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Elizabeth Agnes Cassley discusses the symbolism of these [Birdman] tablets as well as the similarity between Cahokian culture and development, and the culture and development of other ancient civilizations that experienced the same rapid growth in nearly the same timeframe as Cahokia, while suggesting a possible Mayan connection.

“Raptors were powerful symbols of the sky world. In the upper world, they controlled the sun . . . life! They were the ones that decided whether or not you existed. (…) In North America, many differences existed among the Indians of the Southeast and the Southwest, but there were also ways in which they were similar. It appears that all of the southeastern Indians as well as some outside the Southeast shared basic assumptions and thought patterns. This includes notions of how the 'cosmos' was put together, as well as very general theories about why things happened. They also shared a fundamental social transformation that began occurring among them at about A.D. 900-1100. Perhaps they were descendants of the great Mayan culture?” (8)oiu0o9u.jpg?w=210&width=210

Elizabeth goes on to discuss just how the Birdman tablet was found.

“Testing was done on a few of these mounds in the state park during the 1970s under the di­rection of Melvin Fowler of the University of Wisconsin. While digging a large test trench, near the two eastern lobes at the base of the largest mound (Monk's mound), a small sandstone fig­ural tablet was discovered by one of the workers. Ken Williams picked up the stone ... his heart pounded, as he observed the many rows of two crosshatched lines overlapped on the rect­angular shaped stone. As he turned it over . . . he saw the engraving of a Birdman . . . half man, half bird, the only representation to be found in good con­text at Cahokia.” (8)

It is also suggested that the carvings on these tablets could have been used to represent elite status.

“Could this Birdman stone have been a cult symbol owned by one of the leaders of the People? Perhaps a stone passed down through generations for the purpose of tattoo and/or identification. Maybe to secure immortality or even prestige. The crosshatching on the back of the stone may represent serpent markings or feathers. Similar crosshatched markings are found on depictions of snakes carved on shell cups (associated with human burials) found at Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma.”

“Birdmen are also depicted [in Oklahoma], as well as an assortment of human forms, animals and plants.”

(…)"Art is inspired by something going on at that time." This portable engraved stone was definitely used as either a `visual' communication or a 'spatial' one. The 'art' depicted on these stones attempts to communicate ideas and attitudes within the tribal clans and even into the far outlying villages or 'satellite' communities of the Mississippian people.” (8)

I have to say that what is said at the end of the above reference really resonates with me. I personally could see these Birdman tablets as recognizing not only a merging with the underworld and the Sky World, but as recognizing the status of those who have found a communication with the Sky World and with the “Gods” descended down from the Sky World.

Some would say that I am jumping the gun a bit on that assumption and with what has been gathered in this report so far, I would say that is fair. Besides the sheer amazing nature of the mounds and the suggestive art of the Cahokians which has been discovered, there is still a missing link; something missing that could perhaps connect the Cahokian civilization with direct, ingrained beliefs of being contacted by extraterrestrials.

This rounds us back to an aforementioned reference and to the stories of Cahokia passed down in what has been quite a long game of telephone (9) in relation to Cahokian affiliation with perceived “Gods”.

The following is a recollection of stories that have been passed down for generations, clearly displaying the nature in which such stories have been distorted. Much of this account does not resonate with me personally and I would suggest discernment when reading it. However, there are aspects of this story that suggest a real and possible contact with extraterrestrials [albeit extraterrestrials with negative intents] and provides a portion of this missing link. Again, this account has been taken from real Cahokian legends and in my opinion, distorted heavily.

“…Many feel that there is another reason for the Cahokians dramatic rise and fall, an alien reason. What follows are speculations based on stories passed down through the generations, hearsay, and good old fashioned gossip”

“Legend has it that around 720AD the struggling Cahokian tribes, who were made up of many other tribes including the Illiniwek Indians, were in danger of being wiped out due to famine and disease. On the brink of their collapse, they were visited by numerous robed beings from the sky. These beings offered them the knowledge and technology to save their civilization from extinction, as well as allow them to prosper and become one of the most powerful civilizations in the world.” (2)

At this point, the ‘legends’ and ‘hearsay’ could seem quite plausible. We have heard that again, many ancient civilizations have been contacted by benevolent extraterrestrial “Gods” who helped these civilizations to advance and develop. The account given here so far is that these “Gods” assisted the few closely-knit tribes here in Illinois as they were struggling and on the brink of being wiped out. Again, this is slightly plausible.

Here is, in my opinion, where the story is distorted and where one must practice discernment.

“But in 500 years, the beings vowed to return to the region at which time they would collect a payment in return for their generosity in the form of all of the Cahokian’s wealth and riches, as well as all of the Cahokian children under the age of 16. The Cahokians accepted these terms and proceeded to use the knowledge and tools provided by these beings to build an amazing and powerful society.

As 500 years passed, the Cahokians were now Gods among men. They were the most progressive and advanced civilization in the world. The “pact” made by their ancestors with the beings had long been forgotten or attributed to folktales.”

