I was wondering if there was anyone out there who is capable of channeling people fromt the Akashic records, or contacting other peoples guides? I feel they might have important messages for me regarding my ascention but my own channelings abilities are took weak to be able to do it myself.

If there is anyone out there who can help me, it would be a great help.

Thank you.


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  • No, but I can channel the phone book!

  • Hi Draco,

    I've been channeling the Akashic Record for 15 years and I do readings for clients plus I can teach you to access your own Records easily. Then you can be divinely guided every day. I teach over the phone in a tele-seminar. There is one starting in September if your interested.

    I've taught over 100 people in the last 5 years. You can check out my website: www.akashicknowing.com


  • Howdy! My guru Maxina can access the Akashic Records at will, and she knows about us here so I could ask her to help you dude. I loved France when I visited in 07', especially Paris, salut un ami (I hope that's correct pal).

  • Dearest, go to Freer Spirit and Jan does Akashic Readings for a donatition. I think she is great. Highest love and blessings, Lisa

    • Hi there Lisa, where can I find Freer Spirit? Are they on Ashtar command?

  • Dearest DRACO

    Please check out my site and feel how you vibe with my frequencies. I am not here to push myself on anyone, but your asking for assistance is very clear. I offer FREE email support always with unconditional love. I would be glad to help you, but often times the answers are not what you are expecting, yet still fill you with a warmth of wholeness and unconditional love within your own being. I just ask that you please email me through my website and ask specific questions. 

    ..in love and gratitude for BEing YOU!


    Read More About Becoming a Cosmic-Being at:  www.divinewillpower.com

    Where the "Truth" is FREE as it is found within YOU(r Heart)!

    Enjoy my Blogs as written from Source:

    • Thanks for that Jacob, I would like to talk to you further. I added you as a friend so I hope to speak more soon!


  • you can do that on your own...................purification of mind, cleansing of a body, practice and determination in your goal/...........................................................................

    • ..what Assiya said... exactly... :)

      I AM here to offer any assistance in the form of tools in speeding up your specific goals. Just ask specific questions and I help you through your angels and higher self. 

      Always FREE and unconditional support. 



    • Thanks for the encouraging words Assiya, but I think I would need alot of time to ever be able to do it myself!


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