Kali Yuga humans will have babies and they will eat them up 

I am so glad I didn't go in this direction with full force. ARE THE MANSIONS, LIMOUSINES, AND GREAT SEX PARTIES REALLY WORTH IT?? I pity these people; Satanism is simply not worth it in one's lifetime. And I can say that as I was a former fan and follower of Aleister Crowley.

aoll ego gratification-but knowing this 'young healthy flesh' can't be donor bodies-maybe it's fake and this is smoe sick publicity to fit in in 

Satanism basically is enslaving others for whatever you want to do to them-evil

I beleive I have acheived enough cleansing and labored in silent service that I will not be required to reincarnate in 3d again-not ascension to 5d but to other 4d more magical realms, already do almost daily now-same surrounding with slight differences,  a little weird but funny-my point these idiots will not be able to choose much where to re -incarnate and 'in' the darker realms - I know-are fithy evil and dangerous

Crowley wasnt a satanist. He was a follower of solomon key. Which you knew. The idea of satanism started way after solomons goetia and lemegeton was written.

My grandfather has a binded version of the goetia. The names have been changed in the new version leaked online. Much of the original text was warped and so forth came the idea of satan.

It's all damning I believe -in one way or another-



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