“Then, the Cahokians were startled as the ground began to shake and sky rained fire. Hundreds of robed beings appeared from the sky on the outskirts of the city. They explained that 500 years had passed and they had now come to collect what was theirs. The Cahokians were appalled at these demands and refused to give up their children or their riches. Believing themselves to be greater than Gods, the Cahokians rose up against the beings and fought them.

Scores of Cahokian soldiers marched into battle against the beings, which had now sent down thousands of their own troops to attack the city. The Cahokians were no match for the advanced weapons and technology possessed by the beings. As the attackers fought their way through waves of reinforcements and marched towards the city gates, the leaders of Cahokia knew that their only hope was to turn to a super weapon they had developed under the guidance of the “Great Spirits”.” (2)

The story then goes on to suggest that the Cahokians utilized Monks Mound as a defense tower and utilized negatively-oriented “psychic energy” from the mounds in an attempt to defeat the apparently malevolent “Gods”.

It’s an entertaining story and would likely make an interesting movie, but I personally don’t buy the story of the “Gods” being malevolent and seeking rewards for the assistance given to the Cahokians. This does not completely diminish the theory that the Cahokians could have been visited by advanced, benevolent beings who wished to assist them along their collective growth cycles for the ultimate purposes of helping the civilization to evolve in the ways that they did, without seeking any type of reward for doing so.

I understand that this overall report of Cahokia could attract all different types of knowledge-seekers. Those who are interested in the history of Cahokia and those who would like to fill in the missing pieces [one of whom I am], those who subscribe to the Ancient Astronaut theory and those who may think it isn’t genuine or plausible.

Anybody who follows my work will likely know which category I fall under and while I do not wish to propagate separation or claim righteousness, the Ancient Astronaut theory as a whole does not only seem a likely explanation of the sudden uprising of a grand, Native American civilization here in Illinois and the building of amazing, grand monuments in this land where building communities in general could be quite difficult depending on the seasons; this theory seems quite plausible with the arts that have been given from various ancient and advanced civilizations as well as the amazing monuments given, many of which are difficult to duplicate with technology we have today.

Rather than the story of malevolent “Gods” who only helped the Cahokians to advance to later gain rewards, I subscribe much more to the belief given below, which has also been passed down for generations but in my opinion, is much more plausible if looked at from an “Ancient Astronaut” based standpoint.

“According to legend, a bearded and robed god visited the Mound Builders and inspired them to love one another, live in harmony with the land and built the great earthen works.” (10)

In my opinion, this bearded and robed “God” could have been a flesh and blood, intellectually and spirituality evolved extraterrestrial who was represented on the Birdman tablets as a being with a direct connection to the Sky Worlds, to the Heavens – essentially making them “Gods”, thus the interpretation. Again, the Birdman tablet also likely represents the assumed elite status of the Chief of the Cahokian civilization who the bearded “God” likely chose to represent himself to.

The content in the next section of this report has not yet been discussed or even referred to, and it displays the unfortunate darker [and likely later] side of the Cahokian civilization. I have not yet expressed this in this report, but the Cahokians were much like many other advanced, ancient civilizations in that they took to ritualistic sacrifice, likely more toward the downfall of their civilization.

“According to legend, a bearded and robed god visited the Mound Builders and inspired them to love one another, live in harmony with the land and built the great earthen works. But later, they degenerated back to human sacrifice and warfare. The Natchez [not affiliated with the Cahokians] were described by the French as being the "most civilized of the native tribes" but it was later reported that in 1725, the death of a chieftain touched off a [mass sacrifice] when several aides and two of the man’s wives agreed to be strangled so they could escort him into the next world.” (10)

In the 70s while excavating Mound 72, archaeologists found something very startling. They found the remains of Cahokians who had been offered up for sacrifice, as well as the remains of who could only have been the Chief, leader of the Cahokian civilization at the time.

“According to [a] new book by University of Illinois archaeologist and professor of anthropology Tim Pauketat, the mound builders were not always the idyllic, corn-growing, pottery-making, fishing-hunting gentle villagers depicted in various dioramas at the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Collinsville.

Pauketat said these long-vanished people practiced human sacrifice of women and men on a mass scale and weren't always careful to bury only the dead.”

“(…) Based on years of study of artifacts including many from the extensive excavation of the site's Mound 72 during 1967-71…”

Obviously, Cahokia has not been the only ancient and advanced civilization to eventually degenerate into sacrifice and it seems that many ancient civilizations who were contacted by extraterrestrial “Gods” eventually seemed to degenerate into sacrifice. Keeping in mind all that we have learned about Cahokia up to this point, I would like to offer my opinion as to the causes for the rise and fall of the Cahokian civilization.

This opinion comes from a place of keeping an open mind while using my own discernment, based on what I have come to know and feel is true about our reality and our history, and to that history buff reading this who finds yourself ingrained in old-fashioned mindsets that say that extraterrestrial contact with our world in any form is pure baloney; you may disagree with what I am about to say.

To begin, I do not believe that the small tribes forming before the boom and rise of Cahokia were struggling to the point of near-obliteration before building up their great city, as is given in one reference in this report.

