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San Rafael, CA


July 21

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I'm a clear channel of the Akashic Record for clients and I teach people to acces the Records for themselves.

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Akashic Knowing replied to DRACO's discussion Can anyone out there channel the Akashic records?
"Hi Draco,
I've been channeling the Akashic Record for 15 years and I do readings for clients plus I can teach you to access your own Records easily. Then you can be divinely guided every day. I teach over the phone in a tele-seminar. There is one…"
Aug 1, 2012
Akashic Knowing replied to Akashic Knowing's discussion Access Your Akashic Record & receive Divine Guidance
"I apologize if it's an advertisement. I was responding to some questions about the Akashic Records and people who were looking for more info and how to access them.
If anyone is interested in learning to access the Akashic Record I can help.
Aug 1, 2012
Akashic Knowing posted a discussion
If anyone is interested in learning an easy way to access the Akashic Record, I can be of assistance. Please contact me or check out the attached info.  www.AkashicKnowing.comAkashic Class Level I BEST FLIER 2012.doc
Aug 1, 2012

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marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"no vaccine is useful

the body needs no medicine

medicine just gets in the way of your immune syatem"
48 minutes ago
AscendTF updated their profile
56 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"And they call this new variant "Omicron.." They are playing games with you...And they will invent new variants to scare you with...When they reach "Omega," they will run out of time...and"
1 hour ago
💮SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"The government is currently examining whether the vaccination is of no use in view of this corona variant.…"
1 hour ago
💮SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"The Tesla Death Beam was called the Blue Beam project in relation to the so-called Blue Beam project."
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Sirian Update on Grand Solar Minimum 05/11/21 + "Astronauts"
"The Photon Belt is active, increasingly.....In measured steps, the window opens...And we receive it's cosmic Light...
Enjoy the music, too...😀"
1 hour ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"I would not take aspirin if the government tried to force me. All medicines are poison. My health became perfect the minute I stopped doing doctors and medicine"
2 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Also SAN, are you planning to take a booster shot, every 6-Months, as some "experts" are suggesting...??

And who really needs to use a "Tesla death beam," on the public, when this vaccine, is so much easier for the authorities to co-ordinate...???"
2 hours ago