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I am the Buddha. The energy of the One. The energy of the path of compassion, of balance.

I bring forth this day, the offer of my love, the blessing of my courage and actual physical support to all who require it. I feel that you are weighed down, not by the folly of your own error, but by a society that is crumbling and by an architecture that is falling in on itself.   

You are not to blame for this. You have brought it to pass and you are to be rewarded for the service you have rendered the One. Yours has indeed been the mighty path.

But the path of the mighty and the just is not the path of vengeance, anger or revenge. It is the energy of the mustard seed, so tiny, so seemingly inconsequential that it is ignored. But bite on it and you will know! You will be filled with it! Plant it and you will see; the ground will explode around it, as it shots up.

This, this has been your path of balance, your path of might. If you had travelled this path, the ‘battle’ of light, with a mind of anger, righteousness or revenge – where, let us be honest, all of you have begun! – then you would not have emerged victorious. 

But you did not remain in those emotions. Those are emotions of the ego; underneath them run the true, deep, still waters of the spirit; the infinite power of the divine, of compassion, of balance, of forgiveness, of empathy, of love, of surrender.

Surrender is not giving in. In martial arts it is allowing for the flow of the opponent, and then using that against them; using their own weight to destabilise them. It is like turning a mirror into the sunlight, the reflection is more blinding than the sunlight itself.

This is what is now occurring. It is the implosion of all the negative energy that has been focused outwards into society, to ruin it, to enslave it, that – through the power and might of your love – is now being turned inwards, towards the source of that darkness, and it is crumbling rapidly.


Continue to remain in balance, in compassion, in forgiveness, acceptance and surrender, as much as you can; these are your ‘super’ powers! It is from here that your spiritual strength comes and increases.

You have done it! You have broken through; the tower of darkness is crumbling. It is true that you must wait for it fall in upon itself, it is true that there will still be some small renegade outposts. But in truth, the war is won. Shortly, this will be obvious to you too, as the new day dawns.

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"You have done it! You have broken through; the tower of darkness is crumbling..."

Great message...Thank you beloved Buddha and thank you Agarther...I see darkness crumbling around me...Last night I was going out in a hurry and I pressed something on my iphone by mistake and it came out "SOS" and then even without realizing it I slid the feature to the right trying to get rid of it and activated the call instead...So they called me back to see what was the problem...I told them, there is no problem I just made a mistake and pressed SOS...Then when I came home and hour later and a police officer knocked at my door and asked me if everything was ok...And I said yes...I apologized for the mistake and I told him that I did not like my iphone because this happened many times before without me trying to call them...He said that he was just there to make sure I was fine...I thank him...The whole thing about this is that he did not seem to be a police officer...No attitude or any sign of aggression...Some police officers are very aggressive...He was so genuinely nice and his face showed so much peace and balance...I thanked him while still thinking...Wow he doesn't act like  a regular police officer...


I just came back from a walk meditation in the river levee...So peaceful and the sun was out...I had a visitor flying above...They come when I am out...Yesterday it rained all day...

Image result for images of small flying plane above



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