I believe that these souls were coming together as they realized the presence of many small tribes around them, and as they developed general Peace between each other, they began to trade and barter amongst each other, steadily creating a network of tribes, some smaller and some larger. In one way or another, a general assembly or an “ambassadorship” of types must have been established between the original and most prominent of tribes who had linked together.

It is said in this report that there were many different tribes in different places in the west, who began to [individually in their own respective areas] come together and who experienced the resulting boom [and then fall] of their civilization, roughly in the period of 600-1300 AD.

We have been told that along certain dates and strides reached along our Cosmic Calendar in which the Mayan Calendar is based off of (I believe a reference was made to a Cahokian link with the Mayans) different actions have happened that have been for the ultimate purposes of initiating the collective who is running along such cycles into finding higher states of consciousness along their evolution.

One such initiation has included that of being contacted by benevolent, Galactic humans who share advanced technology, knowledge and views on spirituality and philosophy as well as very advanced knowledge of the Cosmos and Cosmic cycles and alignments.

The Cahokian civilization was much more spiritually oriented and oriented toward the Cosmos than the majority of people will ever realize. They procured their own version of Stonehenge with long pieces of wood which is prominently called “Woodhenge” and they were purported to be using this structure to measure solar cycles that were important to the changing of seasons and perhaps as well, to “dates” that they had learned to recognize as Cosmic alignments which would aide them in reaching purer states of consciousness and awareness along their established growth cycles.

The Cosmos and alignments with the Cosmos were so important to the Cahokians that they literally built their city and each and every mound in a very purposeful manner, to be in alignment with the Cosmos. The amount of organization and structure as well as extremely advanced knowledge of the Cosmis that doing this would require, and all of this being easily constructed in such a short amount of time, is very telling.

The following is an excerpt from the book Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos by Sally A. Kit Chappell. (12)


 Cahokia: Cosmic Landscape Architecture


“Seen from high above, the Cahokia landscape had mythic dimensions. Stretching for six square miles, more than one hundred mounds rose from the earth with monumental presence. At the center lay four vast plazas, honoring the cardinal directions, to the north, east, south, and west. At their crossing the great Monks Mound towered more than a hundred feet in the air. At other points woodhenges (large circular areas marked off by enormous red cedar posts) enclosed large circular plazas or ceremonial areas.”


A whole city aligned with the cosmos! The idea reverberates with expressive power. The stars in the heavens shine radiantly; they are constant in both position and movement; they appear with reassuring regularity generation after generation. The North Star orients a hunter in the forest so he can find his way home. The moon lights his way in the darkness. The Pleiades promise a frost-free growing season. Our orbit around the sun brings four seasons, from spring to winter, echoing the life cycle of a person from youth to old age, with the promise of continuity in new generations.


Are there other symbolic messages hidden in the placement of the mounds and plazas in this eleventh-century city? How was its plan designed? What kind of social and political organization was necessary to erect public works of this magnitude? How was the labor force organized and motivated? What kind of surveying and engineering methods ensured stability and endurance?


Even today, traces of the four main plazas demonstrate their orientation: Monks Mound is aligned with the cardinal directions; the North Plaza is bounded by four mounds on each of the cardinal sides; the principal mounds in the center are aligned with Monks Mound and with each other. Seven mounds are lined up north-south in line with the west edge of Monks Mound. Another eight align with the east edge. Nine mounds are on an east-west line across the site and line up with Monks Mound.


As if designed by a landscape architect, each mound has sufficient space around it to set it off from the others, and the modular spacing between the major mounds serves to unify them. At the equinoxes two poles of the reconstructed Woodhenge align with the rising sun in the east. Solstice posts in the Woodhenge align at the beginning of summer and winter at sunrise and sunset. Several of the principal mounds are also on these alignments.(11)


The reference given above is very, very telling and serves to expose the advanced knowledge of the Cosmos that the Cahokians possessed, while the amazing mounds they built show some type of advanced knowledge in building such mounds and in my opinion, the possible utilization of an advanced technology to build them. Who knows, perhaps some of the mounds themselves could be ancient, advanced technology, with potential healing properties…

“(…) Many people still consider the Cahokia site to be a sacred place. In August 1987, the Monk’s Mound was the meeting place of more than 1000 people who took part in a worldwide "harmonic convergence" which was designed to bring peace to the planet. Many Native Americans and metaphysical groups believe Cahokia is a source of powerful psychic energy even today. (11)

It is clear that the Cahokians were very advanced in nearly every avenue of their society and with the constructing of the grand mounds and the possible contact with benevolent, Loving and helpful Galactic humans it should seem plausible that this civilization would have lasted for a very long time, and yet they did not. We will get into the reasons for this soon enough.

Part 3 will be available soon. (References will be given at the end of the report.)

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  • Wes:  Thank you for the work at Cahokia.  Present time I was "called" to Serpent Mound and a plane ride later I walked into what looked like an ordinary state park.  It wasn't.  After a very mysterious day I understood that some of us are returning to these places to activate the energy embodied there.  Have you had any such experiences while at Cahokia?

  • Indeed dear friend, so very much that we have not discovered or been told. I look forward so very dearly to discovering all of the secrets of Cahokia in the immediate period ahead. :) 

    Much Love :) 

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