Chain E-mails ~*

Thank you for whoever began this nice thought and prayer for us, I know that you really meant well and all and it does teach us a bit to a certain extent, however I would not see the idea of putting it as a sort of blackmail stance towards the loving energy we are in here.

First of all it does speak of God as an actual person, mainly as if it were from the bible or similar religious belief, however it is not a religious site we have here, as well as most of the members growing as part of a galactic and loving community. Having said that it is also a place of freedom and beliefs, for anyone, if you feel that what is right to you is the truth, then great! Please however respect the feelings of others and their experience here, we all have different paths and missions, which we are all part of, however not to be controlled by anyone but yourself, which is where the truth lies.

The fact that this widespread prayer had at the end: "does God come first in your life? If so send this ..."
Is a little interesting. Not everyone here feels this, since the christ conciousness and creator's energy is actually within us all, part of our higher self and spirit - I feel. Should anything really come "first" in a life? Everything is part of our lesson and mission here on Earth, whether we see so or not, and these experiences are all according to different aspects or our time, it is unusual to compare such enormously different things to each other in meaning to one'sself, however many would see otherwise which is fine, remember this is only my own view, I am not forcing you to believe this at all, just ask yourself how you feel about it. If we learn/remember how to find love for everything, whether it is the darkest pits of a grave or the highest flower on a sunny hill, it simply still IS, and there exists no right or wrong.

Basically what I am pointing out is that these emails should NOT be seen as a mandatory lesson or prayer, which definately goes for any chain e-mail which I would pretty much avoid in most cases, apart from this one (I admit) where I felt pretty much urged not to break it... but really when you don't advance a letter on and on, YOU ARE NOT breaking anything, as most of the time others are still sending it, and the energy survives, it's just a ploy to force you to keep it going. I apologise if I am going a little deep into a simple occurance or wasting space in our great forum, I just had something to say about this I suppose, I also hope what I am saying is not too confusing, not that I am taking a side, just pointing out feelings.

In all honesty, I have no idea why people want to send these sorts of e-mails in the first place, to get attention to the topic? Possibly, but I don't know. It is not important though I guess, but I do admit, some of them you should be very aware of, they can not only carry computer viruses but also dark energy with their horrible details, it may help again but be aware and lightfull, and even critical ;).

Love, light and joyfull peace to you all ~*

Owen (back from his cruise x) ~*

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  • There is an Easy way for those who do not want to receive any more "Group" mails, just click the
    "Block messages" link above the written message, and you wont receive any more Emails from that person...

    You can even Unfriend the person you get mesages from by visiting this persons
    profile page, and under the profile picture you choose "Remove from friends".
    You will not any longer get any messages from this person.

    Hope this helps.

  • Strange i woulf of thought that Ben would stop these to pas trough.
  • Thank you, Sweetheart. I am in complete agreement with this. I used to get similar ones in my personal email box all the time, and I became really tired of the hinted-at "threat" "if you don't do this......whatever......may happen to you." Excuse me, it takes a lot more than that to put me in fear these days. :))))) So, I either ignored them, or informed the sender that I had no desire to participate.

    While like you, I feel this was started with the best of intentions, if one has a rather large list of friends it can become quite a formidable, seemingly unending task. That is why I chose to email my AC friends and request that I not be included in this anymore. To each his own, huh?

    Thanks again, Love.
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