Yesterday I read an article about a meteor coming down in Louisiana. According to eye witnesses, two or three large bright objects streaked down from the sky with a roar and hit the ground and there was a HUGE explosion.

The local military said an underground base filled with "old explosives" accidentally exploded. Eye witness reports disagree.

Closer to home, here in California there was a meteor that went over San Francisco late last night. Lots of internet posts, but not a word in our local news or papers.

Also, here in our local area, I have spoken to two people today who saw meteors, BIG METEORS, come down locally and hit the ground with a boom. One over Redding California and one that hit somewhere to the south of us.

Not a word in the local paper or on the local news channels.

So here is my question, has anyone out there witnessed meteors or anything else interesting in the sky recently?

Thanks, Mike.

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  • they have the same belief as the new agers really, that satan has been cast down from heaven, their exact date for this is october 1st 1912 or something like that, they believe that the only way to fix the earth is for god and his angels ( aliens) to come down and fix everything.  the originators believed jesus had been reborn back in the 1880's ish and then all of a sudden in the early 20th century switch to satan rules the earth and gos needs to come.

    read the wikipedia article its really good and reading about other religions helps to see which parts of the new age doctrines are coming from elite control disinfo rather than actual spiritual teachings, like david icke has talked about.

    a hearty "hail satan" will make them turn tail and run, or a pentagram on your door maybe.

  • every generation has doomsday prophets.  the whole jehovas witness religion came about because of a failed prediction much like 2012.

  • yeah and a few days before and after for this particular event, the problem is we have people saying the comets are divinely decreed etc etc, when this is as common as the sun rising and the moon orbiting our planet.


    this happens every year at this time, you folks need to not believe everything is some divine ET plan

  • Yes i see the meteors fals on our group of liers who like to call themselves ascended masters..pfff
  • I saw 6 last month all within the same night within the same hour. The last time I saw one was 2weeks ago and it was bright. Love and light to you all!


  • a few days ago i saw a falling star- thats if stars can fall sideways ..hmmm (hollywood/los angeles)

  • there was a headline on about it on thursday, but since its past midnight now its gone for todays news. so i cant pull it up, i didnt read it either thought.

    the headline said meteor over california or LA

    • on the local los angeles news last night they said fireballs falling from the sky! ??? chanel 11  fox

      • there ya go, the headline must have been huge meteor over LA.  in your other comment you mention shooting stars, or falling stars. they are meteors too, how big of a show it puts out depends on a few things like what is in the meteor to begin with as different elements burn different colours.  then the angle it comes through the atmosphere at is important as well for how long and bright it burns, size is also very important for our viewing and for the amount of a show it can put on for us.

        i think late october early november might be another short meteor season like the one in the summer which i think is called perseid meteor showers or something like that.

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